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Heavy boot steps echoed down the empty hallway. The dismissal bell for Casper high had long since rang and its students had mostly escaped its grasp. 'Everybody but me that is,' the student thought.

Still her violet eyes searched to and fro for something, somebody or a couple of people as she went. Other than her boots the only other sounds were that of the black bracelets she wore on her wrists and her occasional, irritated sigh. Of course there were other sounds. The lights buzzing on top of her, for example, but she paid no mind to them.

Her skin was pale, a striking contrast to the black that she wore. Her raven hair was tied back into a ponytail, left to fight against its green hair tie bonds. Her tank top was black; the only other color being the purple logo at its center. Her mini skirt held green plaid lines crisscrossing over it but her legs kept warm under black pants. The girl was wearing little make up but she clearly wasn't looking to be paired with jocks or cheerleaders.

Samantha "Sam" Manson was searching for her two best friends. Her strides were purposeful and her eyes alert and searching as she looked. Finally as she turned around the corner her ears were rewarded with the sound of other living creatures that were around her age. Peering around the corner and prepared to yell at the two recognized voices when she stopped- they weren't alone.

"Oh Danny," A female voice cooed. "I had no idea you were so interesting."

"Danny may be interesting but Tucker has the brains," another argued. This brought forth a series of which male was better for a while before they decided that they were even. Sam crept along the wall and took a closer look at who her friends were talking too, though her mind already knew. Her conscious just wanted to have the proof.

Her eyes filled with hurt as she saw an African American staring dreamily at a girl similar in color to him. He was dressed with a red cap backwards on brown hair. Green eyes were framed by thick black glasses. He had a yellow shirt on combined with army pants and combat boots. The PDA he was always seen with, was put aside for the girl, who was obviously just toying with him. Sam would have been outraged but when she squinted underneath all the make-up and popularity she could see traces of actual care. 'They're going to end up together,' her thoughts whispered child like.

Her heart however, shattered as she saw the next couple. A boy was looking love struck as another girl played with his night black hair. His eyes were ice blue and he was wearing a white shirt, its collars outlined in blue with a plain red logo in the middle. He was also wearing a pair of blue jeans and red and white sneakers.

The girl cooed and complimented him, her voice dripping with false sweetness. Unlike the other girl when Sam squinted she only saw the amusement of how the boy was falling for her tricks, her popularity making her snobby and evil, all of which were hidden from the blinded boy by a mask of fake kindness and love. They boy however seemed to be taking no notice. Finally with her heart in several pieces she snuck away, slowly and carefully at first then, upon reaching another corner ran away from the couples as fast as possible.

Danny Fenton looked up from his conversation with Paulina for a moment, causing her hand to get snagged in a tangle in his spiky black hair.

"Ouch," he cried bringing a hand to his hair.

"Sorry," Paulina replied, not sounding completely apologetic. "I'll make it up to you, Danny. Why don't we go on a double date with Tucker and Valerie?" she squealed. The pain in Danny's head "magically" disappeared at the mention of a date with Paulina while Tucker's face fell.

"I can't," he said in a mourning voice. "I'm going on vacation with my family for a few weeks." Valerie pouted.

"I didn't know you were going away!" Danny exclaimed.

"Me neither," Tucker shrugged. "They surprised me this morning. They said something along the lines of it being a reward for not getting C's on my last report card."

"Does that mean no date tonight," Valerie sulked.

"Sadly, no," Tucker replied, seriously thinking about not going. "It does mean that I bring you back something from our trip." Valerie's face lit up again.

"Something expensive?" she asked hopefully.

"Of course. It wouldn't do to get the fair princess rags would it?" he teased. Valerie punched him not too lightly but her mood was up again. 'Princess! He called me a princess! Her mind screamed joyously at the compliment. As much as she denied it, she was beginning to like Tucker.

Suddenly Tucker looked up from his love struck pose. "I have to go! I was supposed to be home 15 minutes ago to watch that new soap opera!" he shouted alarmed. Realizing that the other three were staring at him he laughed nervously. "Hehe… I mean I was supposed to be home 15 minutes ago to… pack! Yeah, that's right, to pack! So gotta go now! Bye!"

Tucker spun around and ran down the hall as quick as possible, Valerie at his heel. They had almost disappeared from view when Danny caught Valerie's voice floating down the hall.

"You know Tucker," he could just make out. "If you're not so busy 'packing' I'd love to watch that new soap opera with you…" Danny hid a grin. His best friend might yet be saved from hopelessness.

"So Danny…" Paulina purred on his left, "When will you pick me up for that date?" He was about to turn around and answer when a light yellow mist poured forth from his mouth, before he could turn around.

'Odd,' he thought. 'What is it this time? Ghosts give off blue mists. Actually it doesn't matter because whatever it is it's ruining my time with Paulina. PAULINA. You don't turn down a date with a girl like her. Besides what harm could it do to ignore one?' "Is 7 tonight alright?" he asked smiling.

