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Last Chapter: …I tried to run.

This Chapter:

Continuing in Sam's POV

I know my brain is functional and I know my feet can run so I really have to wonder: Why aren't I running! I willed my feet to move and I knew my brain was screaming for me to do so, but for the oddest reason the only thing they had the power to do, was to stay in the exact spot for danger.

I find it a little ironic actually. After all the times I've faced powerful, freaky ghosts I had been able to run when I didn't really need to. Now, when my life is in danger and there's apparently no one around to save me, I can't. I wonder if God knows I was only joking out of depression about heaven. It seemed to me that the more I tried to pull away and run to the safety away from here, the more I kept where I was. It seemed like something was keeping my feet down.

I was beginning to think how odd that was when some part of mind screamed, 'Odd? Odd! You're going to die in a matter of seconds and you're thinking about how odd it is that you're not running? Hello? It's called fear. Shouldn't you be thinking about regrets in your life or something like that? That's what normal people do.' I couldn't help it. I laughed. An insane, hysterical one too. Normal? I, Sam Manson, am not normal. You would have though my mind would have known that too.

So I'm going to run a quick check through all this. I'm about to be hit by a car, I'm frozen in it's direct path, supposedly by fear, my mind suggests that I do the normal thing and think about regrets in my life, watch my life flash before my very eyes, yada, yada… I'm laughing insanely about this and my current thoughts are: I wonder if I left my backpack at school. Maybe I am crazy.

As the car gets closer and closer to me, I finally get a look of the drivers face. He looks panic stricken, I wonder if he forgot the stove on at home and was so distracted he forgot to watch the road… or it could be the fact that he's about to hit a pedestrian. I frown at him. Doesn't he know that you're supposed to hit the breaks?

I have to wonder where all the time I'm getting to think these things is coming from. I guess I'll ponder about it some other time. Finally the car was just a few feet away. If I could move I would have been able to touch it within 4 steps or so, excluding the fact that it's getting closer to me each step of course.

Since I couldn't move and I had no hero to help me this time, I did the only option left; I clamped my eyes tightly shut and waited for impact. After what was forever and more, it came. Something pounded into my chest, knocking the wind out of me. It was strange; it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. Something had padded my body; I could feel something soft between my flesh and what I assumed to be the metal of the bumper. Every part of my body was padded… except for my head.

When the car did crash into me the pain seemed more directed into my head. It crashed down giving me a super headache in seconds. My body felt light, like it was air born. I kept my eyes shut tightly not wanting to find out if I was dead or not.

The feeling that I was falling got me to open my eyes. The first thing that I saw was the darkening sky. Stars blinked innocently back at me, sprinkled across a black blanket. 'Was it that late already?' I looked around, only to discover (to my horror) I really was falling. I looked down to see if I could land in something, anything, soft. Hard packed, soil met my eyes.

'How could I be falling?' a puzzled part of my mind asked. Maybe that car hit me harder than it felt. It didn't matter now. I had to brace myself for yet another crash.

This time I didn't wait an eternity. Hard ground slapped into my skin as soon as I had closed my eyes tightly. Once again the impact around my body was somehow cushioned… all but my head anyway. Honestly, whoever's helping me here needs to learn which parts of the body really need the protection…

I groaned form the impact and opened my eyes. Apparently I was still alive but why was the world spinning? I lifted my arm up to touch my throbbing head and a sharp pain coming from the injured area. The last thing that I remember is feeling a warm, sticky liquid pouring forth from my scalp before my world went black.


Third person POV

As Sam passed into unconsciousness police posted at corners nearby rushed to her aid. After witnessing the accident themselves they checked her pulse first. Slightly shocked that is was still steady and strong, with not any apparent serious injuries after all that abuse, they called for an ambulance ASAP. Finding the wound at the back of her head they failed to see the thick, dust covered book, which had been formed by several silver orbs that had escaped from Sam's head injury. Nor did they see the silver locket that lay on top of the huge book quite a distance away…

Sirens wailed loudly as they rushed to a grassy field at the end of a string of pubs and bars, where a girl was reported to have been hit by a vehicle. Police at the seen reported a head injury before half the squad chased after the hit and run driver. Red and blue lights flashed and caught the attention of those who weren't already at the scene, watching with interest as a few people did their best to keep a teen girl alive.

In all the commotion nobody seemed to notice as a teenage girl steeped out of the shadows, from her seat on the sidelines, and casually ventured forth towards the leather bound book and the gleaming silver locket. Raven tresses flowed down to her shoulders, silver streaks glinting when the moons soft beams touched them. Pale skin showed up greatly in contrast to her black tank top. She wore a black jacket over her revealing top but her legs were only covered by a pair of black shorts. A grey belt hung sloppily sideways and her feet kept warm by knee high boots.

