Hey all,

Here's a 150 wd YoBling challenge with the words: Coke, Ice Pops, Purple Sparkly Cowboy Hat, NY Times Crossword Puzzle, Imagination.
Rosanna (Samantha-Fitzgerald) did the same challenge, soI recommend you check hers out too :) :)

The halls to LVMPD where silent. Everyone was in there respective holes, doing their respective jobs. But what do you do when you're respective job has been solved and you're awaiting a new case? Relax in the break room of course!

'You want a coke?' Cath asked, getting up and walking to the fridge. No answer came. 'Warrick? Hellooo?'

He looked up from his NY Times crossword puzzle, 'huh?'

'Coke? You want one?'

'Oh, no thanks, ill have an ice pop though'

'Ice pop? What are you, 12?'

'Says the girl who wore a purple sparkly cowboy hat to the Christmas party' he rose an eyebrow

'You didn't complain'

'I was to focussed on the top you were wearing'

'Oh really?' she asked playfully, passing him his ice pop and sitting back down

'Well, there wasn't much room for the imagination'

'You know you loved it'

'I know I did'