"That sounds wonderful. See you then," she said flirtingly. She blew him a kiss before turning around to get ready, leaving Danny to register what had just happened. As soon as Paulina was out of hearing range, Danny looked around before jumping up and cheering.

"It's just one ghost," he muttered to himself. "What could happen?" Still, as he walked down the empty hallways whistling he couldn't shrug off the feeling that something bad was going to happen…


Meanwhile, a heart broken Sam ran blindly down a bad street. To her right were bars and pubs and to her left were parking lots where people tended to drink out or have a smoke. She would normally stay away from streets like this but there were police stationed at every corner. They were under cover of course, but they still made Sam feel safe enough to walk down the bustling havoc.

Blinded by tears she never even noticed the figure that was watching her every move. She never noticed the drunken guy coming towards her and she never noticed the sound of the horn. She never noticed… at least she didn't until it was too late.

Before that; Earlier today

Sam ran blindly through out of the school, not even stopping until she had reached a bad street. The cops posted at every corner eased her worries of muggers but her hand flew to the hidden chain around her neck protectively anyway. A silver, heart-shaped locket hung there, hidden beneath her shirt. So hidden, in fact, that not even Danny and Tucker knew about it.

Sam's POV

'Maybe he is right,' a doubting corner of my mind stated. 'It would never work out with anyone else because you're with him…'

'No!' another, larger, part argued. 'He was the reason you chose to be who you are… a rebel. He was the reason you refused to be like Paulina… to state your independence. Don't you remember Sam? You became a rebel to help him give up on you and it worked better than when you were forced to act like a Paulina. Remember?'

"I remember," I whispered to myself. "And look where it got me. I'm the schools Goth loser. I don't even have anybody to like me more than a friend other than him. And besides that, he gave me his own word when he gave me this locket. Maybe it would be better if I wasn't me…"

'NO!' my mind, all of it this time, screamed. 'People do like you, Sam. Everybody, Danny, Tucker, Jazz, him… They like you because you're you.'

"That was so cliché," was my only response. "I guess I deserve to be called 'Goth geek' or 'loser.' Look at me, I'm arguing with myself and losing." I crossed the street with disgust. I didn't even bother to look around to make sure it was safe. This was more like a parking lot and nobody was backing out yet. Besides if I did get hit, I was far beyond caring. Heaven sounded good.


I watched a girl dressed in black with the greatest of curiosity. I think she was talking to herself. I followed her as she moved through this disgusting part of the mortal town. How could they live in this junk? I turned back to my target. A closer look told me that she was who I was looking for.

In a few more turns she would cross paths with the stupid human I was watching earlier. He had gotten away from justice after he stole from an elderly pair. I couldn't stand for that. I had followed him throughout the town until he stopped for more than a few glasses of alcohol. It really didn't take long for him to become drunk.

While the girl dodged blindly-and I mean blindly. She looked like she was the one who was drunk, not the thief. All her zigzags were beginning to make me dizzy. Anyway, as the girl was dodging blindly, the man was climbing into a rather expensive, stolen, car. I had to wonder how he had managed to get in what with all these "police" staking out at every corner. Hatohru was right- if you want a job done right you have to do it yourself.

This brings me back to my original topic. It's my job to make sure that this girl's fate straightens out. Somehow she managed to get it all knotted and jumbled so that fate nearly cut her life short. Has anyone ever told you how easy it is to manipulate humans? With a flick of my wrist I left the thief's body in a trance to the point that he backed out, turned around and was driving down the street that the girl would walk across in mere moments, without knowing it.

As predicted the girl, Sam, did show up in mere moments and with another practiced flick the thief was back to normal. Alcohol is not a good thing to have… unless you're me. Jobs always go smoother when somebody's drunk.

The guy was totally brain dead at that moment. He just stared blankly at Sam as she crossed without even noticing the speeding vehicle coming towards her. After a few moments of realizing what was going on the idiot in the car slammed his fist into the horn, slightly overpowering the noise all around us. Sam still didn't notice.

The thief panicked. I guess in his position I would have too. After all, one minute I was getting into the car and the next thing I know I'm speeding down the clear road about to run over some kid! Then again, if I were him I wouldn't have stolen. He DID have enough sense to attempt to slam on the breaks. I say attempt because that is exactly what he did; attempt. Another flick of the wrist and I kept his foot from pressing down. He was going slightly uphill and when the car did hit Sam, she wouldn't die. Not after I interfered anyway. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity Sam looked up. I knew, somewhere in the much I call my brain, that it only lasted about 3 minutes, but eternity sounded more dramatic. I really shouldn't be one to talk, especially since I was watching this all go on from my comfortable spot on the sidelines.

Sam's POV

I was crossing another familiar street head down, musing over my thoughts, when the sound of a car horn brought me back to what normal people call reality. Right now, I call it hell.

From my spot halfway across the street I looked up to see what I assumed was a car. It's a little hard to tell when you have lights, flashing brightly in your eyes. If I was screaming, I can't tell. The horn overpowered my voice. As the car came up towards me, I did the only thing I could do. I tried to run.


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