She was slightly taller than Sam but dressed very similarly. Nearly all the clothing she wore was black or a close relative except for the worn bandages wrapped around her eyes. They had gone light brown with age but she didn't seem to care as she bent down and picked up both the book and the locket. Wrapping the locket around her hand and making sure she had a good grip on the book she turned back to look at the scene behind her. Making sure that nobody had seen or would see her she turned back towards the end of the field where a forest was nestled.

A cloud in the night sky hid the full moon and swept the land below it in darkness temporarily. It only took that moment for the girl to unfold a pair of black wings, silver patches here or there, and taking off into the night sky. Silent wings took her sailing towards the safety which the cover of the tress brought.


Danny, who had spent his time carefully getting ready, was walking down the path that Sam herself had taken earlier. Unbeknownst to him he was walking towards the scene of the accident, which was still going on. To get to Paulina's he had decided to cut through what Tucker, Sam and himself called "Pub Street." He was leisurely strolling down the sidewalk, holding a rose he had gotten Paulina in his sharp black tux, when it occurred to him that there weren't many people around. Normally, the entire street was filled with sober people but today… he shrugged it off. 'Not my business anyway,' he thought uncaringly. The one moment he had been waiting for since the day he had laid eyes on Paulina was here and he wasn't going to let ANYTHING ruin it.

Danny continued to think about Paulina and started to daydream about how perfect their date was going to be. He was harshly brought back down to reality, however, when the loud cries of sirens reached his ears. He watched as the ambulance turned rapidly down the street he was going to a scene he hadn't noticed ahead of him. Blue and red lights flashed brightly as he got closer and he began to wonder what had happened.

'No!' his mind scolded loudly, at his previous thoughts. 'You have a date remember?' he was going to turn away when a small voice in his head started to whisper.

'Don't you even care that someone is hurt? Don't you even want to see if they're alright?' Danny sighed. Checking his watch he turned back towards the noises and lights.

"I've still got time," he mumbled under his breath. As he got closer he could see why there weren't any people walking on the roads and yelling stupid things at him. They had all come here. Danny ducked and pushed his way through the crowd, muttering "excuse me's" and "sorry's" here or there. Finally his effort was rewarded and he ended up just behind the people at the very front.

"Excuse me ma'am," he asked the lady standing by him who was watching in horror. "But, what's going on?"

"Huh?" came her intelligent reply.

"I asked what was going on?" he replied politely.

"A girl. There was a girl and a car and she was hit. So hard she went flying. Has a bad injury to her head. She was the same age as my daughter," she took a quick glance at Danny. "Probably the same as you." Her voice was cracked and distant.

"Oh," he answered sadly. 'It's a good thing it wasn't someone I knew,' he thought gratefully. 'Tucker is 1) Not a girl and 2) on vacation and Sam is… well I don't know where Sam is but she's probably at home thinking about her next ultra-recylo vegetarian plans as I speak... or think… or whatever. It doesn't matter. All I know is that she's probably safe at home.'

The man in front of him moved away from Danny's view and his eyes could finally see more than the back of some stranger's shirt. Still, he couldn't see the girl because a few on the scene officers were surrounding her. When Danny had finally had enough and was about to turn away, the officers moved.

Catching a quick glance of her, he decided that, that would be enough to satisfy his curiosity. Turning back to meet his date something clicked in his mind. Cogs in his brain whizzed and turned and finally the image of the victim clicked into his Paulina filled mind. When it did, however, Danny didn't know anybody with that name because that girl that got hit looked a lot like…

"Sam!" he whirled around to the direction of the police and ambulances and began to fight his way back through the crowd, this time driven by some unknown emotion instead of curiosity…


The ambulance arrived shortly and carefully loaded the girl onto a prepared stretcher, minding her spine and head, to rush back to the nearby hospital. The paramedics had indeed just finished loading the poor girl onto the ambulance, hooking her up to an oxygen tank to insure breathing, when a young boy around her age burst through the crowd, just making it through the line of police.

"Sam!" Danny yelled. He struggled to get to her and had nearly made it, only to be stopped by a nearby guard.

"I'm sorry lad," he said pulling Danny back towards the crowd. "But unless you're some relative you can't see her."

"But I'm her friend," Danny argued fighting to get back towards Sam.

