I will not cry…I will not cry…I will not cry…


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Another World

Chapter 18: Just The Beginning…


"Please Anzu!" Yuugi begged. "Please open your eyes!"

The small group of friends- Pharaoh Atemu, Jonouchi, Mai and Malik-whom had gathered in a small circle around Yuugi, looked on with saddened eyes. This was the last thing they wanted to happen. Their hearts were breaking as each second passed, and Anzu still didn't move.

Mai gave a whimper as Yuugi continued to try and get Anzu to give some sign of life. She hadn't known the girl for very long, but from what she had seen she was a truly amazing human being, even if she was not from their world. And she could easily see how deeply in love Yuugi was with her. Not able to continue watching the scene before her, she buried her face into Jonouchi's chest and cried.

Jonouchi wrapped his arms around Mai's body, but looked on at Yuugi and Anzu. Tears of sadness were streaming down his once brave face. Jonouchi was not usually one to cry. Many thought of him unable to do so for he always seemed so strong. But he had known Anzu, like Atemu and Yuugi had. He had formed a small friendship with the foreign girl. A friendship that now looked broken. He gave a small sob as he gazed at Anzu's limp body.

Malik couldn't bring himself to cry. He was far too shocked to show any emotion. Whilst he had been under the control of Bakura, he had never gotten the chance to know Anzu. All he had seen was what Bakura had wanted him to see: a source of power for the Empire of Dark Souls. He felt guilty for trying to hurt Anzu in the way that he did, even though it wasn't his fault. 'I should have fought harder,' he thought with regret. 'I should have fought the darkness harder. Then maybe none of this would have happened…'

Atemu whimpered and sobbed, but not at much as his brother. Like Jonouchi, he had come to accept the strange girl in his world, his country, him home. He had even formed a friendship with her. When Yuugi had run off and was missing, it had been Anzu that had kept the hope in his heart alive. It had been Anzu that had managed to find him with her Maha Vailo card. If it hadn't had been for Anzu, Kemet would be destroyed and they would all be dead. And Yuugi would have never experience real love, like he has now. Anzu had done so much for them in only a short amount of time. So why were the Gods punishing not only her, but everyone that had come to accept her, like this?

Yuugi sobbed and sobbed, cradling the still unconscious Anzu in his arms. Atemu could only watch on. Nothing could save Anzu now. The Millennium Items were not designed for something like this, and there was no monster that could help her now. Atemu shifted forward a little and placed a comforting arm around his brother.

"Yuugi, my brother," he said, whimpering slightly. He found it hard to find the right words. "I am so sorry…I never meant for any of this to happen."

Yuugi sniffed. "I-It's not your fault," Yuugi sobbed. "None of this is your fault, Atemu. It's Bakura's. All of this is Bakura's fault…"

"And mine…" Malik added quietly, bowing his head.

Yuugi looked up. "No, Malik. It is not your fault either. I can see that now. You were under the control of that…that…that bastard. You are not to blame."

Malik was about to protest, but decided against it. He nodded his head slowly, before looking back at Anzu.

Yuugi gave a faint smile, before it quickly faded as he gazed down lovingly at Anzu. 'My angel…'

"Why won't she wake up?" Yuugi whispered hoarsely. "Why won't she listen to me?"

"I…I do not know…" Atemu turned his head away.

Yuugi sniffed. "We promised…We promised we would always be there for each other. I promised her she would never be alone. I promised her I would never leave her. And she promised me…She promised me she would be all right. She said she would not die, like father did. She promised me Atemu!"

"I know Yuugi," Atemu turned back to face his overwhelmed brother. "I know-"

"Then why won't she wake up?" Yuugi cried. "Why? When I love her so much…" He sobbed, pulling Anzu's body closer to his. He let out a few more sobs. "First mother and father, now Anzu. Why do the people I love die? WHY!"

Atemu could feel his heart breaking. There was nothing any of them could do. They could only watch.

Yuugi opened his eyes and looked down at Anzu's peaceful face, lifting her chin up gently with his hand. He gave a small smile.

