This is the last chapter for this "episode". Other episodes that follow will be titled Duke and Desiree'. I will be traveling for the next six weeks, so don't expect any new episodes until late August. Jack and Janet rock!

Chapter 5

(Jack and Janet are sitting on the couch. Terri comes out of the kitchen followed by Larry).

Larry: So, Terri, how about that drink?

Terri: Oh, yeah. Well, I'm ready when you are. (She goes to the phone table and gets her purse). You guys want to come?

Janet: No thanks, I'm too tired (she yawns). I'm gonna get ready for bed. (She gets up and walks to her room).

Larry: Jack-o?

Jack: What? No. I wish I could, but I've got to do inventory at the bistro in the morning.

Terri: Sure?

Jack: Yeah, thanks. (He rubs the tension out of the back of his neck).

Terri: Ok, Goodnight.

(Larry opens the door and they both leave. Jack gets up and stretches. He goes to shut the door and then stops to think. He goes out to see that Larry and Terri are gone. Seeing that the coast is clear, he steps back in and leaves the door ajar).

Jack: Janet? (calling to her).

Janet: (voice coming from her room) yeah?

Jack: You're wanted at the front door.

Janet: (She comes out still dressed) I am?

Jack: Yeah.

Janet: Who is it? (Janet goes to the front door, looks out and then comes back in looking confused). Who was it?

Jack: (Smiling) Duke.

Janet: (smiles back in recognition) Duke? Did he say what he wanted?

Jack: (takes a couple steps toward her) Yes. He said he wanted to make sure you got to your door alright.

Janet: Did he?

Jack: He did. (He takes her by the hand and pulls her into the room as he shuts the door behind her).

Janet: (again confused) But, I'm already inside.

Jack: (offering his left arm) Allow me to escort you to your bedroom door.

Janet: (Taking his arm and blushing a little) Thank you, Jack.

(He slowly walks the few paces to her bedroom door. She turns around to face him and pauses. She looks down and then back up at him).

Janet: Well, here I am.

Jack: Yes, (he takes her hand as he looks in her eyes) here we are.

Janet: I had a great time, Jack.

Jack: Me too (he brings her hand up and kisses it while still looking at her and smiling).

(She smiles and looks at him intently).

Jack: (With her hand at his lips, and still looking at her) Janet, can I kiss you goodnight?

Janet: Please.

(He lowers her hand and slowly leans in. Their lips meet and a gentle, steady kiss ensues. They break apart and he wraps her in his arms with her head against his chest as he rests his head on top of hers).

Jack: Janet?

Janet: Yes?

Jack: Do you have any plans tomorrow night?

Janet: No.

Jack: Do you think Desiree' would like to go to dinner and a stroll along the beach with Duke?

Janet: She'd like that very much.

Jack: Great, when shall he pick her up?

Janet: How about 6?

Jack: Perfect.

(He pulls away just enough to look at her. He smiles again as he strokes the outline of her face).

Jack: Who would have thought that you and I….?

Janet: I know (she tucks her head into his chest again).

(They stand there embracing each other for a few moments. Jack pulls away and takes her hand).

Jack: I should really be going.

Janet: Yeah, I guess so.

(Jack opens the door to his room as Janet takes a step into hers. They look at each other).

Jack: Goodnight (he squeezes her hand).

Janet: 'Nite (she squeezes back).

(They drop hands as they walk into their rooms. The doors close).

End of Episode