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Kaiba's Camera

Tea turned from her locker and started walking. Three steps later she realized she was being followed. Turning around she said, "Seto Kaiba, just what is it you think you are doing?" The exceedingly handsome young man tried to look innocent and failed, then opted for the truth. "Following you." Tea sighed, exasperated. He had been doing this all day. She decided to ignore him.

Tea walked into the cafeteria. She was meeting Joey and Tristan for lunch, and they were already there. Mai was there as well. The blonde had recently allowed Joey to date her, and surprisingly it had worked out. They were going steady. Currently, Mai's hobby was videotaping her new boyfriend's antics. She usually did this while he and his friend were bickering, because it often turned into slapstick comedy.

Mai looked up. "Hey Tea, I think you have a stalker." Tea sighed again. "He's been following me with that camera all morning. He won't say why though. I've been trying to ignore him."

Mai looked over at the rich young man. Kaiba was currently staring intently at the different lights on the ceiling and whistling, trying to hide the camera. "Kaiba baby, remember when I asked you to get a new hobby and suggested a camera?" "Yeah?" "I meant for you to stop annoying my boyfriend." "So? I did, didn't I?" "So why are you now stalking Tea?"

"I'm not stalking her – Yugi gets back today, and I want a picture of her face when she sees him." Tea glared at him. "Seto, that's disgusting. What are you talking about?" Yugi's Grandpa had taken him to Egypt for a year, to visit some of his old friends. Seto had been up there recently "exploring a business venture." Seto smirked. "You'll find out soon."

Mai went back to taping Joey and Tristan, who were acting out a fight scene for a camera. Tea walked back to the hallway, remembering she needed a book to look over before her next class. Kaiba followed, camera in hand.

A minute later there was a commotion. Joey, Tristan, and Mai swung around to look at the double doors leading back into the hallway. Kaiba burst through, grinning evilly as he sprinted for the outside doors at the other end of the hallway. It was a good thing for him the cafeteria was nearly empty and everyone eating outside, because Tea was right on his tail.

"SETO KAIBA GET BACK HERE WITH THAT CAMERA! YOU'D BETTER HAND IT OVER OR I'M GOING TO HURT YOU SO BAD – !" A young man with spiky hair followed shortly, laughing hysterically. "You'd better listen to her Kaiba!" he shouted "I think she means it!" Joey gasped. "Hey! That's Yugi! What 'appened to 'im?" "Puberty, idiot pup." Mai said shortly, hurrying out after the now-taller Yugi. It had been a year since they had seen him, and in that time he had grown to an average height, his shoulders had broadened, and his voice had deepened to a baritone. They almost thought he was Yami. "I begin to see why Kaiba wanted that picture." Tristan muttered. They realized they were missing the action and ran outside –

– Just in time to see Tea take a flying leap and tackle Kaiba! The two scrambled for the camera, but Tea got it and bounced up, pulling the film out and dumping the camera in the trash. "YES!" "Aw Tea, you ruined it! And that was my last roll of film too!" Seto said, rubbing the scratches on his face where he had hit the ground. Yugi was still laughing hysterically, and Tristan and Joey joined him. Tea blushed, embarrassed. Mai held up her video camera triumphantly.