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"So he's been lying this whole time…?" Kenshin asked Aoshi who sat across from him gently sipping tea.

"It would appear so."

"So if everything he stated as been false then he has no right to remain here any longer…he should just go." Kenshin stated as he began to get to his feet, suddenly feeling excitement to boot Aoi out of the house. Aoshi looked at Kenshin as he gently placed down his cup of tea and held up his large pale hand and stated,

"It's not as easy as that."

"Oro? What do you mean by that." Aoshi looked at Kenshin and stated,

"It seems that to him, the false knowledge rings true to his ears."

"So he has also been lied to then?" Aoshi then took a modest sip of his green tea, enjoying the rich texture of the beverage while he sought for his answer. After a moment's pause he looked straight at Kenshin and stated,

"It seems to be the case. I have a few theories I've done some digging and found out that lately the Benito family has been having problems with some debt that has accumulated over the past decade. If Aoi had married Kamiya-san then he would be the heir to of dojo meaning that all properties would be his decision. I imagine that he'd probably sell the dojo and use the money he would receive to pay off most if not all of his family's debts. At least, someone would tell him to do it." Aoshi pulled out a folder from his yukata and then opened it up. He showed Kenshin a sketch of Aoi's father, a firm and mean looking man with a balding scalp. "This man is Aoi's father, head of the family." Kenshin reached out and grasped the sketch and stared at the pencil marks the artist made while spying on the man at his estate.

"So this is the man that lied to Aoi so he could have Kaoru?" Aoshi nodded.

"It appears to be so. We also find out that his past isn't clean either. Aoi's mother seemed to have died by his hand." Kenshin looked up at Aoshi with slightly widen eyes.

"He killed his own wife?" Kenshin's hands began to shake causing the paper to somewhat rattle as his grasp tighten on the thin sheet while he clenched his teeth. Aoshi watched him before he took a soft breath and stated,

"In the public eye his wife died when she fell from a tree trying to get their young son off of the tree…however among the servants it is believed that he was physically abusive towards her and took it too far one day." Kenshin placed the paper he had held and then began to crumble in his hand and placed it over his legs as he glared heatedly at the sketch of the man.


"It is detestable." Aoshi commented before taking another sip of his green tea. No longer having anything to say Kenshin got to his feet, tossing the crumbled paper to the side.

"I've had quite enough of this. I'm going straight to that man held responsible. I'll bring him to justice! He's using people has pawns for his selfish gain! His own son for crying out loud, his own blood!" While Kenshin was angry at Aoi he couldn't deny the new found anger for Aoi's father. He killed his wife and then planned to use his son just so he could pay off some debts. He was scum. He didn't even deserve breathing the same air as other people. Detestable was too kind of a word for the man Aoi's father was. Killing his wife, using his son, and worse of all he tried to shackle Kaoru for the rest of her life to a man she didn't even like. His blood began to boil, as he glared hard at the crumbled piece of paper before him. His thoughts were racing with ideas of harm to the old man.

"Careful Rurouni. You're getting many dangerous thoughts here. Remember, that's my department." Deep in the depths of his mind Kenshin heard his other half whisper. Kenshin's eyes narrowed as he gave a half way turn and faced the wall. He took a deep breath, then another, and one more before he faced Aoshi again.

Aoshi took another sip of his tea.

The two men sat in utter silence for over two minutes.

Then Aoshi spoke.

"Let them get married."

Kenshin's head shot up as he stared hard at Aoshi. His expression was of total astonishment as his eyes were wide as saucers and his jaw dropped to the ground.


The pain in between her legs had soon disappeared. She sighed in relief; she had worried how long it would throb like that. She could handle pain, pain created from brawling or from the graze of a bokken. Just not pain that came from the womanhood area on her body. Even during those few days of the month she swear she'd feel like a stampede of wild horses were running along her lower region.

Feminine pain was just no friend of hers.

She began to wonder what it would fee like when she and Kenshin would make love for the first time. Would it be just as painful as this had been? When Megumi had examined her.

She surely hoped it wouldn't.

Suddenly her face grew bright red as she began to really imagine her and Kenshin making love. Kenshin hovering above her as his eyes would stare intensely into hers. Then he would lower his head down and just gently brush his lips above hers.

Almost instantly tingles went traveled up and down Kaoru's spine as a funny feeling settled in her stomach. Her face felt hot as she bought a hand up and gently touched it.

This wasn't the first time Kaoru had these kind of thoughts. She would daydream once in awhile about this as she would be watching Kenshin do the laundry in front of the dojo. She would be memorized by his skin glistening in the sun from the water droplets and his own sweat. It would be then that she would quickly walk away before he would turn his head and stare at her. She believed that it would be way too awkward to be caught gawking.

When she was far enough of him she would sit down far enough away and just go back to that day dream of him above her, as they would quietly make love at night so they would not disturb Yahiko. Before the whole day dream to her seemed to be purely selfish as she believed that her love was only one sided. However she came to think differently these days. Perhaps that day dream would be made a reality soon enough.

That alone excited and terrified her.

