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Trish Stratus and Dave Batista have an interaction. Lots of smut!

Summery: Trish Stratus is tricked into becoming Batista's "personal" assistant.

Trish glanced up and scanned the bar looking for Amy's familiar face. Already slightly intoxicated the beautiful blonde, was ready for a little more. Downing the tequila shot she ordered another when a deep familiar voice came up beside her.

"She's had enough, but thanks." Pissed that someone had destroyed her plan of getting wasted Trish swung around. Only to encounter Evolutions "Animal." "Well, Trish how ya doin'? Dave asked amused.

"Trying to get drunk. But you are ruining it." She grumbled.

A smirk flitted across his face. "Sorry. But you'll thank me tomorrow. Listen I think you should lay off the drinks tonight but I was going to play a little poker, interested?"

Trish thought it over. Why the hell not? Hell Amy isn't here yet. "Sure lets play."

"Lets." Letting her lead the way Dave whistled silently watching her ass in the tight leather pants she was wearing. She led him to the VIP room and sat down dealing the cards.

"How much?" she asked counting out the cards.

"What?" he asked confused.

"How much are we playing for?" she asked.

"Oh that." Dave smirked. "How about this. Instead of money, we bet on months."


"Yeah, like if I lose this hand, then I have to be your personal assistant for a month."

"Oh. Like what would the loser have to do?"

"Anything the other person wanted them to do." Dave said stressing the word anything.

"Alright." Trish barely thought about what she had just agreed to. To tell the truth she barely remembered a word he had said. She was a little drunk then she had thought.

1 hour later

"God, Trish, you suck at this game. Looks like your all mine for six months." Dave said smirking in anticipation.

Trish looked at him through bleary eyes. "Six months? Wow, this is going to suck."

Dave chuckled. "Oh, I don't think you'll complain too much. Why don't we go back to the hotel? You look a little tired."

Trish nodded. Taking her hand Dave led her through the club to the limo outside. When they got to the hotel he picked Trish up in his arms and started walking to his room.

Opening the door to his room Dave lowered his head and captured Trish's mouth with his own. Moaning Trish allowed his tongue to sweep the inside of her mouth. Lowering her to the bed Dave started to unbutton her shirt and tossed it aside pleased to see she wasn't wearing a bra underneath. "Excellent." He murmured. Cupping her breast in his large hands Dave slowly made his way down. Taking one perfect pink nipple into his mouth he sucked nibbling gently making her squirm on the bed. When she tried to push him down he chuckled and pinned her wrists above her head. Struggling Trish arched her back silently begging for more. With his free hand Dave ripped her pants off and undressed himself letting his hand explore her body. Pushing her legs apart he pushed two fingers inside her making her writhe. "Please," she begged. Unable to take anymore, Dave lifted her hips finally unpinning her wrists. Grabbing his head between her hands she kissed him hard, while he slammed inside her. Holding her legs he put them on his massive shoulders while he moved in and out making her scream for more. They came at the time both shouting each others names at the top of their lungs. Pulling out of her Dave flipped her over onto her stomach and getting her on all fours proceeded to fuck her from behind. Gripping her hips he slammed inside with such force that she almost buckled from the pressure, but Dave lifted her up brushing her clit almost violently she came screaming again and shaking from the intensity. Dave thrust once more and spilled himself inside of her before coming down beside her. Drawing her close he breathed in her scent before making himself remember she'd be to sore to move tomorrow if he did all he wanted. After all he had six months. Realizing that Trish was drunk and wouldn't remember this suddenly entered his mind. Well he'd just have to remind her how much she had like it he decided. Besides a bet was a bet and she had lost and had to pay the piper.

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