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Darkness swirled about him in a never-ending tide. Time held no meaning. He knew not how long he had been trapped in this purgatory. He knew only that he longed for release. The cold had permeated his very being. His past lost to him. He as lost to hi thoughts, when he felt warmth. He opened his eyes expecting to see that dark, but now a soft golden glow surrounded him. Amidst the warmth, he felt pain. But it was not his own. He heard a click. Then in a blinding light he found himself on the outside. He looked down at his body; he was dressed in a blue jacket with blue trousers. A white t-shirt covering his chest. In his mind he saw another. Another that looked almost like himself. But younger. The small one opened his eyes dulled with sleep. The older felt a rush of familiarity at the sight of those amethyst eyes.

"Who are you?" came a sweet angelic voice. The older thought for a moment. But nothing came

"I don't know" the rich exotic tone said in sadness.

"Well I'm Yugi. Is this a dream?"

"I don't know. It might be. I hope it isn't." the elder's eyes went wide when he saw the bruises that marred the cream body. "What happened little one?" he felt such peach say those words. Though he knew not why.

"I get bullied all the time. It's nothing" the older raged inside. How could they hurt this sweet one? He would protect him.

"They will hurt you no longer little one. I swear it"

"Thank you…. what's your name?"

" I don't remember little one" the older looked sad once more

"Oh… then I'll call you Yami…but this is all probably just a dream. Cause I can see straight through you. I so want a friend…but…." The little one slowly closed his eyes in slumber. A tear flowing down his face.

The spirit of the puzzle sat on the end of the bed, stroking the blond bangs from the young ones face.

"Goodnight…my Pharaoh" came an all but whisper from the small one. The spirit faded back into the puzzle, not quite hearing…but he would be with this one always.

In the moon filled night a ruby gleamed next to the window of the sleeping teen. But the ruby was no jewel. It was the eye of a hawk sitting. Peering in at the two. It bowed once then took flight with a happy keen. The blood red wings turning to gold. Then the bird itself melting away, becoming a shooting star in the sky.

"Time is ever flowing…and the brothers meet again. As it should be"

KITG: well that is the end for Tale of the loyal. To make you all happy. I have another in the works. Tell you what. I shall give you a preview. It is set after Yami has found his true name and crossed to the afterlife.

Lightning crashed across the seared sky. The clouds blocking out the sun for years now. Below the unforgiving sky, lay a town. Once bustling with life and laughter, now broken, ruined by a fate none wished to tell but had to live everyday. Shadows moved through the deserted ruined streets. Looking for their next victim. Another flash, the harsh light illuminates a small corner shop. The sign blowing in the wind. Upon the sign, you can just make out the picture of a turtle. The wind howls now through the derelict building. As if crying in pain and sorrow. In the distance the scene changes. A tower of metal and smoke rising above the lost town. There the shadows dwell, there the life ends. You go closer, not knowing why. The fear gripping you. You pass another sign "Domino city" the sign bent. Marred with what appears to be blood.

Inside this foreboding tower. A cylinder of glass. A flash of light. A man. A teen. Ebony hair tipped with red, broken by shoots of blonde, blond bangs covering his face.

"Where am I?"

"Welcome Atemu………to the future Ha ha ha" the evil of the voice drives all sanity from the teen. As he wonders…what has happened? A crash breaks the laughter. There in the door way stand the teens double. Almost an exact copy, down to height and looks. Except this new person eyes were not as sharp. And were amethyst instead of crimson. He was also missing a few blond streaks

"How dare you. HOW DARE YOU DISTERB HIS REST," The little one shouts.

"Ah Yugi…I knew you would come…"

KITG: well there's your little taster. What could have happened? Keeps your eyes open. It will be called. "Future Lost" till next time.