What Aoi did made Kaoru horrified of joining her bodies with anyone. It could just be too soon for her to even think about making love since what happened took place over a week ago. Even if nothing physical happened between Aoi and herself, it was scary to think that something could have. What if he did try to have his way with her after drugging her?

What if she got pregnant because of that?

She knew one thing for sure; she would never be able to be with Kenshin after this. Ever.

Suddenly Kaoru slapped her cheeks lightly and was glaring at the ground.

"Kaoru! You told yourself that today was going to be a good day!" She scolded herself as she stared at the brown dirt. She took several deep breaths and began to feel calmer than before. She then looked at her dojo and began to wonder when was the last time she was training inside of it. It must have been when Aoi first came to her property and they had that ridiculous fight. She began to rub her left shoulder as suddenly it seemed to be stiff. Even her body was missing the movement of practicing. She then smiled and began to walk towards her home to get changed into a training gi. She wanted to beat the crap out of Aoi for what he did to her. God knows she had to the right to.

Still sometimes beating the hell out of air was just as good as well. That way it gave the mind more time to think and calculate all of its revenge.

For she was going to have it.

Misao waited patiently for Aoshi to come out of the room with Himura. She sat on her knees and stared at the door with antipaction. She was determined to make up with Aoshi. She held her hands tightly together as she just stared at the shoji door in front of her. Beyond that she could make out two shadows that she knew that one belonged to her precious Aoshi while the other was Himura.

Their voices were low so she couldn't make out what they were saying, and that was saying a lot since her hearing like the other members of her clan were quite exceptional. She blinked once as she watched the shorter shadow, Himura, lean forward and began to move his arms around in a frantic motion. The larger shadow just sat there as if he was listening intently, once in awhile he would bring something up to his face and tip it back slightly as if he was drinking something.

Twenty minutes passed.

Then another ten minutes.

Then it became another fifteen minutes.

'What is taking them so long?! What can they possibly be talking about? Seriously! This is probably the longest I have ever waited for Aoshi-sama that didn't involve the Oniwabashu! Urgh…I think my legs are asleep.' She poked her thing when she felt the dead weight there she sighed and reached for the wall to help her get up. Might as well walk around and then trace down Aoshi later. It would beat getting up suddenly and falling on her face in front of him because her leg fell asleep that was for sure.

As she was getting up using the wall as support suddenly the door slid open and out came a worn out Himura. He looked upset, his complexion was pale and even through he was staring directly at her, he couldn't see her at all. He walked pass her without saying a word to her. She watched him leave as she thought to herself, 'Well that was rude of him…he could have at least said hi or something…stupid Himura. I'll teach him a lesson for sure later.'


Misao blinked and looked back at her Okashira staring at her as if in wonderment as to what the young woman was doing here.

"Aoshi-sama!" She suddenly moved, forgetting the very reason as to why she was getting up. Suddenly she found herself letting out a gasp and slipping on her dead foot and heading face first towards the wooden panels.

She closed her eyes and was ready to feel cold hard wood against her cheek and a null pain that would surely build and leave a bruise.

She felt none of that.

What she felt was a warm chest and strong arms that encircled her to keep her from falling. Her eyes flew open wide as against her ear she could hear Aoshi's heart beating it could have only been her imagination but she could have swore she could hear it beating faster with each quick breath he took. Her face felt hot as she slowly turned her head upwards and stared at Aoshi. He was staring down at her, his ice blue eyes almost seem to be glowing in the shadows that his bangs caused. Before she had a chance to speak Aoshi unwrapped his arms from around her body and took a step back.

"What were you doing Misao?"

Right down to business this man was.

"I was waiting for you." Misao told him as she looked up at him, her face was still burning. Aoshi stared at her for a moment, not even a little bit did his composure change at all. He instead took a breath and asked,

"What for?" Misao bit her bottom lip for a moment as she looked conflicted as how to do this. However she then took a deep breath and bowed to him as nearly shouted,

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to act that way in front of you but that man urgh! He just infuriating Aoshi-sama! What he did to my friend is unforgivable in my eyes and I was so mad and I just wanted to strangle him and chop him up into little pieces and throw him into the Black Sea!" She looked up at Aoshi and saw he was not impressed by this "apology" of hers. She then straighten herself back out as she bought her small hands to her middle chest and held them closely together. "What I'm really trying to say Aoshi-sama is…" Her face began to burn even hotter than before she swallowed this lump that was beginning to collect in her throat. "Knowing that I disappointed you…it hurts. I let my childish side get the best of me when I know I should be able to control myself…I acted irresponsible and was a poor act of how a Oniwabashu ninja should behave…so for putting shame on our clan's name…I whole heartily apologize." She then bowed to him once more. Aoshi looked at her and then he took a soft breath and his eyes seemed to soften.

He gently reached out and placed a warm hand on top of her head and said,

"Yes you failed to listen to me…however that was just because you were being you." He let out a sigh though his nostrils and stroked her black hair gently as he voice became soft as he continued, "I suppose that's just how strong your personality is. Can't change that fact." Misao's cheeks turned red as she looked up at Aoshi though her black bangs and asked,

"Does that mean I'm forgiven?"

