Hey everyone, just a little teaser to start with, I will write more, if you'd like, because I am just loving the interaction between the two of them. I hope it isn't too out of character and I hope you enjoy this little appetiser.

Title: Self-Harm

Rating: It will be PG-13, I think that means it's T

Disclaimer: Please…sue me. I work at KFC and I'm trying to pay my way through a social life and uni. So go on, just try. I don't own any of them, and if I thought I did, I'd be clinically insane and then not accountable, so I wouldn't have to pay.

Summary: Hmmm…not sure yet. Tony…Carol…Introspection…Dominance…Submission…Hurt…Pleasure…

Hate…Love…Yeah, definitely not sure yet.

Despite what the rest of the world thinks, the position I'm in isn't simple. And it isn't made any easier for me because of who I am. It's all much harder. I am a psychologist, and as a psychologist who specializes in profiling screwed up minds, you'd think that I could work myself out. Because unlike with the criminal cases I've worked, I have all the facts. I know exactly what's in the past for me and I know my daily routine and I even like to think that I know how I feel.

But, despite all of this, I have no idea what's wrong with me.


I am a strong, courageous, brave woman. Just the fact that I made it in a male-dominated world, the police force, seems to back that statement up. This is good, because it's become a sort of mantra for me in the past few years. I can handle crime and assholes and the realisation that there's no food in the fridge. But I cannot handle, at least not easily, all of the new stuff. The viciously evil murders and rapes sweeping over the city I'm supposed to protect, the ridiculous politics of wanting to put the bad guy behind bars and, perhaps most of all, the split seconds when I need to work Tony Hill out, and realise that I can't. For the first two, the mantra helps, for the latter, it doesn't.

That's frustrating. And what makes it even worse is that when I toe the line, walk the tight-rope, or whatever you want to call it, and dare to ask a probing question, he generally sidesteps it with all the intelligence I should expect from an expert psychologist but always forget to.

Hope it wasn't total crap. Please tell me what you think. I might get out of POV later on.