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Summary: Mornie utúlie. Believe and you will find a way. Mornie alantie. A promise lives within you now. He went on a mission never to return again. Or so they said.

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What Was Lost


"One more push, Mrs."

The cries of a new born filled the room.

"And you have a girl." The doctor announced. "Would you like to cut the umbilical cord?"

Without hesitation, he took the scissors and cut the cord. The girl was taken away to be cleaned up. He moved to sit down on the bed next to his wife and she leaned against him, tired but happy.

Within five minutes the baby was returned, wrapped in a fuzzy pink blanket. She was placed in the safety of her mother's arms. As her proud parents watched, she opened her soft hazel eyes as looked at them, gurgling happily, before closing them again to yawn.

Her parents smiled down at her.

A soft knock on the door caught their attention and they watched Aurora and Ray walk in, followed by the others. The moment Aurora caught sight of the little bundle in her mother's arms, she rushed over and looked down at her newborn baby sister.

"Can I hold her?" She begged.

"Just be careful." Ashley warned.

Aurora carefully took her sister out of her mother's arms and held her tightly. Ray came to stand next to her and softly touched the small hands of the baby. To his surprise, the hand he was tracing flexed and caught hold of his finger. Looking over at his parents, he saw them smile at him and his sisters and he couldn't help the bright smile erupting on his face.

"So, what's her name?" Karone asked, peering over Aurora's shoulder to look at her niece.

Ashley looked at Andros for a moment before answering.

"Ciana Gwynith Hammond."

"Any special reason?" Cassie wanted to know.

"Ciana means God has been gracious." Ray grinned.

"And Gwynith is Karovan. It means Blessed." Aurora smiled.

"If God hadn't been gracious and hadn't let my Guardian Angel watch over me that day, she wouldn't have been here." Andros added, hugging Ashley close and kissing the top of her head.

Everyone smiled at the happy family in front off them. A year ago, they had never expected to be here, but no one would have wanted to be anywhere else.

"You know." Zhane said thoughtfully. "Ashley's not really nice to Andros. When he's here to be with her, she gives birth to a girl and when he's gone, she gives birth to a boy."

Everybody laughed, but Andros just watched his three children with a smile. His precious little Angel, now grown into a beautiful young woman, the son no one had known of and the little bundle of joy, born a month early, wrapped in the arms of his eldest. At that moment he knew that if the eleven hard years were what he had to go through to have them, he would gladly do it again.

Somewhere faraway

"Yet another brat. Well. At least she won't be a ranger. Beware rangers. This isn't over yet."

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