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Right now, I am attempting to write another fic, which is inspired by a Korean television show. Filipinos might know this as 'Full House', a very light and funny story. The characters are named as Jessie (originally, Jessica) and Justin. The main plot of this story is that Justin is an extremely popular star, and Jessie is an orphaned woman in her age of twenty-something. She was living in her 'more-than-average' home, all alone. Somehow, Justin managed to stumble upon the house, and he took liking of it. But Jessie was defiant and wouldn't let him buy the house… so what happened was they arranged a contract. They announced themselves husband and wife, for Jessie to snag a chance to get it back. Well, you can trail the story from there.

Now that it's vacation, and I don't have to bother with any school work, I'm gonna try a 20-chapter story or more. With my very inspired mind, who can stop me? I was just joking. But I will try, just for the sake of having fun.

So, here's a brief introduction of the plot and characters, so no one will get confused or anything.

Summary: What exactly should a romantic story be? Must there be damsels in distress and knights in shining armor? Must there be a slave who yearns true love, and a prince who takes her away from her cruel fate? Yes, many stories of love is nearly like a fairytale, ending happily ever after. But this one… is not one those.

A showbiz heart throb. A perfectly gorgeous and rich girl. What a wonderful fairytale ending it would be.


For this one moment in a life time, hell will break lose.

Are you ready?

You'd better be.


Uchiha Sasuke- he is one of the most famous actors in the show business today. He is extremely gorgeous, arrogant, yet in a very cool way. In only one smile, or maybe even a wink, a girl can undergo hyperventilation or just swoon over him. In simpler terms: a heart throb. (15 years old)

Haruno Sakura- she is the daughter of a billionaire tycoon and one of the top-notch ramp and commercial models. Though with the profound status of her parents, and not to mention her perfect physique, she is rather boyish, spending time with her friends, who are, in fact, all boys. (15 years old)

Uchiha Shizuke and Hiromi- Sasuke's parents. They are currently living abroad, (New York, to be exact) together with his brother, Itachi. They are business tycoons themselves, though not the best of the best. (somewhere in their thirties)

Uchiha Itachi- Sasuke's brother. He already has in his hands the responsibility of running one of the many businesses of his parents.

Haruno Daisuke and Yukari- Sakura's parents. They also reside in New York, where one of the many branches of their company was stationed. They own one of the best hotels around the world, called China-Star Hotels. ( I know it's crappy. So don't sue me or anything!) Though Haruno Yukari now didn't engage much in modeling, she was still up to it when she didn't have anything else in mind. (somewhere in their thirties)

Hyuuga Neji, Uzumaki Naruto, Nara Shikamaru, Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino and Rock Lee- these are the group of friends Sakura has. Though awfully rich, the group and she had lots of history together, ever since they were small. Though they have separate lives, they still check on Sakura like an older (not to mention over protective) brother does to his baby sister. (15 years old)

Yamanaka Ino- an aspiring model. She, in this story, plays a character which is a bit arrogant and has extreme jealousy. She had a thing for Sasuke, like almost more than half of the girl population in the world. She goes against Sakura when she enters modeling, because of her parents urging. But she is angered more when she found out Sasuke and Sakura was… (don't kill me for this, k?) ( BEEP).

Hyuuga Hinata- a normal girl Sakura befriends, together with Tenten. Well, she used to think she was, but then after she discovered Neji was her cousin, they grew closer as friends.

The characters will be explained further more with in the coming chapters.

May I please note that the setting of this story is not in the shinobi world, but in a regular setting. Some characters might be OOC, especially Sakura and Sasuke. But that is only for the pure purpose of the laughter. Neji might be out of character in this story, if not, a little bit.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. I am exceedingly poor.

Love Story

By: ang3Lix

Chapter title: Starting it off: Haruno Sakura

Six years old.

" Why are you crying?" came his firm and monotonous voice.

" Come on, Sakura, we can't beat that boy to a pulp if you don't tell us." There came another one.

" Yeah! We'll kick his butt for you, Sakura-chan!"

" Yeah, he's dead meat! I'll feed him to Akamaru afterwards!"

" Bullies are so troublesome."

" Hmmm… bugs will surely freak out those babies."

She watched them formulate a plan. And she realized they we're doing this for her. This realization resulted to even more tears. The group of boys stared at her with worry in their sparkling, innocent eyes.

" Sakura-chan…"

She looked up, tears running down her pink-tainted cheeks. She smiled at them, a genuine one at that.

" You guys are my bestfriends."

Ten years old.

" Sakura."

" Hai, Neji-san?"

" You're acting strange."

" Oh… it's nothing."

" Sakura-chan!"

She looked behind her, and saw the rest of her friends run towards her. They just finished their tutorial lessons and decided to meet up in the park. She and Neji, unlike the others, didn't need tutors, for they were genius enough to pass quizzes even without reviewing. The others had very much potential, though not as much as the two.

All of them sat on the grassy soil, enjoying the wind that caressed their faces.

" Sakura, you are acting very strange."

" No, there's nothing going on, Kiba…" she said, accidentally slipping in a tone of nervousness in her voice.

" So, there IS something happening! Come on, tell us, Sakura-chan."

" I told you guys, it's nothing, really."