"Look lad, I said I was sorry but I can only have so much patience. How do I even know you're a friend? I saw the little lassie myself as she ran blindly past. If you were a friend wouldn't you be with her or at least chasing her? Do you even know why she was running?" he asked.

"No," Danny said quietly, shifting his weight to another foot. "I DO know that she needs help though and I'm one of the sources. If you're going to drag me away then at least tell me which hospital so that I can see her there." Fire flamed in Danny's heart and ran all the way to his eyes. The policeman was shocked to see it and took pressure off of Danny's arm before shaking his head.

"She'll most likely be at the Royal Alexander. It's the closest hospital to the scene. Now run along lad, I have business to attend to." With that the cop let go of him and vanished into the think cloud of people. Danny watched as the ambulance came speeding out moments later, rushing down streets and cutting through red lights.

He looked down at the tux he was wearing and at the flower that he had brought for Paulina and suddenly it didn't matter anymore. He vaguely recalled telling himself he wouldn't let anything ruin his night and the answer came quick.

'Sam is not a thing. She's not even an anybody. She's a somebody.' Checking to make sure that the attention of the crowd was still dazed and at the spot where Sam had been, he ducked into a nearby alley.

"I'm going ghost," he whispered. Silver hoops passed over his body changing his formal clothes into black and silver spandex. Messy black hair turned white and ice blue eyes, neon green. Gloves replaced his naked hands and his dress shoes became silver boots. He went invisible before taking off into the cool night sky, releasing the single red rose as he went, following the sound of sirens and flashing lights.

The wind played with the rose before sending it towards the forest. It blew on the flower, gently guiding it until it landed on the soft ground before a teenage girl with angel wings' feet. She bent down and picked up the fresh flower examining the places where the thorns had been cut and the area where the stem had been crushed, courtesy of a certain teenage boys worry.

The girl placed her hand on the still warm area and with a quick spell the stem returned to normal. Keeping a gentle but firm grip on the stem she turned back into an even more shadowed area of the dark forest.


Danny landed with a soft thud in an alley nearby the hospital. The ambulance had arrived shortly before and Danny rushed to change back. He ran as quickly as he could, giving quick thanks to Dash for all the practice and hurried to talk to a nurse.

"Ma'am?" he asked the closest, uniformed lady. "My friend just arrived here. She has a head injury and her name in Samantha Manson. I'd like to see her please." The woman only smiled sadly and spoke to him like she would a 3-year-old.

"I'm sorry sir, but I can't allow any visitors to see her yet. I know whom you're talking about but the most I can do is show you her temporary room that she'll be staying in after her surgery."

"S-s-surgery?" Danny stuttered.

"Yes sir, surgery. A head wound like that needs to be looked at carefully. I can show you the outside of her room and you can wait there but that is the best help that I can provide you." Danny nodded numbly and followed the nurse as she led him down a series of twists and turns until finally stopping at a door marked: room 101. She then pointed to a few chairs nearby.

"If you could kindly wait there. The patient should arrive shortly." Her job done she disappeared around a corner. Danny sighed and plopped down onto a chair. Eventually, his worn down body put him into a deep sleep but any passerby would be able to hear him talking in his slumber as they went near him.

"Please be ok Sam. Life would just be too hard without you… even if Paulina and I worked out." It was too bad that Danny missed it as a few doctors wheeled an unconscious Samantha Manson into the room he tried so hard to stay awake and watch.


Danny awoke the next morning to someone roughly shaking him. He groaned as the shaking got harder and turned away.

"Sir? Sir? Wake up sir," the person shook Danny. Getting no further response the person gave up. "WAKE UP SIR!" Danny jumped as the same someone who had been trying to get his attention earlier shouted into his ear. Groggily the room focused and the last remnants of sleep disappeared as he recalled the events from yesterday.

"Sam? Sam! Where is she?" he asked the frustrated doctor.

"Excuse me sir but that was who I came here to talk about…"

"Well tell me! Is she alright? She's alive right? Answer me da-"

"Please keep your language appropriate sir! We are in the children's ward. Miss Manson is fine. She's resting right now. However, we did come across one prob-"the doctor was cut short as Danny ran into Sam's room.

"Sam! Are you alright? That was some injury you had there. What were you thinking? Sam? Hello, Sam? This is Danny," he asked to the wide eyed girl. When all he received was a blank stare and even wider eyes his worries sky rocketed once more.

"It's me Sam. Danny Fenton…" he told her hoping that recognition would flash over her pale face. Instead of the hoped emotion, though, all he got was even more confusion and the worst answer that he could possibly get.

"Who?" she asked.


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