"Anzu," he said softly. "I'm sorry I treated you so badly before. I'm sorry I accused you of using me to get to my brother. I was not thinking. My mind was clouded by my emotions. The emotions I have for you. I love you Anzu, and I truly regret not telling you sooner. If I had, then maybe none of this would never have happened, and you would still be here with me."

He lowered his head and planted a gentle kiss on Anzu's lips.

"I love you," he whispered when he pulled away, before holding her body as close to his as possible. He buried his head in her soft hair as the tears streamed out. "Please, do not leave me…"

…But then his eyes shot open. As he'd been crying and speaking, he hadn't even realised that someone had stirred in his arms. Now he could feel someone wrapping their arms around his torso, burying their face in his chest. They whimpered as they too began to cry.

"Never…" the sweet, angelic voice that Yuugi loved said.

Yuugi looked down, his heart thumping in his chest, and saw Anzu holding onto him tightly as if she never wanted to let go.


"I would never leave you," Anzu whispered. "I love you…"

Startled, Yuugi gently pulled back to see Anzu's face. Upon seeing her loving gaze and (weakened but) blissful smile, Yuugi felt himself being overwhelmed by more emotions.

"You…You're alive…" he gasped, astonished.

"Of course I am," Anzu said gently. "How could I leave the man I love?"

The shock soon vanished and was replaced by overpowering joy. Giving a cheer, Yuugi wrapped his arms around Anzu's body, as she did the same. For the longest moment, the two teenagers embraced, still on their knees in the middle of the old hall, surrounded by a small group of people. But none of that mattered just then.

Yuugi had never felt so happy in his life. He closed his eyes in bliss, thankful for the Gods not taking his angel away from him.

The small group around them all looked on, feeling almost as happy as Yuugi did. They all silently prayed their thanks to the Gods for allowing these two people another chance of happiness together.

After a while, the couple broke their embrace. They looked lovingly into each other's eyes.

"Oh Anzu," Yuugi sighed, gently caressing her face. "I'm so happy you are alive. I'm so sorry for the way I treated you before. When I accused you and would not speak to you. I feel like such an id-"

Yuugi was silenced by Anzu placing her finger softly on his lips.

"You don't have to apologise," she said. "It's all in the past now. I don't hold anything against you. I love you Yuugi, and all I want to do is spend the rest of my life with you."

"I want the same thing. I love you too, Anzu…"

And before another word was said, Yuugi and Anzu closed their eyes and gently placed their lips on top of one another's, enjoying the sweet, blissful sensation of their first kiss.

"Aww…" Mai sighed.

"I guess it's true," Malik smiled. "Love does conquer all."

"Yes," Atemu nodded, catching a quick glance of Mai and Jonouchi kissing next to him.

Yuugi and Anzu were on cloud nine as the kiss deepened. But it ended all too soon when they were brought back to reality when Anzu's necklace suddenly shot out a bright ray of white light into the all.

"What the-" Anzu cried in shock. She felt Yuugi hold onto her protectively.

The group all looked up in surprise as a figure slowly began to appear out of the ray of light.

"Now what?" Jonouchi cried, holding onto Mai.

The bright light around the figure began to die away, leaving only a faint white glow. The group looked up to see a female figure hovering above them by the means of the beautiful silver angel wings on her back. Her chestnut chair ruffled in the small breeze, brushing against her glowing skin.

Jonouchi blinked. "Is it just me, or does she look like Anzu?"

"It's not just you," Malik said, rubbing his eyes. "She does look like Anzu."

"But who is she?" Mai asked.

"I think I know," Atemu answered. "She looks like the figure on the stone tablet back in the palace. She must the first Angel of Light."

"The first Angel of Light?" Anzu asked. She looked up at the "angel", whom was now waiting for them to speak. She swallowed nervously. "Are you really the first angel?"

"Indeed I am," came the figure's eerie, calm reply.

"And does that mean…you're my ancestor?"

"Yes, Anzu. We are related. And as my descendent it was up to you to fulfil the prophecy."

"And I did…didn't I?"

