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Today, we celebrate two momentus occasions: the one year anniversary of Danny Phantom's first airtime (or its 'Danniversary'), and the announcement of more Spongebob episodes! Thank you Nickelodeon! And also, congrats to Spongebob for winning the KCA for best cartoon. BTW, Spongie, a blimp is a flying...thingie.

As always, here's the Urtrip location list:

Book 1: Danny Phantom Section

Book 2: Fairly Odd Parents Section

Book 3: Jimmy Neutron Section

Book 4: Spongebob Squarepants Section!

And the Summary: After a night at sea, the booth sinks to the depths of the ocean. The gang lands in Bikini Bottom, where 'normal' fish work and live. After suiting themselves up, the gang gets to know the ocean dwellers- Cosmo becomes friends with Patrick, Mr. Krabs falls in love with Sam('s money), and a team of divers threatens the little town.

But things are getting crazy with the overall plot too, you know. The gang meets Susan Idahe Gither, a slightly insane human kid who, like several others, knows what's going on. But she doesn't seem to be on some sort of silence vow like the others. She tells them about the Guardian of Eternity: a mysterious force that can answer all their questions. But first, they must find this Guardian...which is no easy task...

And the pairings: Danny/Sam (as always), and some one sided Mr.Krabs/Sam (from Mr.Krab's side, don't worry, Sam hates the guy)

Okay, my disclaimer is back, baby! And let's see what she has to say!

Disclaimer: Ylgu taf gib lla era uoy! Tnaw I gnihtyna yas nac I, em dnatsrednu nac ydobon ecnis, yeh! Bobegnops ro, NJ, POF, PD nwo t'nod I! Rotcod yppah eht morf kcab m'I! Elpeep, ih!

Shut up! People can translate, you know! sigh...here's Book 4... (ten cookies to the person that translates her gibberish first...sigh...)

Chapter 1: Adrift

Bikini Atoll, Pacific Ocean, Reality Universe

June 23, 2004

8 pm

"I don't believe it," Timmy said. "We're in the ocean! Cool!"

"Yeah," Danny said. "But it won't be cool for long. I mean, we could die. What'll we eat?"

"Okay, let's settle this now," Tuck said. "Who's eating who?"

"You mean whom," Jimmy corrected. This set everybody off.

"Okay!" Danny said, completely losing all control of his ghost side in his annoyance. "Jim goes first!"

"No, take Wanda!"



"I'm going to chow down on all of you if you don't KEEP QUIET!" Sam shouted. "And yes, I know I'm a vegetarian…BUT THAT CAN CHANGE!" Everyone stared at her, snapping back into sanity.

"Okay…so maybe not. Besides, Cosmo and Wanda can poof up food, right?"

"Hopefully," Wanda said. "But if Cosmo's in charge, I hope you like pudding." They all laughed, but the laughter died quickly.

"So…now what?" Wanda said.

"Well, the way I see it, we have to try to mess with the controls of the booth-hey, it could work," Danny said. "Then again, we could just sit down and talk about things, maybe that'll get us somewhere."

Immediately, Jimmy got out some tools and randomly jumped around, screwing things here and there. The machine made no response, however. He wiped some sweat from his brow. "The water jammed the works up, so we can't get going with anything,"

"Okay then," Tucker said, "What's the thing we have to do?" He grabbed his PDA.

"So, what do we know so far?"

"Okay, 1. This is wierd."

"That's not mysterious, it's a PROVEN FACT!"

The small group sat in a circle, trying to figure out the events of the past few days. They thought that if they could just piece everything together correctly, they could see something that they, well...weren't seeing. Tucker was recoding all the details on his PDA. And for some reason, Jimmy wasn't participating. He was just watching them struggle with a smug look on his face.

"Fine, fine! Okay, i've written down all the details that everyone has come up with. I think I might have the answer." He held up his PDA so everyone could see:

DAY: JUNE 23, 2004


1. We've all been sent for a reason.
2. Nobody is telling us anything.
3. There is some sort of ringleader behind all this.
4. Nobody is telling us anything.
5. Vlad, Jorgen, Crocker, JIMMY, Help, that Star Reaper lady, and Danny's own sister are all closely involved in this.
6. Nobody is telling us anything.
7. Somebody is trying to stop us.
8. Nobody is telling us anything.
9. One of thepeople involved is in this booth right now, and he isn't doing anything to help.


"Uhh...you said that nobody is telling us anything five times," Danny pointed out.

"I know, that one just annoys me the most."

"Yeah, me too." Danny looked out the glass walls of the booth at the sunset that was just ending. The red and gold hues in the sky dimmed as the sun dissapeared, leaving spaces in that vast expanse above for the moon and stars to peek through. It was getting late, and everyone was tired from the long and confusing day.

"Guys?" Timmy said. "This is boring, and i'm tired. Can we do this tomorrow?"

"Yeah," Sam said, "but we can't completely let our guard down, guys. Somebody shoud stay awake and keep watch."

"Okay, see you in the morning!" Cosmo said. With that, everybody except Sam and Danny conked on the spot. Wanda snored loudly.

Danny looked at Sam. "You look tired. I'll keep guard."

"No. You've already been attacked, Danny, and you've had a long day."

"So have you!" he snapped back. He wasn't mad, just concerned.

Sam was about to give a sharp answer, but changed her mind. "Fine. Go get yourself killed." She tried to scowl, but her eyes were smiling-she was joking around.

She lay down reluctantly. "'Night." She closed her eyes, but she was far from sleep.

"Good choice." Danny smiled at her, then looked out at the water. There was nothing in that, that, that, and that direction...

Bye! SP