I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh or any of the characters. This is my imagination and no way relates how the creator chose their personalities. If this doesn't ring true, I am sorry. I have yet to see all of the series, and this is my first Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic. Begs forgiveness for wrongs. this is purely for my own entertainment (and others who might like it….I hope) so I am not making any money from it. So don't sue…..please


Hidden light

Ra rose to greet the moving sand of Egypt. The sand took on the hues of Red as he shone his life giving light down upon the land. The sand shifted from red to gold as Ra rose higher in the sky. This light moved until it reached the city of Kemet. The city shone in white alabaster that took the form of gold in the morning light, from a distance it looked like the whole city was made of gold.

A pharaoh ruled this city of gold, looked on by the gods. He ran the city fairly and justly, or tried to. But his father cast a long shadow. His father had been cruel, deeming any others lower. His father had been assassinated and the pharaoh had to take the throne at a very young age.

This morning the pharaoh and his entourage were riding through the town. Past statues of gods, of Ra and Osiris. The Pharaoh sat tall, his crown of hair stuck up like a star. His hair was unusual, black blending to purple/red, with Blond bangs in front. Some of the bangs shot up to the tip to lie in front of the black. His face was young too; he was the age of 18. His skin nicely tanned by the light of Ra, His robes of Gold and red. Around his neck he wore the most powerful position of a pharaoh. The Millennium Puzzle. It held great power over the Shadow Games, he was known by his people as Yu-Gi-Oh. Which meant king of games, for the young Pharaoh had never been beaten at any game. This pharaoh loved his Kingdom. And sought to help his people.

As he rode upon his loyal white stallion Asernath, he saw people going about their Business. Slaves walked back and forth, some had marks of whips upon their backs.

He was in the town this morning because today was his birthday; he was riding to greet his people as he had done every birthday as Pharaoh. The market's multicoloured stalls greeted his eyes. His guards close at hand, Seto as always near too. The pharaoh, in his compassion threw some money out to his people, they gathered round praising and thanking him, and they were finally coming to trust him. He smiled. Looking about he began to think back to his father, and how he treated his people. So lost in thought was he, that he did not have tight hold on the reins. A loud bang met his ears as some pots were knocked off a stall. This noise cased Asernath to rear and paw the air, screaming in fright. He took off behind a building. The guards crowded round their Pharaoh in order to protect him. Seto came over.

"My pharaoh. Are you injured?"

"No Seto. Only my pride. We better go look for Asernath; you know what he is like. He will let no other touch him." Grumbled the pharaoh.

Seto nodded. And they set off to find the white stallion.

Yugi had gone to get some water from the well, as his master had ordered. His back screamed in pain from the punishment he had received the night before. He had tripped spilling the water, his master had giving him a 100 lashings for it. He knew from the back it must have looked bad, Dried blood caking his back. He did not want to go back there, but he had no choice. He was a slave. He had no rights. So he resigned himself to his fate, after all he had received worse from his master in the past. Broken ribs, arm, you name it. As he was dwelling on this, a sound of hoof beats reached his ears. He looked up just in time to see a beautiful white stallion gallop round the corner. Yugi stepped out to stop it, it must belong to someone. For Yugi, Even though he had been treated very badly was a kind and innocent soul. So he would return the animal to its owner. The horse stopped before the very small child, snorting. Yugi stepped forward. He could see it was scared. He grabbed the rains and pulled the great white head down to him, whispering comforting words to the beast. It quietened and nuzzled him. He turned it round and began to walk back to the street. It was abusle of noise and activity. He wondered what was going on? He heard some men talking.

"The pharaoh has lost his horse."

Yugi looked to the stallion.

"Are you the pharaohs' boy?" the horse seemed to snort in agreement.

"Then lets take you back"

Yugi walked out onto the street the horse in tow. People parted once they saw the horse and whispers and shouts resounded, "look the pharaohs stallion" Yugi continued on were he could see the pharaohs banners blowing in the breeze. "That must be where he is." He thought.

The Pharaoh looked up when shouts about his stallion reached his ears. The crowed parted before him to show a small boy leading Asernath. His breath caught in his throat at the resemble lance. It was like looking at a younger version of him. His hair was the same as the Pharaohs except he was missing the Yellow bangs the pointed up to meld with his crown of Red and black hair. The boy came slowly forward his eyes to the ground. When he stopped before the Pharaoh he Kneeled bowing his head. When he spoke his voice was like an angel, innocent and pure.

