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A/N: A Teen Titans fanfic, Robin x Raven, maybe BB x SF, rated soft R for adult situations and slight vampirism. This is a redo of "Betrothed" with a completely different angle and girl. Okay, it's not much like that episode at all, but that's such a cool title.

It was Saturday night. Robin, Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy were just sitting down to dinner. Raven walked in and poured herself a cup full of herbal tea. Beast Boy saw her and called to her, "Hey Rae, come and eat. We're having your favorite, tofurkey."

Raven gave him a withering glare. "Don't call me Rae. You don't know what my favorite food is. And have you ever considered that there is a very good reason why they make tofu that tastes like meat but not meat that tastes like tofu? I'm going to my room." With that she floated off.

"Man, she creeps me out, and I swear she's anorexic. And what is her favorite food?" Beast Boy paused, thinking very hard. Very, very hard. "Hey, have any of you guys seen her eat? I mean eat anything at all in the last two years?" The other three shook their heads. Beast Boy came to the obvious conclusion. "Aaaah! Raven's an evil robot that's come to destroy us all! What are we going to do?"

Raven floated back in, refilled her cup of tea, and smacked Beast Boy on the head, saying "Keep your idiocy to a dull roar." She then turned and floated out again.

Beast Boy looked worried. "Oh my God, do you think it heard me?"

Cyborg looked up from his actually meat ham and said "Shut up and eat your food."

"Friend Robin, is Friend Raven truly an evil robot?" came the inevitable.

Robin sighed. He really didn't feel like dealing with this. "No Star, Beast Boy is just being reta-, umm he's just... never mind him and eat your food." What did I ever see in her? I'd be better of with Kitten, at least she has a body and half a brain Too bad there aren't any intelligent girls, like Raven, who are actually available.

They finished eating and Starfire went to play with Silky. The boys headed to the main room to read or rot their mind playing video games as their intelligences directed. Half an hour later, they heard a pounding on the front door. Beast Boy and Cyborg paused their game, looking at each other.

Beast Boy looked characteristically confused. "Dude, was that someone knocking? No one ever knocks. No one ever even visits."

Cyborg was unsure. "Well someone has to go check it out. Janken?" They made fists and counted to three. Beast Boy came out with paper, Cyborg with scissors. Beast Boy got up and headed to the door.

As Beast Boy made his way to the door, the pounding repeated itself. "Hold on, hold on." He went to open the door. "What the heck do you – " He froze as the door opened, revealing the visitor. It was a dark-haired man well over six feet tall. His pupils were red, his skin pale. If Beast Boy were educated., he would have said the man exuded an aura of pure maliciousness.

The man stared at Beast Boy and seemed to fill the entire doorway. "Where is the princess? I have a message and package for her."

Beast Boy was all too glad for an excuse to get away from the door. He scampered back several steps, shouting for the others. "Guys? Starfire! Anyone? We've got a visitor. Get out here." And hurry, please for the love of all that is holy.

Cyborg and Robin arrived, and seemed taken aback. Robin instantly tensed. "Who is this?" Beast Boy replied merely "He wants 'the princess'".

Starfire bounded in stopping just outside the door, asking "You require my presence?"

"Where is the princess?" the man asked tersely.

"I am she. How may I help you..." Starfire, ever hopeful, awaited his introduction.

The man's eyes narrowed, causing a sensation of dread to permeate the Titans. "I have little patience for games." He ground his teeth. "She is most definitely not Princess Raven. Now, where is she? I have business with her."

"This dude wants to see Raven? RAVEN! You have a visitor! Come down here and see him!" Now! Please hurry! This guy is freaking me out!

Raven appeared suddenly, looking concerned. "I felt... something. What's going on?" As soon as she saw the stranger, she moved just outside the entrance, between him and her teammates.

Starfire, ever helpful, explained "This... man wishes to speak to you, and speaks of you as Princess Raven."

The stranger fixed the Tameranean with a fierce look. "I am no man," he said as if it were a foul word.

Beast Boy looked surprised "Woah! You're a girl!" He tugged on Raven's cloak, and asked, "Hey, Rae, are you really a princess?"

"No, you're confused, about a great many things" Raven answered him while directing a withering glare at the stranger.

The man examined the Titans, and asked Raven, "Pri-, ah Lady Raven, what are you doing among these day walkers?"

Beast Boy immediately jumped in, asking "Hey Rae, what's a –"

"Shut up." Raven sighed. What did I do to deserve this? "Who are you, who do you serve, and what do they want?"

The man knelt before her and rose. "Pardon, the intrusion, my lady. I am a grandson of Lamech, seven generations removed from my Ancestor. I am here as a messenger for my master, the Seraph Lord Azrael."

Beast Boy added as a valuable aside, "You mean like the cat on the Smurfs?"

Robin decided to ask an intelligent question, "Aren't seraphim a type of angel?"

Raven ignored both of them. "What does my dear uncle want of me?"

"He has sent you a message and a gift, on his lordship your father's behalf. Lord Trigon would deliver it himself, but as you are aware is currently indisposed."

"You mean stuck in Limbo for eternity, where he belongs."

"Be that as it may, he has sent you this." He presented her with a red lacquered wooden box. Raven opened it, revealing what appeared to a black bracelet with bizarre red symbols or writing on it.

Raven shook her head. "This had better not be what I think it is."

Starfire looked curious. "Friend Raven, this is not the writing of the world of Azarath. What manner of writing is this?"

Robin recognized the writing. He had seen it before, also in red. On Slade's forehead and all over Raven's body.

The stranger continued, "The current ruler and lord protector, your cousin, is not ruling as well as your father would like. He would like you to assume the throne, and knows you do not wish to do so."

"Good. But why are you here with one of those?"

"Your father would be much relieved if he knew he had a line of heirs to succede the throne, or at the least there to be a prince consort. He wishes you to be mated as soon as possible. You may be familiar with these living mating bracelets. Place it on yourself, and then have as many compatible males place it on themselves, of their own volition. It will find a mate to suit your spirit, your power, and your darkness. The bracelet is wise. The one it chooses shall be your ideal mate, and will receive powers similar to yours, as befits a true demonic prince consort. He will be truly immortal, impervious to harm and everliving."

The others seemed surprised and looked at Raven. Raven herself was staring at the messenger, wishing to burning a hole in him with her eyes, which were glowing a dull red. "Do you want to reveal more of my secrets? After all, you've revealed far more in two minutes than I have two years."

The messenger stepped back, clearly alarmed. "No that is all. I beg forgiveness for the intrusion my lady. By your eave, I shall return to my master now. Good night." The man stepped back several paces, and a red, glowing circle with the bizarre runes around the edge formed around him. A pentagram drew itself into the circle, and the ground inside of the circle disappeared, replaced by black light which glowed mysteriously as the man sunk into the ground. When he was no longer visible, the glowing darkness ceased, leaving no visible effect upon the ground.

Cyborg shook his head. "What the hell can shine darkness? You can't project shadow, it's impossible!"

Starfire seemed confused. "That... man seemed quite afraid of you, Friend Raven. Why, is he evil?"

Beast Boy was still freaking out. "Dude, that guy almost made me wet my pants! I'm not answering the door ever again. Hey, are you really a princess Rae? What of?"

"I'm half demon. What do you think my father was ruler of, New Jersey?" She floated inside the entrance, carrying the bracelet in its box.

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