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Chapter 10: Revelations

Merlock and Sara noticed that they were standing on an adequately lighted hallway where the floor and the ceiling were grayish in color, presumably constructed out of metal. Glancing at the glass windows which lined the walls, they saw the moon along with the starry indigo firmament. It was clear that it was nighttime in the new place they were in. To their dismay, it looked as if they were in an unknown dimension once again. Then, they heard footsteps which indicated that someone was walking toward them. After a few seconds, the said person arrived in front of them. He was a tall, thin man of dun hair and dark eyes. He seemed to be in his mid-twenties. He was wearing a collared shirt with long sleeves, and the letters "DH" were embroidered on the chest pocket of the said clothing. His white trousers matched the style of his shirt, making his outfit seem like a uniform of some sort.

"Congratulations. You passed the test," he said.

"What do you mean?" asked Sara.

"And who are you?" asked Merlock.

"I am James Oankh, chief of the organization known as Defenders of History. Both of you had been recommended by the Bureau of Time and Space for promotion. Before I may approve of Miss Jillian Grey's decision, I had to evaluate your performance first. I have assessed your capabilities and I am pleased with the outcome. You are now officially admitted as Time Questors of the DH," replied the man.

"You mean there exists a higher agency than the Bureau of Time and Space? And Sara and I are now members of it?" questioned Merlock.

"Exactly. Those people you have met as keepers of the keys are actually my best Time Questors as of the present. As for Cerville, he was nothing more than a trick played on your eyes," Chief Oankh answered.

Merlock and Sara smiled with relief at the chief's statement. Merlock did for he learned that Magore did not really wish to harm them. As for Sara, she had nothing to worry about for the man who made advances to her was only an illusion.

"And you were not even transported to other dimensions. You had just been at the quadrangle of the building. Most of the things you encountered were just three-dimensional drawings enhanced by a computer program. The other people aside from the keepers were their classmates. They hired them for a 'production.' The Time Questors erased their memory and brought them back home after paying them anyway," the chief said.

"How about the darts?" asked Sara.

"They were real," the chief replied with a grin.

"Whoa," was all Sara could say.

"Anyway, Sara, I think it would be nice if we go to the room where your family is. They had been watching both of you."

Sara just nodded. James Oankh led her and Merlock to an elevator. They headed for the fourth floor. After that, the chief accompanied them to a door found near the corner. The chief knocked gently, then he opened the door. What greeted their eyes were the forms of Doctor Goodman, Tony, Rocky, and Flint sitting on a sofa facing a huge screen. Hovering above their heads were Pterri and Getalong.

The three entered the room. Sara approached her family and in no time, they engaged in intense hugs.

"I'm so proud of you Sara," her uncle said.

"Yeah, you and Merlock are great!" Flint said.

Placing a hand on Merlock's shoulder, Doctor Goodman said, "You young man did a terrific job. Always take care of Sara, okay?"

"I will," replied Merlock.

"You're so lucky! You get to meet those guys and even work with them from now on," said Tony.

"Huh?" said Sara and Merlock.

"The guys who acted as keepers of the keys are some of the most popular celebrities! Don't you know that?" replied Tony.

"My brother's a what?" asked Merlock.

"You haven't got a clue? Not only him, but your sister as well. And their friends. Harien Holmes was your opponent in the imaginary place called Equilibria," Tony said.

"Alright, can you tell me how you figured out that it was her?" asked Merlock.

"The 'keepers of the keys' are the members of the totally cool band known as Gourmands. Since each one of them showed up already except Harien, I guessed that it was her," answered Tony.

"Oh," said Merlock.

"Yes, it was her," the chief agreed.

"Tony," Sara said with a smirk, "sometimes your words make sense."

"Hey!" said Tony.

James Oankh laughed, then said, "Why don't you just pay those kids a visit?"

"Sure! I must have their autographs!" said Tony.

"You go ahead. We'll wait here," said Doctor Goodman.

"Okay then," Chief Oankh said.

The chief guided Tony, Sara, and Merlock toward a flight of stairs then to a large room. As they were approaching, they saw Magore and Ylla competing with each other in a game of chess. Hyacinth was drawing an underwater scene on the door of a cabinet. Jinni was crocheting. Jascha was eating a sandwich while playing cards with Konimu. Also, an unfamiliar girl of about ten years old was reading a magazine.

