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17 years earlier

" But I don't like this Kyoushiro!" Hana cried to her husband as she held her young daughter Kaoru in her arms. Her husband looked at her and just said,

" We must. If we want to keep the Kamiya bloodline strong. Kaoru must marry a samurai a powerful one at that!"

Hana sighed and said, " Dear husband…please re-think this! You're signing away your daughter! YOUR daughter!"


" But!"

" Enough. We will speak no more of this and that is final Hana." Hana felt like crying. She knew her husband was a good man and she also knew he was just doing this for the good of the family. But that didn't change the fact that she HATED this! She wanted her daughter to fall in love with someone then marry them! Not the other way around if that way was even possible! She knew some girls who were forced into marriage and she knew that they hated the men they were chained to.

" Kyoushiro…if I may I would like you to make an agreement within that contract." She told him not giving up as her honey eyes held deep determination. Kyoushiro looked at his wife and finally gave in.

" Yes what is it?"

" If Kaoru is to fall in love with someone other than the Behito's boy…then she may marry that man instead of him."


" And of course they must bear a child son or daughter to carry on the family legacy."


" You already said yes dear." She reminded him pleasantly.

" I wasn't going to say no I was going to add more to it."


" Yes." Hana began to feel a little uncomfortable with Kaoru in one arm so she adjusted her to the other arm she then looked at her husband.

" Will you tell me?" She asked. He grinned. 'Oh dear…' She thought to herself. His sapphire eyes gleamed in the dim light from the moon.

" He must love her in return then." She blinked.


" Yes. It must be an equal love. Not one sided." Hana smiled gratefully. And this time tears did come down. But they were tears of joy.

"…I'm not quite done yet…" He said softly. Hana looked at him.

" What?"

"…Their love must be PROVEN…not fake like she could have a friend act like her lover…it must be proven."

" Proven? How?" She asked.

" That is something…that they must figure out." Hana sighed and said,

" Marriage…"

" Marriage?" He asked blinking.

" Yes. They must be wed if they love each other."

"…Very well…" He went to his dojo where he lit a candle and he began to write out the agreement on the school. Kaoru cooed slightly within her mother's arms. Hana comforted her as Kaoru opened her sapphire eyes and looked at her mother.

"Ma…ka…" Hana smiled.

" It's alright dear…go back to sleep…" She then kissed Kaoru's forehead. Kaoru whimpered slightly as her mother's warmth began to engulf her causing her to feel very tired all of a sudden. She soon fell asleep.

A few minutes went by in silence as Kyoushiro then said softly, " I'm finished…" Hana looked at him and smiled slightly, " Really?"

" Yes…I just need her print and everything will be complete…" Hana carefully handed Kaoru to him and he held her to him and carefully took the black ink and placed her tiny hand into it and then put it on the scroll and gently pressed and held. A few seconds later he handed her back to her mother who began to clean off the black ink. Kyoushiro then gave the paper his own stamp of approval and gently placed the scroll down as he went to wash his thumb. When he came back he had his jacket on and was ready to go out.

" I'll be going to the Behito's now." Hana nodded.

" Alright…" He kissed her on the lips softly then kissed Kaoru on the forehead. " Don't worry dear it will all work out. I'm sure of it." He then walked out of the dojo and got on an old house and began to ride. It would take a least two nights to get there. Hana watched him leave when he was out of sight she then said softly,

" Oh dear you misunderstood me…I know things will work out." She then giggled to herself as she went inside of the dojo and made sure the doors were tightly locked.


" Kamiya Kaoru?" A young man asked. He was close to 6 feet tall had a muscular structure, wavy thick brown hair that shined in sunlight, at the moment it was put into a messy ponytail. He had olive green eyes that hid a tingle of mystery. His name was Aoi.

" Yes that's right. She is your fiancée Aoi."

"…Do you have a picture of her?"

" No. But you'll see her soon enough anyway. You're going to her dojo in a week or less."

" Ah…she have better be good enough for me father." Aoi said with a cocky voice. " I mean after all I AM a Behito." His father laughed with him.

" That's right! A pure blood! Not a dirty little thing! We must make sure that she is worth our family name!" And so they began to plan.

Amber eyes watched her carefully. The moon was perfect for her skin. It made it glow making it demand for his attention. Which of course it got. Kaoru lay asleep on her futon as Kenshin, or rather Battousai watched her with lustful eyes. Her braid laid upon her pillow. Her face was angelic as if kami himself had painted it.

" Kaoru…" His dark but silkily voice whispered her name. Kaoru lightly twitched but that was it. He smirked. Her look at her more. Her cover was around her waist where her arms lay by the side.

Her yukata was open wide enough to slow off her cleavage. Growing more daring he licked two of his fingers and then placed them on her chest. Her body twitched but that was all. 'Oro…thank kami-sama she's a sound sleeper…I would like to have kids someday…' He thought to himself. He then began to slowly trail the wetness of his fingers between the valleys of her breasts that caused the cold air to nip at Kaoru's skin. Her body was then cold Kaoru's breasts' nipples then went hard and could be shown on her yukata. Battousai smirked when he heard her let out a moan.

" Do you like that Kaoru…?" He whispered in his sexy tone. Kaoru just moaned still enjoying his little touches. He smirked more thinking, 'Do you enjoy that toishii? That's nothing…just wait…someday…I'll touch you more than this…I'll touch you like no man ever has and ever will…because you Kaoru are mine and mine alone…and I won't let any man have you…' Battousai looked at her more closely. He wanted to kiss her breasts not just barely touch them. And he hated the way Rurouni wouldn't let him think anything bad about Kaoru. And they weren't bad damnit they were perfectly natural! Look at her curves! Hell once in awhile he even caught Sanosuke looking at her when she bent down to pick up something. Of course so did Megumi and well…what happened Megumi took care of it. And somehow he knew that whatever that vixen could do to that rooster head whatever he did to him would be a cakewalk.

Battousai narrowed his eyes. The Rurouni was coming to. 'Damnit…' He thought. He quietly got up and looked at Kaoru for one last time. He was going to get her. There was no doubt about that. Even if the damn Rurouni put up a fight…Kaoru was going to be theirs. She'll be theirs' to see, touch, kiss, love. He reached down and picked up her soft hand and kissed it.

" Sleep well my little Kaoru…" As soon as he put her hand down. He was gone as if he was never here.

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