"Yes, and I am very proud of you. You not only saved Kemet, but the many different worlds that exist in this universe. We are all so grateful to you…"

"You can say that again," Jonouchi mumbled. He groaned when Mai hit him in the chest with her elbow.

"…And I know your mother would be very proud of you. But there is still one more choice you have to make," the angel continued in a more serious voice.

"And what's that?" Anzu asked.

"You are not from this world, Anzu. Just as I was transported here three millennia ago, you were also transported. You do not truly belong here. And so you now have the choice: you may continued to live here in Kemet, or you may return home?"

"I can go home?" Anzu asked for confirmation.

"Yes, but if you do you may never return. Likewise if you choose to stay you may never return back to your own world."

"I…I can never go back to Domino? Ever?"

"Only if you choose to stay."

Yuugi looked up at the angel, then down at Anzu's surprised face, before turning away. He had forgotten that Anzu wasn't from Kemet. It felt like he had known her for an eternity. He had hoped a decision like this would never come. He had wanted to stay with Anzu for the rest of his life, like he had heard in so many fairy tales. But this was reality. And things like that never happen in reality…

Anzu thought for a moment. This was her only chance to return to her own world. Back to Domino. But if she left, that would mean she would have to leave Yuugi and all her new friends. Was she really willing to give that all up to return to the place of her birth?

"Have you decided?" the angel asked, breaking the silence that had fallen across the hall.

Anzu looked up determinedly. "Yes."

"Then what do you choose?"

Anzu sighed. "I know I do not belong in Kemet, for I am not from this world. I come from Domino City in Japan. Not Illuminarta in the Kingdom of Light-"

Yuugi braced himself for the harsh words…


Yuugi's eyes shot open. He looked down at Anzu, feeling her squeeze his hand.

Anzu smiled. Usually, a choice like this would be hard to make. But for her, it wasn't. Back in Domino she had had an unhappy life after her mother's death. Even though she had a few friends at Domino High School, she was never truly happy. Here is Kemet, she had been shown kindness like none she'd ever seen. Why would she want to leave?

"That doesn't mean that I don't feel like I belong here," she continued after a pause. "Yuugi and the others have given me happiness and a new life. A life that I want to continue living. I feel at home here." She kissed Yuugi on the cheek. "Especially with Yuugi."

"So you wish to stay? You do not wish to return home?"

"This is my home."

The angel smiled. "Very well. If that is your wish, then it shall be granted. May your life be filled with peace and joy."

"Thank you," Anzu nodded.

The angel gave a small nod of understanding, before she vanished in a bright burst of light. Small sparks of light gently floated to the ground before they disappeared.

Yuugi would never thought it possible to feel so blissfully happy. Anzu had decided to stay here, in Kemet. She wanted to be with him as much as he wanted to be with her. Be lowered his head and kissed her on the lips.

"Lets go home," he whispered, before kissing her again.

And within a matter of moments, the small group found themselves either riding or flying (courtesy of their summoned monsters) back to Illuminarta. Back to their home.


Yuugi's sandaled feet slapped loudly on the stone floor as he ran down the corridor, dodging the various Priests and servants that littered them on his way.

'Atemu's going to kill me.'

Two days after the defeat of the Empire of Dark Souls, you would have expected the royal brothers to be taking things easy. But sadly, this was not the case. As soon as they had returned they had busied themselves with restoring the Kingdom of Light (as well as the rest of Kemet) to its former glory.

And who says the royal family takes things easy?

Yuugi apologised to one of the guards as he accidentally bumped into him, before dashing to the large wooden doors in front of him and throwing them open.

"Sorry I'm late!" Yuugi called into the large assembly hall.

Atemu looked up from the various parchments he and one of his advisors were looking over to see his breathless twin walking up to him.

"Yuugi," he said, surprised. He quickly dismissed his advisor before looking back at his brother. "I did not expect you to be here."

"And why not?" Yuugi asked. Atemu's advisor left the hall with a bow at the royal twins, leaving the door open. Yuugi came to his brother's side. "We have a lot of work to do."

