The figure of a young man bent down over the bodies of two dead people: a woman and her husband.

"You were weak…" he muttered. "But that doesn't matter anymore… the age in which humans have lived without being aware of this world has ended. From this night on, they shall live in fear or at least become aware of what perils and dangers they will have to face."

A knock on the door was heard. The man straightened himself upright. Only he knew who'd be banging in the door of the room he was in at this hour. He narrowed his eyes. He wanted this knocker to be spared from this terrible vision.

"Don't come in, Sasuke!" he half-shouted. Too late. A little boy no more than the age of eight stumbled in. At the sight of his dead parents, his eyes watered and traveled up to the man.

"Itachi…who did this?" the little boy asked. There was no need to answer. He saw the blade the man carried was dripping with his victim's blood. The boy sank to his knees.

"No, not you. Surely not you of all people!" he cried. The young man walked towards the little boy, who was too afraid to move. Yet time seemed to have slowed down. Instead of fear, the little boy was suddenly full of rage. He screamed and tried to hurt the man.

"If you wish to kill me, little brother," the young man grabbed the boy by the collar as he spoke. "…then hate me and cling on to life." Suddenly, the man pressed the boy hard against the wall and bit his neck. Blood ushered out of it and he drank it greedily. The little boy's eyes began to close, and he became unconscious.

Finally, the young man stepped out of the room, went out of the house, and into the night. A wolf could be heard howling in the distance.

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