Hi guys,

This is a notice to tell you that I've officially abandoned this story. I have decided instead to re-write it completely and will be reposting the new version as a different story because it will change a lot. I will leave this version up so that fans of the old story can still go back and read it the way it was.

I sincerely hope that you will all read the new version – the overall story shouldn't change too much, but the way I approach it will be much different. I will try to take on some aspects of the sixth and seventh books, but I'm not entirely sure how many of those I will chose to include.

Hopefully the new story will end up being finished; I'm writing it while at work so I don't know exactly how much time I'll have to write, although at least I won't be constantly distracted by WoW.

Anyway, nothing more really to say here. I hope you all read the new story when I start putting up – the first few chapters will be mostly the same and will be posted reasonably quickly, I hope. The bigger changes are primarily from chapter three-four onwards (although major changes of direction in the story line won't come about until after Harry has his run-in with the Carcer De Malus).

Thanks for reading