"Actually," Atemu said, looking up from his seat. "We do not have that much left to do."

Yuugi blinked. "How come? I thought we needed to start work on the Kingdoms of Hope and Destiny?"

"That is not necessary anymore. Honda returned in the early hours with some important news."

"Honda has returned? Is he all right?"

"Yes, he's fine. He is just exhausted from the battles. But that is not what I wanted to tell you. I have been informed that Honda found a prison of some sort near the battle field."

"A prison? Was it one of the Empire's?"

"Yes. And you'll never believe who they found there…"



"Otogi!" Yuugi exclaimed happily. "H-He's alive!"

"Yes. It seems that the Empire built that prison to house all those they thought would be of some use to them. Otogi being one of them."

"So does that mean what I think it means?"

"Yes," Atemu nodded. "Otogi, along with all the remaining survivors, can return to the Kingdom of Hope and rebuild their kingdom. Of course, we will help them. They cannot do it alone. Priest Seto has already set off to join them at their capital, Praisia. Of course, that means Shizuka will be in a bit of a bad mood until he gets back…"

"But what about the Kingdom of Destiny?" Yuugi asked more solemnly. "Everyone in the royal family was killed, weren't they?"

"Yes, that is true. But they have found someone that is a far descendent of the royal bloodline. They have already taken the throne and have taken the remaining survivors back to the Kingdom of Destiny to start rebuilding. Priest Shada is due to set off for Sharluka soon to help them."

"Oh…" Yuugi thought for a moment. "But what about-"

"Yuugi," Atemu interrupted with a laugh. He stood and faced his brother. "Everything has been taken care of. I am the Pharaoh. These sorts of things are my responsibility."

"True, but we are twins. We promised mother and father we would share the responsibility."

"I know, but there really isn't that much to do. You would only get bored."

"Yes, but…"

Atemu smiled. His brother could be as stubborn as him. They truly were identical twins. Deciding to take things into his own hands, he pulled out a card from his deck and summoned a very small, very fuzzy, brown monster with big eyes and green arms and legs.

"Kuriboh," Atemu greeted the new creature. "Would you please ask Anzu to join Yuugi in the royal gardens?"

"kuri kuriii!" Kuriboh nodded, before flying out of the hall.

"Wait!" Yuugi cried after the loveable fuzz ball. "Kuriboh! Come back!"

But Kuriboh had already disappeared out the hall. Defeated, Yuugi turned back to his brother.

"What?" Atemu asked innocently under Yuugi's annoyed gaze. "There really isn't anything to do here. Why not enjoy yourself with your love?"

Yuugi blushed at the comment. "Are you sure it is all right if I leave?"

"Yes," Atemu nodded. "I trust you. If I need you, I will send a monster to fetch you. Just make sure you do not do anything too…"naughty"."

"Atemu!" Yuugi's face went from a slight pink to tomato colour.

Atemu laughed. "I'm joking! Just go and have fun. I promise to contact you if I need you."

"Well," Yuugi said, already walking backwards towards the door. "If you say so. I mean, you are the Pharaoh after all. And I could not disobey you…

"Bye brother," Atemu laughed, seeing Yuugi already half way to the door.

Yuugi smiled. "Goodbye brother. I will speak to you later!" He dashed for the door and ran outside, but not before calling back. "Thank you!"

"Not at all!" Atemu called, listening to his brother's footsteps disappearing down the corridor. He chuckled and fell back into his seat. Picking up the parchments in front of him, he continued going over the list of things that needed to be done in his kingdom. On a page entitled "Celebrations and Rituals", his eyes found themselves gazing on the "Marriages" column, where Jonouchi and Mai's names had already been placed.

"Young love…" he sighed. He couldn't help but wonder how long it would be before Yuugi were to be wed.



Yuugi jumped down from the tree in the royal garden at the sound of his name. He looked up to see Anzu happily running towards him. He blushed when he saw she was wearing the dress he had bought for her in the market a few weeks ago, showing off her curvaceous figure and soft skin (which was just starting to build a tan).