"Relaxing?" the chief said, causing them to stop whatever they were doing and turn their heads where he was.

"Yes, the last mission was more difficult than we thought it would be," said the girl as she dropped her magazine on a table.

"Regardless of that, can your spare a minute to some people here who wish to see you?" Chief Oankh asked with a smile.

"Sure," the Time Questors replied.

"Hi. Harien said she just have to check out some things downstairs," said the little girl as she walked nearer to their visitors. Her straight green hair reached the back of her knees. She also had a pink wisp of hair covering half of her left eye. Her eyes had the same color as that of the evening sky outside. Her attire was composed of a black sleeveless top, a black skirt whose hemline was at her ankles, and black boots.

"I think I know you," said Merlock.

"Yep, you do! Actually you have met all of us before, when we stayed at the Holmes residence in Romania for a week, three years ago," replied the girl.

"Yeah, I remember you. You and my brother Mycroft were often together during that time. I reckon he was quite fond of you. But, forgive me, I can't recall your name," replied Merlock.

"No problem. I am Rockeleanna. Rockeleanna Nyeheku. Just call me Rockel," said the girl.

"Wow! You're the creator of the great video game, 'Gargoyles on the Ledge'?" asked Tony.

"Uh-huh. You play that?" answered Rockel.

"Yeah. I love that game," replied Tony.

"Nice. That means you are one of the people who make me earn lots of money!" she said with a giggle.

"Rockel is one of the Time Questors, too. Although she is only ten years old and the youngest, she has unmatched skill in working with the computer. She's the one who rendered the special effects in the 'dimensions' Merlock and Sara had been to. She also writes poetry," Chief Oankh said.

Rockel blushed, then said, "I believe you already know much about me. It's time to meet the others. Hey guys, come here one by one, in order of appearance in the test that we made Merlock and Sara undergo."

"That means I go next. Thank you very much sister. You've saved me from our brother," said Jascha.

"Kon, what have you been doing to Jomi?" Rockel asked Konimu.

"We've had fourteen rounds of poker and he hasn't won a single match yet. If you haven't called him, he would have lost for the fifteenth time," said Konimu, making everyone laugh.

With a sarcastic smile, Jascha tossed the cards he was holding to Konimu's face. Jascha then stood up.

"Hello Merlock, Sara, Tony," Jascha said, looking each person in the eye as he mentioned the names. They observed that Jascha was wearing a red fishnet shirt with the words "Taste Me" imprinted in white paint on it, matching shorts, and red shoes. On his neck hung a nylon string with a spherical blue pendant.

"You are the flutist and the male vocalist of the Gourmands band!" said Tony.

"I remember that necklace! It belongs to a boy who could not survive if he wouldn't eat every ten minutes!" said Merlock.

"Go bro!" shouted Konimu, causing Jascha to blush.

"Yes, Merlock, I guess I am that boy. My name is Jomi Nyeheku. Jascha is my middle name. As for my eating habits, let's just say that I'm a true blue gourmand."

"Jomi Nyeheku? The writer of the best-selling book entitled 'The Deux Ex Machina's Swan Song'?" asked Sara.

Jomi nodded then said, "Have you read that?"

"Not really. It's rated R-18," replied Sara.

"How dare they classify it as a material meant for adults! I'm only thirteen years old!" said Jomi.

"According to what I've heard, the story is brilliant, but it's overloaded with curse words," said Sara.

"As if those critics don't swear when they were younger," remarked Jomi, then he pouted childishly and folded his arms on his chest.

"I just realized this, Jomi, you are cute," said Merlock.

"Merlock, I think that's a very encouraging compliment for my brother. He has a major crush on Harien," Rockel said.

Merlock laughed. Jomi blushed severely.

"Does my sister know?" asked Merlock.

"I haven't told her personally yet," muttered Jomi.

"But practically, everybody is aware of it," said Rockel.

"It's okay. I think it's unlikely that she feels the same thing for you anyway," said Merlock, grinning.

"Ouch, Jomi, ouch," said Konimu, pretending to beat his heart with a fist.

"Harien and I are currently the best of friends," said Jomi.

"Ooh," said Merlock.

"Aside from having the ability to produce lightning, Jomi also handles the sword with great skill. He is actually the person who taught Harien how to fight using a sword. He is well-versed in history, and is an impressive tennis player," Chief Oankh said.