Aoshi looked down at her and for a moment he couldn't get over this feeling that was building up in his chest. From the cute little pouty face she was making, to the eyes that seem to be shining brightly in the light. It was an urge that he had never felt. He wanted to make Misao…cry.

He gently patted her head gently before he took away his hand and brushed pass her replying simply,

"No." He then turned down the hallway disappearing from her view.

Misao blinked for a moment as she felt her bottom lip quiver. Her cheeks turned a bright red as her little fists shook. It wasn't that she was blushing from embarrassment from Aoshi's soft gesture of affection. It was more she was growing angry because of how he just brushed her off like that. She suddenly chased after him,

"Aoshi-sama! Wait!!" He heard her call his name but she didn't look back at her. Which bothered Misao even more; suddenly she ran faster and embraced him back knocking him over. However to avoid landing in an embarrassing position for him Aoshi grasped her arm and pulled her forward as he spun his body around in mid air so he could land on his back with Misao on top of him, her legs on each side.

As Misao stared down at him, this time her face turned bright red from embarrassment. Aoshi looked up at her without saying a word for a moment, just enjoyed watching her face turn an even darker crimson.

"It seems I've been caught." He bemused out loud. Misao turned frantic as she started to get off of him.

"I'm sorry!!" Before she could even swing one leg over to the side a pair of large hands stopped her. Aoshi held her firmly in place in as he replied,

"Stay put."

"But Ao—"

"Don't argue. Just stay put." He then reached up with one hand and gently cradled the side of her face. His thumb stroking her soft cheek slowly, giving Misao butterflies in the pit of her stomach. Her eyes lowered softly as her face turned a bit more brighter than before.

"Aoshi-sama…" Aoshi's thumb gently stroked her lower lip.

"You disobeyed me earlier." Misao soon returned to her senses as she began to open her mouth to explain but Aoshi used his fingers to close it.

"Don't speak."


"You're my solider Misao. That means you must do everything I tell you to do, correct?"

"…" Misao stared at him blankly for a moment, not sure if the don't speak rule was in effect or not. However when he didn't speak and just continued to stare up at her she merely nodded her head down at him.

"That means that when I say don't attack someone you don't attack." Once more she nodded her head.

"Very good. As long as we have that understanding." She once more opened her mouth to speak but suddenly Aoshi gave her a little glare to warn her that he didn't wish for her to speak just yet. "You have to listen to every little thing I tell you to do. I thought I taught you that when you were younger." Misao bit her bottom lip as she desperate wanted to say "You did!" however she was afraid of what would happen if she dared disobeyed him right now in the middle of a lecture about listening to every little thing he said. So again, she nodded her head.

"Alright then. Promise me you'll never do this again." When Misao stared down at him without speaking Aoshi let out a soft sigh and said, "You may speak now Misao."

"Ah!" She then quickly nodded and said, "I swear that I'll never disobey you again Aoshi-sama!" Aoshi's hand that had remained on her face all this time slowly crept over to the back of Misao's neck, tickling it gently.

"And?" Misao blinked before she replied, with uncertainty.

"And I…I don't want Aoshi-sama to be mad at me anymore. Please forgive me Aoshi-sama…" She looked down at him for a moment looking deeply into his eyes as her own began to shine from tears that were slowly building. Aoshi then felt a deep pride within him for he had accomplished what he had wanted to do from the start of this little game. Make his Misao cry.

However doing that caused Aoshi to deserve to pick on the girl a little bit more than he had planned before. He suddenly said,

"I forgive you Misao. Now you must obey what I tell you to do." She nodded,

"Yes sir."

"Good. Close your eyes." Misao blinked once as a small tear escaped her but she quickly brushed it away and closed her eyes. Aoshi nodded his head, even though she couldn't see it and said, "Now lean your head forward…yes that's it." He began to say as she began to follow his instructions. Slowly her head moved closer to Aoshi's. He softly gripped her neck and this time he too closed his eyes as he leaned up and suddenly their lips met. Misao instantly became startled as she felt her Okashira's lips against her own.

However that didn't startle her as much as the feeling of Aoshi starting to kiss her did! He began to kiss her softly at first as she didn't respond back to it; soon however she began to learn just what he wanted to her do and began to mimic his moves. Holding back a smirk against her lips he began to kiss her with more passion this time, as his tone came out and gently licked her lower lip asking for entrance. Her body began to quiver as she slowly opened her mouth and allowed him access. Slowly his tongue explored her mouth as he ran it gently over her teeth before massaging her tongue. Misao felt a tingle of something unfamiliar settle in her stomach, she began to want to feel this even more so she arched herself up higher.

Aoshi suddenly pulled back, licking her lips one last time before he pushed her off of him gently. Without a word he got to his feet and pulled up Misao, who still had yet to open her eyes.

"Misao." He spoke her name as if it was silk rolling off the tip of her tongue. Misao instantly opened her eyes, her face turning a crimson color before blushing even harder when she saw Aoshi's little smirk and he merely walked away from her telling her, "Remember to listen next time."

"Yes sir…" In the deepest part of her mind she began to wonder if she truly wanted to listen at all after that.

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