Me: Welcome…to my hellhole… Uh did I say hellhole? I MEANT STORY! Yes…. Story…

SFCP: Right…. Anyway this is a joint story! Well…kinda…. Anyway…. This is a random story about random anime pesples being tortured randomly….

Me: But not gory… because this is a PG-13 story… :Silence: AH HELL! … Who am I trying to kid? Ya there will be some violence in this! I mean come on? IT'S ME!

SFCP: We own absolutely none of the anime characters that we happen to put in this story… NONE AT ALL! If you sue us…we will hunt you down…

Me: Speak for yourself! I own them all! MUHAHAHA!

SFCP: No you don't!

Me: Well who they gonna believe you or me?


SFCP: Well your just crazy so anyone who believes you has to be COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY insane…

Me: Good point…

SFCP: Lets begin shall we?

Me: Why yes!

Just one of those random fics…

Chapter One: DN Angel…WATCH OUT!

Daisuke slowly and carefully turned the corner of the street. 'Must be careful…I just know that today is gonna be one of those days! So I must be really really really care….'

"Whatcha doin Dai-chan?" Daisuke spun around quickly holding his brief case up to defend himself.

"I didn't do it! Dark? Who is this Dark you speak of! I'm not the phantom thief! Why who's asking? MY MOTHER MADE ME WEAR THIS TIE!" He cried throwing his hands over his head and ducking down into the fetal position.

"Jeez Dai…. Relax…. Its just me!" Daisuke raised his head slowly only to find himself staring at Dark.

"DARK? What the hell are you doing out of my body!" Dark shrugged.

"I really don't know why I'm out…ask the author…"

(Booming voice from the heavens) "AUTHORESS!"

Dark rolled his eyes. "Whatever!" Daisuke looked up at the sky.

"Umm…miss authoress? Why is Dark out of my body?"

(Again with the booming voice from heaven) "Because this is a random story…so random things happen…that being only one! In other words JUST ACCEPT IT!"

Daisuke thought for a moment before smiling. "Okay!"

"So what do we do now?" Asked Dark scratching his head.

Daisuke smiled and grabbed Dark's arm. "COME ON! Let's go to school!"

Dark's eyes narrowed. "Is this in my contract?"

"Do I care?"

"Probably not…"

"Then come on!" Said Daisuke dragging a groaning Dark to school.

Once at the school Dark found himself sitting in a desk beside Daisuke. The teacher at the front of the room smiled brightly before slamming a helmet on her head and taking out a long sticky thingy.

"Alright soldiers…. Today is going to be a 10-min school day…why? Because the almighty Authoress wants it to be. And to take up that 10 min time span we will be having a tornado drill." Dark looked over at his younger counterpart and cocked an eyebrow.

What's with the nutcase? He thought to no one in particular.

I know she can be such a freak… Thought Daisuke back. Then it hit them. By some miracle of god…er…I mean the authoress… it dawned on them that they still had they're physic connection!

Well I guess this is a good thing… thought dark as he stared at 'Sargent teacher' who was now demonstrating the proper way to exit the room during an emergency. Finally returning to her desk the teacher glare at her students.

"Class…now that five minuets of your time is done and there is only five minuets left it is time for the tornado drill." As if on cue (which it probably was considering the Almighty-Ness of the authoress…Cough cough…me…) the tornado warning system went off.

"OKAY CLASS MOVE OUT AND STAY QUIET!" Reluctantly the class silently filed out of the classroom and into the hall. Pretty soon the whole school was crouched against the walls with their hands on their hands. And of course…with Dark having his short attention span and all… he got board.

"So…Why are we doing this again?" He asked glancing at Daisuke. The teacher looked horrified.

"YOU FOOL! YOU'VE GIVEN AWAY OUR POSITION! EVERY PERSON FOR THEMSELVES! THE TORNADO KNOWS WHERE WE ARE!" She cried dashing out of the school. All the students' sweat dropped and left as school was dismissed for the day.

Daisuke looked around franticly for Dark but couldn't see him anywhere.

"DARK! Oh DAARRRKKK! Now where the hell did he get too?" He thought scratching the top of his head.

"Dark! Where are you…Dark…wh…AHH!" Daisuke jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning around he came face to face with everyone's favourite homicidal blonde…CLOUD STRIFE!

(Noises from above) Me: "SEPHIROTH WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE? Hey…are you typing my story!"

Sephy: "Uhh…"


Sephy: "Uh…heh heh…I'll be going now…"

(Noises stop…and story continues)

Well Daisuke did see a homicidal blonde…just not Cloud Strife.

"K-Krad! (Gulp) what are you doing here?" Daisuke stuttered backing away from the ice demon. Krad smirked grabbing Daisuke and pinning him against the wall.

"I've come to torture and kill you of course!" He said gently placing a hand on Daisuke's throat. Daisuke cried out as an unpleasant pressure found its way to his neck.

"W-why isn't Satoshi T-taking over!" He choked trying to pry off Krad's hand. The demon smirked.

"That's because Satoshi is no longer a part of my body…That and the fact that Dark and Satoshi left for ice cream like 10 minutes ago."

"And they didn't invite me? Frankly I'm offended!"

"Well you wont before long…because now Wing master…You die…" Krad tightened his grip restricting Daisuke's air passages.

"Um…are we interrupting something?" Krad spun around to see Dark and Satoshi with four cones of ice cream. His eyes narrowed.

"Yes…as a matter of fact…YOU ARE!" Dark looked at Krad…then Satoshi…then Daisuke who was still pinned against the wall mouthing 'Help me!'

"Krad! Have you been trying to kill Daisuke again?" Said Dark tapping his foot.

Krad swore under his breath. "CURSES! Foiled again…but I will be back for you wing master…beware…" And with that Krad took off into the sky.

"KRAD! WAIT! YOU FORGOT YOUR ICE CREAM!" Satoshi yelled at the retreating figure. Krad spun around, grabbed his ice cream, threw one more glare at Daisuke and flew away into the night.

"Its night time already?" Daisuke asked scratching his head.

"I wouldn't question the mighty authoress if I were you…she's all powerful…she can kill you in some of the most gruesome ways, and bring you back just so she can kill you again! So if the mighty authoress wants it to be night…THEN LET THERE BE NIGHT!" Satoshi was being dramatic again.

"Uh…right…whatever you say Satoshi…whatever you say…" Said Daisuke finishing off his ice cream.

Dark narrowed his eyes. "That isn't the real Satoshi…"

Chapter terminated!

Me: Dun dun DUN! Who could this impostor be? Does Dark have an ice cream fetish? Will the tornado drills take over the world? Will Krad ever kill Daisuke? Find out next time on Dragon ball Z!

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