"Ah, from now on I should not underestimate you," said Merlock.

"Come over here, Geneva, while I still have the patience to keep Merlock alive," said Jomi, with his tone of voice trying to appear serious yet with the hint of a chuckle.

The girl who they knew as Ylla went to where Jomi was. She was wearing a chic pink dress and her hair was in braids. Meanwhile, Jomi sat on the floor near his brother.

"Hello, I am Geneva Ylla Jhuka. Just call me Geneva or Gene," she said.

"You're the one who play miscellaneous percussion instruments in your band! And you sing too!" said Tony.

"You're also a ballet dancer, right? I suddenly recall seeing your name in an announcement for a play," said Sara.

"Yes," said Geneva.

"Oh, I remember you. Muirouwe yelled at you when you were at our house! Do you know that it was truly our family's first time to see our quiet brother yelling like that?" said Merlock.

"Wow, then tell him I had the honor," replied Geneva, causing laughter to fill the place.

"What exactly was the reason why Muirouwe did that?" asked Merlock.

"I was practicing a certain tune on my xylophone. Unexpectedly, he drew closer to me and began a long speech narrating that he could not concentrate on what he was studying because of the sound coming from my instrument," answered Geneva.

"And he did so at the top of his voice. Sorry for that," said Merlock.

"Don't worry about it. As I've said, I had the honor," replied Geneva.

"As for Geneva, she is the math wizard and baseball player of the DH. She is the one who does the planning during missions. Her weapon is a magnifying glass that can emit laser beams," the chief said.

"Add to that the fact that she is Magore's girlfriend," said Rockel.

"So," Merlock said.

"They do look good together," remarked Tony, causing Geneva to blush.

"Alright, it's time you get to know Konimu now," said Geneva.

"As you say, pretty Geneva," said Konimu.

Konimu got to his feet. He was wearing a jacket over a shirt, pants, and shoes, all of which in varying shades of violet. Visible on his top were the words "Take a bite while I'm still hot." On his right ear was a round golden earring.

"The hip drummer and rapper of the band!" said Tony.

"Hi, I'm certain you all know my name," said Konimu.

"You mean 'Konimu' is not your middle name?" asked Merlock.

"Nope. Actually I was supposed to introduce myself as Jclyx earlier. But then, I always get distracted when a beautiful girl comes into sight," replied Konimu, turning his gaze to Sara.

"Get used to him. He flirts with every girl he encounters," said Rockel.

"No, you got that wrong, sis. I only adore the truly gorgeous ones," said Konimu.

"You have been to Romania before. I guess I've seen that earring," went Merlock's attempt to change the subject.

"Yes, I think Rockeleanna told you that all of us have been to your house already," replied Konimu.

"Let me think . . . you're the kid who fell off the stairs of our house! You did so more than eight times in one day!" exclaimed Merlock, then the room was enlivened with laughter.

"It's not my fault that marble is slippery!" protested Konimu.

"Just accept it bro! Ever since the day you were born, you have been prone to accidents," said Jomi.

"How dare you!" said Konimu.

"Look at his hair! We elves are not allowed to trim our hair for it symbolizes our long lives. Kon got his hair cut in an accident. Want me to elaborate?" said Jomi with a grin.

"Dammit, Jom! I'm begging you, don't!" said Konimu.

"Even though he is clumsy sometimes, Konimu is an outstanding archer. He plays soccer and he earns money by creating soap sculptures. And as you have seen, he can make balls of acid," Chief Oankh said.

"You play basketball too, right?" said Merlock.

"The lovely Harien taught me how, because according to her it is the only sport you play. You see, I was in charge of the sports part of the test. But I'm more active in soccer. I really like sports, for it's only when I'm playing that I don't get involved in an accident. If you want to, we can have a rematch," replied Konimu.

"One of these days," said Merlock, then Konimu mentioned for Hyacinth to come over.

Once there, Hyacinth waved his hand and showed his cherub's smile. He was wearing the same fairy clothes, but his wings were nowhere to be seen.

"He is the backup vocalist and violinist of the band," said Tony.

"Yes, and my name is Phil Hyacinth Clorika. Call me Phil," he said.

"How old are you?" asked Merlock.

"Eleven," replied Phil.

"Do you really have wings?" asked Sara.

"Yes, but at present they are tucked inside my back," answered Phil.

