This follows the Watcher series. These are just snapshots or vignettes if you will. They are capturing a moment rather then being a fully developed stories. As such they are character-centric and not necessarily movie accurate.

Dracula approached Gabriel. He could feel the conflicting desires in him – to run and to stay. Gabriel wanted to know who he was, what he was. The role the Order had given him didn't quite fit and pathetic prayers of the little Friar could not hold him. Gabriel may not have intended to come to him yet here he was. Dracula knew that he would claim him at last.

"So, you have finally realized that you do not belong among the Holy. It is about time, Gabriel. I was beginning to lose patience. Come with me and I will show you all that you have been missing. All that you are meant to have." He moved closer to Gabriel with each word but the man moved away until his back was against a wall.

Gabriel shook his head. "I'm not going anywhere with you" But the words lacked conviction and Dracula just smiled indulgently. He reached out and caressed Gabriel's cheek, chuckling when he turned his head to try to evade the touch. "Why do you resist Gabriel? What is there for you that you cling to it so desperately? Is it your little friar? Is that what you cling to?" Dracula smiled a particularly nasty smile and leaned even closer. "He will never have you. You are broken, foul. You would taint him with your very touch. He prays for your soul, he does not wish for your heart. You are a fool if you think you are more to him then just another damned soul to be saved."

Van Helsing shook his head in denial but it was clear that every word was a dagger in the heart. Dracula smiled evilly and purred "You are polluted, Gabriel A foul and dark blight. You would do your beloved Friar a favor by removing yourself from his presence." He stepped back from Gabriel and held out his hand in invitation. "Come with me Gabriel."