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Chapter 20 Home Sweet Home

Greg walked into the house and called out to Sara. He frowned when there was no response. He removed his shoes and jacket and made his way down the hall thinking she may be sleeping.

He opened the bedroom door and saw the bed was empty; he made his way to the kitchen and found the note that she had gone to see Jim and would be home in a bit.

Greg pulled out the food for the BBQ from the fridge; he had put it in there to thaw out slowly. Greg glanced at the clock; he had plenty of time to get things done before Steve arrived. Nick was bringing the beer so he did not have to worry about it.

He left the food in the sink and headed for the shower. Then he would try to squeeze in a quick nap.


Nick hit the ground after hearing the rifle shot, but was quickly back on his feet hearing Sara scream. His eyes found her as she stumbled under the weight of the man in shackles.

Sara sank to the ground holding a dying Chuck. Brass was taking control of the situation and barking off orders.

"He did this," Chuck gasped as he fought to breathe. Sara cradled his head; she was in shock. What was going on here? her mind screamed.

"Who did this? Give me a name Chuck," Sara said wanting to shake him. But it was no use. All she got was a wet gurgling sound from the man lying in her arms.

"I hear you Kelly bear, the letter, every thing you need is in the letter." He smiled before he went still. Sara just starred at him.

"Sara," Nick shouted dropping to his knees beside her, his hands going to her face. "Are you okay, where are you hurt?" he asked frantically, his hands running over her shoulders, arms and the top of her belly.

"Cowboy, I am fine, it is his blood," she said calmly, taking hold of his hands, her eyes holding his.

Two guards came forward and removed the body so Sara could get up. Nick helped her to her feet and pulled her in for a hug.

Jim came to stand next to her, his eyes searching hers for any sign of pain.

Sara touched his hand and said, "I am fine, you need to call Grissom," Sara said watching the men tape off the crime scene.

Jim shook his head. "Sorry Sara, this one goes to Day shift." Sara bit back her response. She knew somehow this was tied into the Judges case but she did not know the how yet.

"Come on, let's get you home," Nick said looking at Brass who gave a shake of his head.

"I will let them know you will be in tomorrow to answer any questions and give a report," Jim said with a smile.

Sara followed Nick back inside. She went to the ladies room and stopped, turned on her heel and followed Nick who had gone to get her purse from Jim's office.

"Nicky, I need you to take pictures," she said, seeing him come out with his camera.

"One step ahead of you, sweetness," he laughed. Nick snapped off pictures of Sara's face and clothes. They were off, not before grabbing a bag of her clothes.

Sara sighed seeing her home, she was glad that Greg's car was parked in the driveway.

Greg was fast asleep, when he heard the door open and Sara's voice softly talking to Nick. Greg rolled over and looked at the clock; he had been sleeping for a little over an hour. He rolled out of bed calling out.

"It's about time you came home," he laughed walking into the hall. He stopped dead seeing Sara covered in blood splatter. He felt like someone had kicked him in the gut.

"My God, what happened?" he said rushing to her. Sara stopped him by holding up her hands.

"I am fine, Greg. The baby and I are fine, just calm down sweetie," she said calmly. Nick helped him to a chair.

Sara quickly told him what happened and he found himself getting angry but did not say anything.

Sara waited for his anger but was surprised when none came. So she simply stood up, not wanting to jinx herself and said, "I need to take a shower."

She reached for the evidence bag and walked down the hall. "Greg, can you help me?" she called out.

Greg excused himself and followed her down into the bathroom. He closed the door and she passed him a pair of gloves.

He put them on and opened the bags. Sara slowly removed her jacket and passed it to Greg. He put it in the bag, sealed it and wrote the time and date and a brief description of what was inside. They repeated the process until Sara stood only in her undies.

Greg took the bags and passed everything off to Nick who would drop it off. "I will be back in a bit," he offered.

Greg locked the door and went back to the bathroom. The shower was running and he walked in.

Sara smiled when she felt Greg wrap his arm around her from behind, his hands gently caressing her belly.