"Is there really such a thing as Astrid's Vanishing Day Phenomenon?" asked Sara.

"Yes, but then it's not celebrated," said Phil.

"You possess really strong hypnotic powers," said Merlock.

"Thanks. Actually I can kill using it. Remember Hallion?" replied Phil.

"Oh my . . . you mean you are . . . huh?" asked Merlock, his face a portrait of disbelief.

"The kid who defeated Hallion by spellbinding his mind," said Rockel, completing Merlock's sentence.

"Okay, Phil, you are added in the list of those persons with whom I shall be careful in interacting with," said Merlock.

"If I may ask, who is Hallion?" asked Sara.

"A rival of mine before," answered Merlock.

"To Merlock's disappointment, I was the one who overcame Hallion once and for all," said Phil, winking.

"Aside from being hypnotic, Phil is very talented in drawing. The surroundings in the 'dimensions' where you had been to were drawn by Phil. He also cooked the food you have eaten in the Faeries' Abode. He can also create clones of himself. A Phil clone is currently at the Goodman residence, guarding the time shifters," the chief said.

"Yet, no matter how cool he may be, Phil is the odd one out among us," said Rockel.

"And why?" asked Phil, indignantly.

"Gris was born on New Year's Day, Geneva on Valentine's Day, Jomi and Konimu on All Souls' Day, Harien and Magore on Christmas Day, I on April Fools' Day. As for Phil, his birthday is September 23," replied Rockel.

"Hey, the planet Neptune was discovered on a September 23!" said Phil.

"Yes, but then it's not celebrated," said Rockel, then she received everybody's laughter as a reply.

"Nice one sis!" commented Jomi.

"I hate it when my own words are used against me! But Rockeleanna, you rock," said Phil, then he called Magore.

"Hi! I am Goio Brynhild," said Magore, who was wearing a long-sleeved green shirt and dark green pants.

"Oh come on, Magore Holmes," said Merlock.

"Who is Goio Brynhild?" questioned Sara.

"A former member who betrayed the DH. During the test, I just used the name so you wouldn't know that it was me," replied Magore.

"Oh, and of course in your band you play the bass guitar and sing a bit. As for sports you play basketball. Your weapon is a cudgel," said Merlock.

"Yeah, I believe you said everything already," said Magore.

"There's something I want to know. What did you do to make yourself grow taller than I am?" asked Merlock.

"None. What happened to you that formed those arm muscles that you have?" said Magore.

"Nothing, really," replied Merlock.

"It's nice to see you bro," said Magore, then he and Merlock embraced.

There was a lasting silence. Several minutes had passed before Jinni was requested to come over. She was wearing a yellow tube top, a matching skirt, heeled shoes, and triangular-shaped earrings. Her hair was arranged in a half-ponytail style.

"The lead guitarist!" said Tony.

"That's correct, dear! And my name is Grizelda Jinni Mendaja. Call me Grizelda or Gris," she said.

"You're the famous girl with the green thumb?" asked Sara.

"I guess I get reasonable income from it. I really like plants," answered Grizelda.

"Were you the girl who helped my mother when she was losing hope because her hibiscus shrubs had not been bearing flowers for a month?" asked Merlock.

Grizelda nodded.

"Grizelda is a robotics expert. She also plays volleyball. She uses a whip as a weapon," the chief said.

"Now you know everyone!" said Rockel.

"Yes. Actually I remember hearing and seeing your names, but during that time I had no idea how you look like," said Sara.

"I just want to ask something. Is it true that no one of you is human?" asked Tony.

"Yes," chorused the young Time Questors.

"I prefer hiring them because this organization handles cases where the villains who disturb the delicate web of history are paranormal or supernatural beings as well," Chief Oankh said.

"You mean I am a fortunate human to be part of the DH?" said Sara.

"Yes, Sara, and that's because of your potentials," the chief replied.

Then, they heard a voice singing the words:

"So you'll keep me in your heart
Promise me we'll never part
I can only love you so much more
'Cause you are all I'm living for
And the only thing I'll do
Is to give my love to you
And forever you'll be in my heart
The way I've always loved you from the start."

The owner of the voice made her way into the room. She had long, blonde hair and eyes as green as the sea. She was wearing a blue tank top and jeans.

