Chapter 1 – Secret Reviled

Sara sat at the table files spanned out in front of her; she was holding a photo of a woman. Baker, Maria the label read, she was beaten and lying in a pool of her own blood. She dropped the picture as if it had burned her finger tips; her brown eyes scanned the remaining photos of the crime scene.

"Sara" Catherine called out from the door "Jim is bringing in our suspect room 3 in 5" the older woman did not wait for a response.

Sara quietly placed the photos back in the folder and stood up, she took a deep breath and walked out, she felt the fire of rage licking at her insides, she stopped seeing Brass gently push the handcuffed man in to room three, she join Catherine.

"I didn't do anything" the man spat glaring at both the woman.

"Come know Mr. Baker if you had done nothing. You would not be here right now" Cat said getting comfortable in her chair.

Sara toss the picture on the table, "Look at her face" was all she said as she leaned across the table.

Brass pointed at the picture "What we need to now is why, an Iron" he shook his head. Mr. Baker's whole face changed his lips pulled back in a sneer.

"Bitch died too soon"

Sara snapped "You are going to fry do you hear me you sick son of a bitch" Catherine grabbed Sara before she could lunge at the man, pulling her from the room.

"What the hell are you doing" Catherine yelled, Nick and Warrick stepped into hallway hearing the raised voices. Sara was shaking

"I am sorry I shouldn't" Sara started but Catherine cut her off

"What is your problem you go crazy whenever we handle cases like this you go crazy! YOU can not be the judge and jury"

Catherine want off on her rant "I told Grissom I did not want to work with you on this" Sara guard shot up.

"You what, how dare you! Who do you think you are? You have tried to black ball me since I arrived here, what bothers you more Catherine is it the fact I solved this case or what happened with Eddie"

Catherine recoiled like she had been slapped. Guilt clearly reflected on her face "If you where as good as Grissom thinks Eddies killers would be in jail right now on for murder not child endangerment or drug possession"

Nick watched the play of emotions flash on Sara's face before her control slipped back into place "You do not deserve to" she continued but Sara stepped into her

"Don't say Catherine, because we all know how you got where you are today". Catherine's hand shot out but Sara caught it "I don't think so" by this time Warrick and Nick pulled them apart.

"Have you both lost your minds you are friends" Nick almost shouted his hands grabbing Sara tightly, she tried to shrug him off not liking to be held

"Get off me" she shoved him "Friends" she said her voice devoid of all emotions her eyes on Catherine "She was never my friend, with friends like her who needs enemies" she broke free of Nick and turned walking right into Grissom.

"Sara go home I will talk to you later" he said his eyes angry, she looked at him and shook her head but left. Greg watched her from the lab as she made her way to the locker room he saw her body vibrating, he looked at Grissom who gave him a nod "Go" Greg quickly grabbed his coat and keys and made his way to the parking lot.

Sara pushed open the door and took in the rain she stood there letting it soak her, she was trapped in her thoughts she did not hear Greg pull up beside her

"Get in" he yelled over the rain, she did not move just starred at the keys in her hand. He hopped out of his SUV and approached her slowly

"Come on Sar I'll take you home" he gently put her in the passenger side by the time he got back in on his side he to was dripping

"My car" was all she said.

The drove in silence until they pulled into her driveway, he took her keys from her cold fingers, once inside he gently said

"Got take a shower and I will find us something to eat" Sara moved on auto pilot but did as she was told. Greg ran back outside to grab his bag of extra clothes. He heard the shower on and smiled.

A short time later Sara walked into the living room "I put fresh towels in the bathroom for you" she said sitting down, he passed her a coffee and went to take a quick shower. She had not moved from her place on the sofa he made himself a coffee and sat next to her "Thanks for bringing me home" she said still not looking at him.

"What happened to you Sara?" he whispered his inner voice yelling "Trust me". She looked at him; tears that she struggled to keep at bay made her eyes bright

"I was 13 when my mother killed my father"