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"So, Mark, you said you wanted to talk to me about something." Said a redheaded police officer hesitantly.

"Oh yeah Haylie, I think I've found a new lead on the Crash Case." Mark said enthusiastically. The Crash Case. Haylie thought slowly.

"But everyone's been looking for leads in the Crash Case." She said. The Crash Case was the name the police had given to the alleged car crash that had killed three girls. There was no record of the destroyed car, no reason that they were on that road, and all three parents refused comment. The officers had been hitting dead end after dead end for about a year and a half now, but they refused to let it rest. Not only had one of the girls' father been a police sergeant before retiring shortly after the crash, but Mark, Haylie, and many of the others at the office had met and liked her. All three of the children were well liked at school, very popular, and well known in Heatherfield.

"I know." Mark said. "I was starting to doubt that there would be anything."

"But there isn't anything. We've exhausted the witnesses, there are none. We've checked for fingerprints, records, and possible enemies. It just doesn't take us anywhere."

"Exactly. But I've found something that could lead us to a lot of answers." Mark said with relish.

"Just stop fooling around." Haylie said impatiently. She was often impatient with her partner, but they were both used to it. "Tell me what you've found."

"Well," Mark began and pulled something out of his jacket pocket. It was a small, square photograph and he handed it to his partner. "I've found this."

"So, it's just a bunch of kids at a dance." Haylie said with hardly a look at the picture.

"At first glance." Mark said, wagging a finger at her. "But look closer at the school girls." He pointed to each in turn while he spoke of them. "Irma Liar, killed in the Crash Case. Hay Lin, she was also killed in the Crash Case. Taranee Cook, she met the same fate as her two friends."

"So?" Haylie asked loudly. "We all know what they look like."

"Yes, but look at the other three girls." Mark instructed. "Elyon Brown. She vanished with her family shortly after this picture was taken. I looked her up at the time, all their paperwork was fake. They were suspected of being illegal immigrants that went home so we left it there, but we have no idea where they went. Cornelia Hale, she moved with her family after the alleged crash. There are no records of where they moved too, they've just disappeared." He paused dramatically while he pointed at the last girl. She had red hair as fiery as Haylie's herself, and happiness danced in her large brown eyes. "Will Vandom. She moved just after Miss Hale, to a place called Nettle on the west coast."

"So?" Haylie asked.

"So?" Mark repeated as though he couldn't believe that she could not see the point he was driving at. "Doesn't it strike you as odd that of all six of these girls, we can only reach one of them?"

"Are you suggesting…murder?" Mark nodded and Haylie's eyes went wide.

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