Greg made soft love to Sara in the shower. Once they were both spent they slowly climbed out.

Sara took her time getting dressed. She chose a simple cut dress with thin straps. Its built-in support cupped her swelling breast. The cut was just above the knee showing off her long legs.

Greg was already at the BBQ when she walked out searching for him. "Is Nick coming back?" Sara called out as she prepared the potatoes for the BBQ.

"I think so," Greg called out, shutting the lid. Sara walked out into the sun holding a tray, which he took from her.

"So what is all the secrecy about?" she asked biting down on a carrot. Greg felt himself getting nervous.

"Sara, you know I love you, right?" he said drawing her close. Sara looked at him and smiled.

"Yes and I love you," she laughed. Sara went to say more but her doorbell cut her off. Greg looked at his watch; it was too early for Steve to arrive.

Sara went to answer the door; Greg went back to cleaning the grill. Greg turned with a frown as he saw Grissom walking through the sliding door just behind Sara.

"Sorry Greg, but I heard what happened and I wanted to come and see if Sara was alright and get her statement," he said to the younger man.

Greg forced a smile and went back to the task at hand. Greg listened quietly as Sara told Grissom what happened and he took notes.

Nick called out to Greg as he walked around the house, coming through the back; he stopped seeing Grissom at the table. He called out a hello and went to Greg.

"What is he doing here?" he asked forcing him not to look at his boss. Greg quickly told him and Nick frowned.

"Steve will be here in less than half an hour. He has got to go," Greg said. It was at that moment when the words left Greg's mouth that Sara asked Grissom if he wanted to stay for the BBQ.

Greg all but groaned when he heard the older man agree. Greg turned with pleading eyes to Nick who shrugged his shoulders.

Sara got up and went inside to get the food. She passed Greg the tray but not before she planted a kiss on his lips.

Sara was just getting comfortable when the doorbell rang once more, she groaned and went to get to her feet.

Greg held up his hand passing the spatula to Nick, "I'll get it," he called out moving towards the sliding door.

Greg opened the door to find a very nervous looking Steve standing on the Welcome mat. He held a large arrangement of flowers.

Steve smiled at Greg. "I was not sure what kind she liked so I got two of each," he laughed.

Greg invited him in and said, "Hold, I will go and get her." He left the man alone. Steve looked around the room and stepped closer to examine the photos that hung on the walls and sat on her end tables, many of them of Sara and Greg, Sara with different people. Steve was suddenly very happy she had people who had cared about her, that loved her.

Steve turned when he heard Greg returning with Sara. "Who is it? Were it those little girls selling cookies?" Steve heard her ask.

Sara stopped seeing this man standing in her living room looking ready to throw up. She smiled seeing the flowers, thinking they were from Greg.

The man did not step towards her and Greg remained silent watching her face.

"Greg, what is going on? Who is this?" she asked, beginning to feel very uncomfortable as this man simply stared at her.

Nick turned the BBQ on low and went to watch from the doorway. He did not want to miss this important event in Sara's life.

Grissom stood as well, not sure what was going on. So he stood next to Nick and watched.

Steve looked at his sister, pure joy washed through him as tears flooded his eyes. "It looks like my fairy girl is all grown up," he said, his throat thick with emotion.

Sara's eyes widened and she grabbed Greg's arm. There was only one person who ever called her that.

"Steven," she gasped, trying to see the boy within the man, all doubt left her mind when he smiled.

Sara and Steve moved as one person, forgotten were the flowers as Steve dropped them to wrap his arms around his little sister.

Sara hugged him to her, crying over and over. "I can't believe it."

Steve could not speak at all.

He simply returned her hug, tears falling from his eyes while a smile lit his handsome face. Steve's voice was muffled as he spoke into his shoulder as they rocked back and forth sobbing. "I found her, mom, thank you, thank you."

Greg blinked away his own tears and walked to the sliding door, Nick did not care. He let his tears fall. He stepped aside, allowing Greg room to pass. Once he walked through the door, Nick slid it closed giving brother and sister some privacy.


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