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Author's Note: This was meant to be a one-shot, but since I got reviews asking for more, here's a short – really short – addition. I doubt that this will turn into a chaptered story though, so I'm calling this an epilogue.

Kaiba's Camera: Epilogue

It was homeroom the day after Yugi's return (dubbed "The Camera Incident" by witnesses) and everyone was sitting in class waiting for announcements to start. In previous years the announcements had been largely ignored, as they had been done over a scratchy PA system that no one could hear properly anyway and which had broken speakers in half the classrooms.

This year however was different. By the end of school last year Kaiba had become so fed up with the old system that he had donated a large amount of money to the school to get TVs and video cameras and other equipment for brand new TV announcements! Of course, he'd done it to save his ears rather than out of school spirit, but everyone was grateful anyway. A new organization had been formed, and the Broadcasting Club – an offshoot of the Student Newspaper Organization (the SNO Pages, with clever little snowflakes on each edition) – happily did morning announcements in a professional newscaster style.

"Goooooood morning Domino High!" the anchor began, "Today we have some great announcements and an interesting video story..." The reporters continued announcements for the sports teams, the various clubs, and a warning from the principle that the staff parking lot was off limits including during lunch, and if he caught the perpetrator who had sprayed whipped cream on his car and dotted it with cherries, detention would never end. The Broadcasting Club was having great fun imitating a real news channel, minus the weatherman (no one had wanted the job).

"And now for that interesting story I promised you! A freelance reporter turned in a tape of an awesome event yesterday which we will show to you in a moment. She wishes to stay anonymous, though this probably won't protect her from the students featured in this film."

Film sequence begins

The TV shows the cafeteria, mostly devoid of people. Seto Kaiba dashes through the doors and through the cafeteria, the camera follows him. Hot on his heels is an angry Tea Gardner, screaming at him, and behind her runs a taller, tanner, Yugi Mouto, laughing hysterically. The camera shakes a bit as the person holding it starts to run, following them. The three run outside, camera right behind them. Yugi stops on the steps, Seto leaps down all five and begins to sprint for the parking lot, and Tea makes an impressive flying leap from the top of the stairs. She tackles him, wrestles the camera out of his hands, tears out the film, a slams it into the garbage can. She does a victory dance.

Film sequence ends

The reporter continues, "We interviewed a few choice people yesterday afternoon. The nurse says that tackle left some lovely scrapes on Seto Kaiba's faces and would like to remind the principle she needs more antiseptic. The football coach would like to know if Tea Gardner will sign up for powder puff football this year. Seto Kaiba has this to say: "I just wish I still had that picture. Now I need new blackmail material. Does anyone know a good defense for a friendship lecture?"

Tea Gardner refused to comment."

The announcements ended and the homeroom teacher turned to face her class. Scanning the students she noted that after that lovely video, today was going to be quite interesting for a few people.

Kaiba's face had band-aids all over it and he currently seemed to be trying to sink under his desk.

Tea Gardner was hiding her head in her hands muttering something that didn't sound good for a certain Mai Valentine, and from the state of her pink ears the teacher guessed her face was red.

Mai Valentine sat in the back, grinning triumphantly. The teacher wondered if she had anything to do with that video.

Yugi Mouto was laughing hysterically in his newly rich baritone voice.

The homeroom teacher shook her head. "Teenagers."

Well, that's it folks! I really don't think I'll be adding any more to this one, so let's label itCOMPLETE! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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