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Chapter 10: The Escape

Susan screamed and motioned for the others to run. She didn't have to tell them twice- they ran like Howard Speed (haven't heard of him? Go read the Wayside School books. They're hillarious)- right out of their shoes, and hid behind a nearby building. She herself didn't move. She calmly held up her hand. As the beam came in contact with her hand, it fizzled out of existence.

Danny gasped. "How did you do that?"

"I learned how," Susan said sarcastically, joining them behind the building. "But all the knowledge in the world isn't going to help us now. I know what the divers are after."



Everyone gasped.

"Yeah, I know, I put you all in danger. Y'see...I don't really have the best reputation with their boss. I've kindas been messing things up for their little group. So now, they're kinda mad at me. Funny, huh?"She flashed a smile.

"," Jimmy said. "Susan, you really should be careful who your enemies are."

"Pfft. All I know is that if they keep trying to find us, they'll destroy Bikini Bottom within hours. It's not safe here anymore. We just need to round up a few people and then we can go."

"Like who?"

"Like the yellow sponge who's walking toward us right now." As she said this, Spongebob ducked behind the building they were behind.

"" He shuddered.

"Don't worry Squareman, everything's going to be okay," Susan said. She got out her GameComp, minimized the finder program (still darn searching) and typed something in. "I've sent an SOS," she said. "We'll be beamed to safety in T-10 minutes."

"Beamed? What about the phon-"

"The phone booth is currently under repairs. If we used it, we'd end up in the Presholl Universe. It's a NIGHTMARE we're being beamed. It's faster, but a bit more painful." Until then- WATCH OUT!" A giant foot crushed the building that they were behind, resulting in much screaming for the residents. The crew ran to the safety of another, identical building, panting. "Ten minutes isn't gonna come soon enough," Sam said.

"Don't worry, it'll all be over...soon..." Susan said, patting her on the back.

The next ten minutes were spent dodging all the divers. In the process, Bikini Bottom seemed to be getting more and more destroyed. all over, fish fled. By T-15 seconds until beamination, the city was wrecked. (You can tell I want this over with.) Susan was concentrating, worried. "Come on...come on..."

It came. A flash of light beamed down from the sky. "Beam me up, Scotty!" Susan said, stepping into the light. Following suit, Danny hestitatingly stepped in, and felt his body being seperated into tiny molecules. He lost conciousness as his brain was seperated...

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