The final one of the series. To be honest, I don't see where to take this next so unless someone can give me an idea for this, we conclude with Carl's actions.

Carl froze as he saw Van Helsing trapped against the wall by Dracula. His heart raced as he franticly tried to come up with some way to save the Hunter. Then he saw Dracula step back and hold out his hand, the invitation clear. And Gabriel took it.

He shook his head in denial, screaming in his head as the words themselves refused to issue from his throat. He watched in horror as Dracula pulled Gabriel towards him. Pulled him close and lowered his mouth to his. It was that which broke the lock on his voice.

"Noooo!" he cried as tears began to stream down his face. He staggered forward, no longer caring about the danger he was in. Van Helsing pulled away from Dracula and looked at Carl, horror written all over his face.

"No Carl, you should not be here. Leave now. Leave and save yourself. I am lost to you" Van Helsing turned away, defeat in every line of his body. Carl shook his head, a sob coming from his throat. "No, I will not leave you. I will not abandon you, Van Helsing. You can still be saved." He reached out a hand to touch Van Helsing.

Dracula moved between them. "You are too late, little Friar. He is mine now."

Carl glared at the vampire. "No, I refuse to accept that. He is not beyond my help. Van Helsing, there is still time. Do not believe the lies this demon has told you. I am here. Just come away with me. Please. Do not give up. Not now, not ever."

Van Helsing looked at Carl in sorrow. "You do not understand Carl. If I go with you, I will destroy you. I will take the light that lives within you and drown it in darkness. I do this for you, Carl, because you are precious to me. The only thing I have ever loved." Van Helsing began to move away, to take his place with Dracula.

Carl closed his eyes as Van Helsing's words rang in his ears. Then he opened them and a strange calmness filled him.

"Wait" he said in a voice that was firm and strong He moved to stand before Van Helsing. Looking him deep in the eyes he said "I will not lose you. If it is my light you need, then it is yours. All that I am is yours, body and soul. Do not leave me." Carl held out his hand and prayed that he was enough.

Van Helsing took a deep shuddering breath and grasped Carl's hand. No matter what happened next, they would face it together.