Disclaimer: I do not own LFN or any of the characters. I merely enjoy the show (especially 2nd season) and write bad poetry about it. Here's a warning; I choose to ignore that which doesn't fit in with my plans (anything after mid-season 4, as well as meter and rhyme) doesn't exists in my mind or in my so-called poetry. Here's my first completed attempt at Michael poet-fic.

Hurricane in the Eyes
By BithaBlu

The Anti-Hurricane
His calm is on the outside
Whirling swirling pain
Thrashes his inner being

On the surface he never moves
Always calm and still
A machine that doles out justice
However they see fit

A level five killer
Heir to the cold throne
More machine than man
Ruthless and dead inside

Nothing penetrates this facade

His eyes reveal all- Like
Gray and green maelstroms
Tempestuous seas of emotion
Surging briefly and retreating again

"I can't let you be my weakness"
He pleads almost to himself
The ever-blank eyes rage pain
But the still, dead calm returns

The lover forced to be a machine
The machine that fell in love
Watch and observe
Look close to see the man.

You can see the hurricane
Storming behind his eyes