" I thought were you're best friends?" the blond boy said sadly, pouting a little.

That got her.

" Fine… if you really want to know. Somebody told me he loves me." she sighed, scratching her mop of pink hair indifferently.

" WHAT!" they shouted in frustration.

" Sakura, you are too young for that! Don't tell me you're gonna—"

" Where is that dip stick! I'm gonna rip his esophagus out!"

" Since when did you learn about the digestive system, Naruto!"

" Since when I was in the 4th grade."

" Oh. You were actually smart right there."

" I swear he won't be able to pee for months!"

" Love is too troublesome."

She again watched her friends formulate a plan. This had been a daily routine since they were younger. She didn't mind about them protecting her that much, but, she thought killing the boy would not be the grandest idea ever. She thought of reasonable things…

" Killing that boy is the grandest idea ever!"

And they would always think of the opposite.

" Who is he, Sakura?" Neji seemed to growl. That passed the level of cool.

" His name is Akira."

" Wasn't he the one who used to call you 'forehead girl'?"

" Hai."

" He will certainly get his ass kicked."

Neji-san was indeed growing up faster.


He used the 'A' word.

13 years old.

" You hate men?"

" Hai."

" Why?"

" I don't know."

" Well… what do you do when someone ask you out?"

" I'll follow daddy's advice."

" What?"

" Break their noses."

Silent pause.

" I think that wasn't supposed to be literal."

" Oh. But it works, you know."

" Sakura-chan, would that mean you hate us too?" Naruto asked glumly, his cerulean eyes filled with the slightest worry.

" Well, I hate men, except for daddy."

Looks of hope shot from the blond boy, directing itself towards Sakura.

" Why would I hate my bestfriends?"

" I knew it! I love Sakura-chan!"

" Dobe. Let go of her. She's turning pale."

" Shut up, Neji!"

Their friendship continued until they were at the fresh age of 15. Their bond seem so unbreakable, and everyone of them grew up in specific ways.

Neji became more leaner and muscular over the years, his white eyes and handsome face seemed to make girls swoon over him. Though he had no eye for women, he still was the over protective kind when it comes to his pink-haired friend.

Naruto had transformed just like Neji, but his face was much more angular than the round ones he used to have when he was a child. He too was one piece of eye-candy for girls, and it seemed that it was now Sakura's turn to kick ass. Though he had grown, he was still the hyper active ramen loving boy she used to spend time with.

Truth be told… all of her friends had become attractive in some way. All of them developed well muscled frames, and angular faces… yes, even Lee, who had the thickest eyebrows one can ever imagine. Shikamaru still had that dazed (or maybe a more fitting term is bored) look in his eyes, which made him look really cool, or even more. Shino, who always wore a pair of shades, had yet attracted women with his 'mysterious' appearance. Kiba, who always had his dog with him, was indeed cute, with all those grins and smiles. Girls first though it was the dog thing, but they soon realized Kiba was one attractive guy as well. Lee, who was the least fortunate of them, wasn't thought of ugly—go level those eyebrows and he could really get some attention. But he was the most admired of them all when it comes to spirit and strength—he stands out like a sore thumb in the crowd, yes, but he didn't let that bother him at all.

Now, their little Sakura had also grown.

You don't know how much.

At the age of 13, puberty seemed to kick in.

At the age of fifteen… now that was one different story. She was one of the 'perfect' girls you can see around Konoha High. Why does it have to be only see? Go figure. Always accompanying her were her 'bestfriends', all deadly in beating the crap out of guys. They are these over protective beings that had been always one of the greatest obstacle a guy had to go through just to have a seat beside the pink-haired girl.

Sakura had developed fine curves, that no girl in this high school could ever match. Fortunately for her, she managed to attain the well-known genes of her model for a mother. Her eyes are of innocently sparkling emerald, her hair a hue of cherry blossoms, reached until her back. She had always been so kind and gentle, and always had a very happy expression. Well, most of the time, that is.

Though she was certainly like an angel who slipped from a fluff of cloud and landed on earth with a dull thud, she had different attributes. There are several rules in this game which involves the pink-head.

If you asked her out on a date, without being caught or beaten up by her 'brothers', congratulations. If she accepts, then you really have one hell of luck, because she had never accepted dates—as in not in her whole life span. If she declines, go away and don't be persistent. Well, if you are a stubborn jackass, you better get ready.

This girl is dangerous. If she finds you very irritating, annoying, infuriating, or whatnot, she gives you another chance to back off. Well, if you don't, and even do any kind of perverse act, ha, congratulations to you once more.

You just earned yourself a broken nose.

But there is a very miniscule escape route. If you stop her from breaking your nose, well, good for you. But when her 'brothers' hear about this, then you are officially dead. You better buy yourself a decent coffin, at least that will hide your horrid appearance after they are done with you. Wherever you go, wherever you hide, they will always have a way to track you down—and no one had ever proven that rule wrong.

Some guys in the campus is sensible. Yes, half of the guy population had asked her out, and when she politely declined, they respected her decision and skedaddled. But half of the guy population are also stubborn jackasses and wouldn't stop being persistent—I wouldn't narrate the next thing. I expect you to already know.

Life had been indeed quite easy for all of them.

But little did they know, that something was already listed down for her.

And for them as well.

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