"Good morning Anzu," he greeted her happily. They embraced. "You look beautiful in that dress."

"Arigatou," Anzu smiled as they broke the embrace. She held onto Yuugi's hand as he led her around the garden.

"And I know what that means," Yuugi said happily. "It means "thank you", right?"

Anzu giggled. "That's right. Your Japanese skills are getting better, but you still have a long way to go." Yuugi laughed. "So, why did you send for me via kuriboh?"

"I wanted to surprise you…" Yuugi teased, letting go of Anzu's hand and moving backwards slightly.

"With what?" She giggled when Yuugi covered her eyes with his hands. "Yuugi!"

"You'll see soon. Just come over here."

Yuugi led the giggling Anzu towards the end of the large garden. Anzu could hear the small stream flowing just to the side of her.

"Ready?" Yuugi asked. He felt Anzu nod her head. "One…two…three!" He removed his hands.

Anzu opened her eyes to find Curse of Dragon waiting patiently on the grass in front of them. His golden scales shone in the warm sunlight as he stretched his long, snake-like body and wings. A medium sized bag of some sort had been attached to his back, just behind a saddle big enough for two.

"Just what are you planning, Prince Yuugi?" Anzu teased.

"I just thought it would be nice if we went on a small picnic, Angel Anzu." He took her hand and led her to his dragon.

Anzu giggled. "I'd love to!" She kissed Yuugi on the cheek.

"I thought you would. But we need to make a quick stop on the way."

"Oh? Where to?" She allowed Yuugi to help her onto the dragons back, making sure she was comfortable. The dragon gave a small growl of happiness. Anzu stroked the dragon's scales.

"Just to the Memorial Oasis," Yuugi answered, climbing onto the dragon once Anzu was comfortable. He felt Anzu wrap her arms around his waist. "The place where my parents are buried."

"Why are we going there? If you don't mind me asking."

"Not at all." He checked that everything was secure, before hold the dragon's reins in his hands. "I have another surprised for you. I set up a memorial to your mother next to my parents. So now you can visit her whenever you like."

"Oh Yuugi…" Anzu gasped, touched by Yuugi's kindness. No matter how many times she experience it, she was always amazed that someone could be so kind to her and love her the way Yuugi did.

"What is the matter? Do you not think it was a good idea?"

"No!" Anzu protested. "No! Of course not! I think it's a wonderful idea." She leaned forward, turned Yuugi's head to the side slightly, and planted a long, passionate kiss on his sweet lips. "Thank you so much, Yuugi. I love you."

"I love you too," Yuugi said, feeling himself floating up to cloud nine again. "Would you like to go?"

"Yes!" Anzu said excitedly, holding onto Yuugi's waist.

Yuugi pulled onto the reins. "Hold on!"

Anzu felt her stomach lurch as the dragon suddenly shot up into the air, flapping his wings to stay soaring above the clouds. She had to admit, this was a lot more comfortable than flying bareback on the Red Eyes Black Dragon. And she got to hold onto Yuugi as much as she wanted. What more could she want?

Anzu felt Yuugi place one of his hands on top of hers and give it a comforting squeeze, knowing that she still wasn't used to riding on the back of real life monsters. Anzu responded by nuzzling her head against Yuugi's back.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked out at the beautiful sights. All around her the sky was a peaceful crystal blue, with the warm sun happily shinning down on the land. Down below, Anzu watched as cities, deserts and oasis's rushed past in a blur. She saw one of the rivers below, reflecting the welcoming light of the sun.

Anzu had never thought it possible. That she would be transported to another world via an old tapestry in an abandoned shrine. That she would meet so many wonderful people in a land that resembled Ancient Egypt. That she would experience an adventure such as this one and discovering the amazing powers within her. And she would not have thought it possible that she would find someone that loved her for who she was, like Yuugi did.

But that's what they say, isn't it?

"Expect the unexpected".

Something I believe we should all do.

After all, you never know what's going to happen.

Anzu certainly didn't, and she doesn't know what the future has planned for her and Yuugi.

Her adventure has only just begun…


The End


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