"Hi guys! I just checked our mailbox. And guess what, I found an interesting invitation to a Devouring Wyvern Gala," she said to the Gourmands, making them shout expressions of merriment.

"Finally, a real festival!" said Phil.

"Hello, Harien!" said Merlock.

"Merlock!" replied Harien, then they hugged.

"How's my sister who is a basketball player, a keyboardist, a singer, an artist, and a martial arts expert?" asked Merlock.

"Perfectly fine, the injuries I obtained from our battle were all healed," she replied.

"Same here. But I did not know that it was you. You actually maneuvered the sword pretty well," replied Merlock.

"Oh, reserve those remarks for Jomi," said Harien.

"I believe you've become stronger than before," said Merlock.

"Let me tell you that I didn't have any sleep for a week. Anyway, none of the Gourmands did, for we needed the time to set everything up," said Harien.

"Are you trying to convince me that you are a better fighter than I am now?" asked Merlock, raising an eyebrow.

Harien replied, "Are you admitting that?"

"I guess I would like a similar competition between us to occur soon," said Merlock.

"Great suggestion! I shall prepare well for it," said Harien.

"That's a really nice song you were singing," said Merlock, changing the subject.

'Too bad I don't have anyone to dedicate it to," replied Harien.

Chief Oankh coughed. Rockel nudged Jomi with an elbow.

"Hey, did the chief already mention to you that the entire test lasted for only two hours?" asked Harien.

Sara and Merlock gasped.

"How were you guys able to make those two hours seem like days?" asked Merlock.

"Um, let's just say there existed a hero who helped us do that using his magic powers," replied Harien.

"That is not very clear," commented Merlock.

"Don't worry. You and Sara will eventually learn how we did that. Both of you will also find out about the true story behind Astrid's Vanishing Day Phenomenon, and the life of the notorious ex-TQ Goio Brynhild. Those are top secrets," said Harien.

"Add to that the real identity and age of James Oankh!" said Grizelda.

"Yes, that information too," said Harien, giggling.

"When may you tell us?" asked Sara.

"By the time I allow them to," Chief Oankh said, winking.

"Anyway we found out about those things without even intending to," said Harien.

"You mean by accident?" asked Sara.

"Yeah, when somebody over here was drunk," replied Harien, glancing at Konimu.

"Oh," said Sara.

"Anyway, here's a fact I'd like to share. Remember Cerville asking for Merlock's weapon in Equilibria? We just did that so you would not be able to attack anyone," said Harien.

"Okay, good point. How about my time scooter?" asked Merlock.

"It's right there, with no defects at all," said Harien, pointing to a corner of the room. Merlock shrugged his shoulders.

"Hey, did you guys went through a similar test before you were hired here in the DH?" said Merlock.

"Yes and no. Yes, there was a test. No, because we were truly transported to another places. Not ethereal dimensions, though, but other eras. And it lasted for weeks," answered Harien.

"Thanks to a specific Goio, it was dreadfully tough," added Magore.

"Well, I think you have known enough for now," said Harien, her eyes mischievously sparkling.

"I just noticed, Harien, your eyes are shaped like Merlock's," said Sara.

"They are, aren't they? Seeing that you love my brother so much, you are probably implying that I am good-looking. You yourself is a rare beauty," Harien said, making Sara blush.

"Hey Miss Harien, may I have your autograph as well as that of the others?" asked Tony.

"Certainly," said Harien.

After getting his precious notebook signed by the Gourmands, Tony went back to where his uncle was. Chief James Oankh proceeded to his office after the Gourmands and Rockel obtained his permission for them to attend the party. As for Merlock and Sara, they were just told to rest in that room. Wordlessly, they sat on a sofa and watched their new colleagues prepare themselves to paint the town red. Soon enough, Merlock and Sara were left alone.

Merlock said, "I still cannot imagine that everything happened in two hours."

Sara said, "Me too. It was a wonderful experience."

"I agree. We have an exciting job to look forward to."

"A different kind of lifestyle, perhaps."

"Yet, no matter what, we shall carry things out together, my beloved Sara."

"Yes, dearest Merlock."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

And their arms wrapped around each other's waists as their lips collided in a passionate kiss.

"So you'll keep me in your heart
Promise me we'll never part
I can only love you so much more
'Cause you are all I'm living for
And the only thing I'll do
Is to give my love to you
And forever you'll be in my heart
The way I've always loved you from the start."

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