Summary: Not all geniouses are boring...

Rated T because I'm not sure what might happen and spoilers for Season 8.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters mentioned nor do I own the show. If I did, I wouldn't be writing fanfiction! This is merely something I'm writing for my own fun, and maybe that of a few others.

Notes: This is my first story to ever compose that didn't need to be turned in to a teacher of some sort. So please, be nice! I'll obviously accept good reviews, and I would love to have helpful criticism but please: no flames!

I wanted to write this story because I was watching an episode of Stargate and I realized that most of the time Samantha Carter is very quiet and only really talks when it has to do with either science or impending danger. I figured someone needed to give her a little personality, because even "we" geniouses have a sense of humor. :)


Sam sat at her house, staring lazily out the window at the passing cars. The past two weeks had been especially tough on her and her team. Losing the General and then having the Colonel promoted seemed to have taken its toll on everyone. Her team. My, that sounded nice. To have worked for 8 years to prove yourself and finally get your own team to lead. But it all seemed like less of an accomplishment without being able to share with someone; someone she loved. Hmm... There's the down side. I finally get my own team and he's still in my chain of command!

The front door quietly creaked open as Daniel stuck his head in, not sure if he was interrupting her solitude or if he would be welcome. She heard the door and, almost dragging, got up to greet her guests. "Hey Daniel, Hey Teal'c. What did you guys pick up tonight?"

Teal'c stepped forward and shut the door, placing the small bag on the foyer table before removing its contents of two very familiar dvd's. She sighed. I guess its better this way.

"Is something wrong Samantha Carter?" Teal'c asked as he observed a shadow of sadness cross her features. "Have we brought entertainment unsuitable for this evenings festivities?"

"No, I'm just a little exhausted with all the changes going on lately. It seems strange not to have the Col- the General here with us."

"Yeah... where is Jack anyway? I figured he'd still stick around us, even if he is 'big man on campus.'"

"I dunno, Daniel. When I asked him over, he said it would look 'weird' for him to still, how did he put it, 'hang' with his subordinates?" Daniel winced at the word subordinate, and sat down next to Sam on the couch. He grabbed a beer and uncapped it, tilting it almost all the way back and taking a huge swig.

"Well, that's SO nice of him, to just ditch us. Very Jack O'Neill."

"O'Neill will not leave us, Daniel Jackson, he is just trying to get comfortable in a very new situation. In time everything will be as it was."

"Yeah, I'm sure." It was now Sam's turn to wince as she heard the malice thinly veiled behind his words; she knew that Daniel thought Jack would never be the same with them. And if Jack's current behavior was any indication of the future, he may be right. God I hope not. She grabbed her own beer drank half of it in one large gulp; she sat there and just felt the sensation of the cool liquid running down her esophagus, hitting he empty stomach like a tank. Lately she had drank a little too much beer. She didn't like the fact that she was beginning to come home eveyday and open one. Her father had warned her about alcohol when she was young after a particularly horrible incident involving two fifths of whiskey and very angry MP's basically handing out teenagers to their parents like they were at a trade auction. She smile slightly, remembering the look on her father's face when the MP handed her over to her parents. She had never seen him so embarrassed. She shook her head to release her mind from its wandering. She pushed the thoughts to the back of her mind and let a huge smile take over her face.

"Well, screw him guys. Lets get this party started! So, how about we vote... Do we watch these wonderfully boring movies we've seen thousands of times, or do we play a little game?" The smile got bigger, and suddenly a mischevious glint came to he eyes.