Hey all,

Here's another 150wd challenge, (courtesy of Samantha-Fitzgerald - who did it too, so head over there aswell :) ).
This is a Callko one, with the elements: Jammy Dodgers, Mini Golf, Hairdryer, (color) Brown, Disfigured. :)

'Ooooh, some ones been shopping!' Calleigh squealed delightedly. Grabbing a packet from the break room cupboard, she spun back around to face Eric, 'Jammy Dodger?'

'Go on. So, back to what we were talking about…'

Groaning as she flopped back onto the couch next to him, 'Okay fine, on my first date… we played mini golf'

Eric grinned, 'and why was that so hard to admit?'

'Well, you kinda had to hit the ball through this giant brown hairdryer thing, and I kept missing. Like, 6 times I missed the damn thing, so…'


'I threw my club on the floor, but it sprung back up and hit my date in the nose' she grimaced, as Eric failed stifling a giggle, 'he was…disfigured?...for a month and never spoke to me again'

'Remind me not to take you golfing on our next date then' he said, leaning in for a kiss.