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Chapter 5--Finding Myself

Trish tired resisting him but knew before she even tried that it was useless. Dave felt her initial surrender and let her go walking to the table.

Surprised Trish found herself barely able to register what the hell had just happened. Smirking Dave watched her gather her wits and push herself away from the table almost angrily.

"That wasn't funny." She snarled at him.

Dave looked at her grimly. "It wasn't meant to be. From now on you need to realize just who is boss. I won the game and you lost you should realize by now that you are not the one in charge. I have been very lenient toward your behavior lately but that's going to change."

Trish looked at him in shock. "You can't be serious your behaving like… like I'm a child."

Dave nodded. "Yes, because you have been acting like one. Tonight we leave for D.C. to my place. Go pack anything you want or need."

Trish had stood there in shock long enough deciding to take matters in her own hands she lifted her chin stubbornly. "No, I'm not going anywhere with you. If you try then I'll tell anyone who will listen that you're kidnapping me." With that she sat down across from him and gave him a self satisfied smirk of her own.

Dave closed his eyes striving for control. Standing he calmly walked over to her and gripping her arm tightly forced her out of the chair. "If you even think about that not only will you not be able to sit down for a week but I'll…slip you something."

Trish looked at him in confusion for a moment. When it dawned on her what he was saying she stared at him furiously. "You wouldn't dare." She hissed.

Dave gave a low laugh. "Oh, yes I think I definitely would." Cupping her chin in his large hand he looked into her eyes before asking, "What's it going to be Trish?"

"I'll..I'll go." She mumbled.

"Good, now go pack." He ordered.

Mumbling what he took as an agreement her watched her walk out of the kitchen.

"Oh, God what the hell am I going to do?"

Later that Night (D.C.)

Trish lugged her bag into Dave's house. It was huge and beautiful. Very tasteful colors and furniture with matching rugs and white think carpeting.

"The first room on the left." Dave said. "Your other bags are in there. Make yourself at home I have a few phone calls to make."

Trish nodded. "Right." She mumbled heading up the stairs she realized she felt dismissed. "Well what the hell? Did you expect to be the only person in his life?" she thought feeling almost betrayed by herself because she felt hurt by Dave. Shaking off the feeling she walked into the big bedroom recognizing Dave's bag by the bed.

For some reason she wasn't really feeling like herself a sudden feeling of nausea she clapped a hand over her mouth and raced into what she prayed was a bathroom. Thanking God she had guessed right she emptied her stomach into the toilet. She heard someone walk in and hold her hair away from her face murmering little words and rubbing her back. Crying softly Trish sagged against Dave.

"It's ok, baby. It's ok." Picking her up he cradled her against him and walked over to the bed. Tucking her in he made sure she was comfortable and sleeping before he left.

Next Morning

Trish woke up snuggled up to Dave feeling warm and safe. His arms tightened around her and his breath stirred her hair when he asked, "Feeling better?"

She nodded.

"Good, because today we are going to the doctor." With that he got out of the bed pulling Trish with him.

"The doctor?" she asked dumbly. "Why?"

Dave looked at her surprised. "Because you threw up yesterday."

"Jet-lag." She said immediately.

Dave looked at her disbelievingly. "Right. Your appointment is in one hour lets go. Get dressed."

"Lord, you are so damn demanding. Always ordering me around." She grumbled good naturedly.

Dave looked at and grinned. "Stop grumbling and get ready." He said laughing at the exasperated look she gave him.

"I hate the doctors office." Trish said sounding like a spoiled child.

Dave grinned. "I know you told me about a thousand times on the way here. Besides all he did was take a few tests. We'll know what's wrong with you by tonight. Unless you want to stay here for a few more hours?"

Trish made a face making Dave laugh. "I'll take that as a hell no."

"Good answer," Trish laughed.

"Hello?" Trish answered the phone.

"Yes? Ms. Stratus?" a strange voice asked over the phone.

"Yes, that's me."

"We have your test results back and congratulations you are pregnant. Barely even long enough for us to find out around a week maybe two at the most. Anyway congratulations."

"Thanks." Trish said numb. Hanging up the phone Trish walked to the couch on unfeeling legs.

"Who was that?" Dave asked walking in.

"Oh the doctor with the results. He said I was fine nothing's wrong I'm completely normal."

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