Unexpected Lovers

Ever get hit out of left field, by the one thing you never anticipated?

Ever find out that you really didn't care, given what happened?

Welcome to my life.

My life was pretty predictable. Work for Dr. D, get into fights with Kim, get sent to jail, break out, rinse and repeat.

In between, I got to spend time at resorts, sunbathing.

Then that triple damned Moodulator event. Yeah, I focused on Drakken…but he really honestly wasn't interested in me. Don't know who he's interested in, but it isn't me. And as for myself… I just kinda focused on the first thing that came to mind.

After that, everything went back to normal. Except for that gnawing pit at the bottom of my stomach. The aloneness.

Yeah, I know. Shego worrying about being alone. I have money, and fame (well infame), and super powers… By myself.

At home, I was always the unwanted daughter. Dad and mom loved boys…but I was the babysitter, the one held up as what not to do, especially next to Hego. They didn't bother to come to my school shows… not important. Anyway, half the time I got yanked out of them to babysit the twins. No matter what I did, No matter what I did…it wasn't enough.

Then the comet hit and it was time to "dedicate my life to service." As if I hadn't been doing that before. As if I was given a choice.

Well, I did have a choice. I left. If I was going to be alone, I'd do so on my own terms…. And for a while, it wasn't so bad.

Damned Moodulator.

Then HE came walking through the door. Yeah. The Buffoon. Him. The joke.

But see…that's what I first noticed about him. It was hard to make him look silly…because he didn't buy into that game. He didn't demand to be center stage. He was willing to play the rodeo clown to Kim's cowboy, and I surely wondered why she never went with him. (well, later, I found out why. Who knew?)

I wonder what would have happened if one of my brothers had been Ron Stoppable?

Of course I wasn't going to tell him. Open up, let that news out into the world? Let Kim Possible hear it, and giggle about it to her little friends. No way. No way in hell.

Until God decided to lend a hand. I spend my birthday's alone—Drakken tries to remember, but honestly, his last attempt involved a robotic cake maker and the less said about that the better.

So here I am, drinking, half drunk (the comet power keeps me from getting a hangover…not drunk), and Ron comes in on a dare. Problem is, he's his typical self, which is something I don't want to see, and then the SOB makes a toast, to Family.

Thanks God. Thanks a lot. So I grab him and take him out into the back alley, ready to pummel him, except that that stupid comment brought back all the memories, and its' hard to pummel someone when you have snot in your nose and you can barely see.

That's when he blinks and asks me if I'm ok…as I'm about to blow him through a wall. All I can say, is 'Do I look like it?' and then there go the waterworks.

I know the bartender called the cops, but somehow Ron managed to convince them that I'd left and the next thing I know I'm at a diner, with more coffee than I ever want to see again getting poured down my throat.

So he asks what's wrong, and for some reason beyond sanity, I tell him. He's a 17 year old kid with a 25 year old mercenary and I'm telling him my tragic life. And he isn't laughing. I finish my little chat and then I warn him about death and destruction if this ends up on Kim's website. He swears on the Holy Naco, and I leave.

So, we go back to normal… kind of. Drakken pulls off his stupid stunts, Kim stops him, I fight Kim…but somehow, I start bumping into Ron at the oddest places. I'd think he was tracking me, except sometimes he's surprised to see me. We talk…we eat… and suddenly I'm talking to him more than I have anyone since…well ever.

Then the day hits when Monkeyfist manages to tag both him and Kim…real bad. In the hospital bad.

I disguise myself as a nurse and sneak in and there he is. Laying in bed, with more tubes than I want to think about going in and out of him. He's barely conscious and yet he's asking after Kim…and making jokes.

Then MF comes after them both, and now I find out that if stupid is love, I'm in love with the goof, because I blow my cover, rep and future job prospects when I hand MF his head.

And then, I'm in jail. Shows you what good deeds get you.

To be continued.