"Oh mighty Pharaoh. I believe this stallion is yours. I come to return him to you"

The pharaoh smiled.

"Rise little one." The boy rose. Asernath nuzzled his back. It seemed to make the boy wince, then the horse placed his head over his shoulder, so his head was next to the boys crying for attention. The boy laughed and began to stroke the stallion's nose.

"Ha ha ha, it seems Asernath likes you. That is truly rare. Usually he only allows me to touch him like that. He only just lets the stable boy lead him out of his stall, but never to stroke him. What is your name little one?"

"Yugi, my pharaoh."

"Well, thank you Yugi. For returning my friend to me." The pharaoh stepped forward taking the reins from Yugi. He then placed some gold coins in Yugi's hand. Yugi looked up with thanks, then in shock as he saw what the pharaoh looked like. He quickly averted his gaze, it was wrong to look upon the pharaoh, especially by a slave. Yugi waited for a blow, a punishment. But it never came. He was just thinking why? When a shout resounded that made Yugi's blood run cold.

"SLAVE. WHERE RE YOU? GET HERE NOW!" Oh no. It was his master. Yugi backed up from the Pharaoh, mumbling that he had to go. Then running as fast as he could he disappeared the way he had come. He ran back to the well to see his master there, whip in hand. But this time the whip had thorns in the end. Yugi shivered. As he got near his master grabbed his hair, making him cry out. Then he flung him to the floor.

"You worthless piece of filth! You slacker. Did you think you get out of work?"

"N..n..No m-m-master. T-the p-p-pharaoh's h….."

"Don't LIE!" with that the man Kicked Yugi hard. Yugi felt his rib snap. He cried out. But this only made his master angrier.

"BE QUIET SLAVE" the master brought the whip to bear. Again and again and again. Yugi tried to shield himself, but he was getting weak from the blood loss. He looked up with pain-hazed eyes when he heard his master gasp. Yugi saw a sword pointing from his master's chest. Then…Darkness took him from the pain.

The Pharaoh watched as the boy sped off. He had seemed so afraid when he had heard that voice. So he had decided to follow the boy. He jumped upon Asernath and walked him where he saw the boy disappear. The stallion walked between two sand stone houses, and the pharaoh saw a well in the distance. He was about to turn away from it when a cry reached his ears.

"Don't LIE!"

The Pharaoh looked over to see a man by the well looking down at something on the ground. As the pharaoh watched he saw the man bring out a whip and began beating mercilessly on the form at his feet. Pharaoh could see the Thorns in the whips end. As he drew closer he saw the boy, Yugi curled up in a ball, crying out in pain as his blood began to pool around him. The Pharaoh saw red. To treat any slave like this was terrible, but to do this to such an innocent one. Before he knew it he had draw his sword and urged Asernath into a gallop, ending in the Pharaohs sword plunged in the Mans chest. The body fell from the sword to the ground. The pharaoh quickly dropped to the floor discarding the sword to cradle the boy in his arms. The boy looked deathly pale, his wounds bleeding freely. The Pharaoh took off his robe and wrapped the child in it, as Seto came up from behind.

"My Pharaoh?"

"Seto, we must get this one back to the palace. Send word for Ishizu to be ready."

"Yes my Pharaoh" Seto gave orders for a runner to be sent ahead of the Pharaoh. The pharaoh mounted Asernath and Seto passed to Boy to him, the boy had lost consciousness. The Pharaoh held the small one close to him, he felt so fragile like he could break in his grasp.

"Hold on little one" the pharaoh pleaded. He urged Asernath on to his gleaming palace. Full of hieroglyphs and Gods. Asernath ran like the wind through the stone archway and into the palace. He could hear Yugi's breath becoming more laboured. He rode Asernath straight into the gleaming halls of the palace, not caring about the looks from his advisers. He saw Ishizu waiting for him; she took one look at him and rushed them both to her healing chambers. She told the Pharaoh to lay the boy on the bed, then told the Pharaoh to get out. He could not argue. He stood outside. Praying to the gods for the boy to live. But from the look Ishizu had given. It did not look like much hope remained.

"Please little one. Don't die."

The Pharaoh did not know why he was so drawn by this young one. It was the innocence of the boy. His look of wanting to help. And the fact that Asernath had taken to him was also in his favour. He did not deserve to die. His light had been hidden in the darkness of pain, and the Pharaoh only hoped that this pure light would not be extinguished,

"Please Ra spare him….."