A New Subordinate

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We need more Atomic Betty fics out there! Ahem, hello. My name's Aggie and although I have a lot of other fics that need to be completed, I could not help but begin one from this Canadian cartoon. The animation quickly caught my attention, and now I watch it not for the plot (which could be better..), but for the characters. My favourite character is Minimus, so you can bet that you'll be reading about him more than you would see him in an episode. Before I move on to the prologue, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Whenever Minimus speaks, the plain text will indicate his sycophant mode while the bold text his grumbler mode. This relieves me from the stress of having to type out whenever he switches from sycophant to grumbler or vice versa all the time. Plus, it has a better flow. You'll see.

2) Yeh, I'm going to introduce a fan character, on the villain side. I won't make any coupling (Mary sues) or anything like that, and I will certainly not make the fan character take the spotlight of the protagonists. New characters are introduced a lot in the series, so I think it'll work in this case.

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Betty went through the same common routine in the morning of her home.. to the point when it was far too tedious to explain the details. Her parental units acted normal in their belief, which Betty had reluctantly accepted. The only advantage she had when the sun rose was having a hearty breakfast which would last her well beyond lunch.

Luckily, she did not have to feel uncomfortable around the environment of her school. There, the individuals were her age, or very close to it, and had an equal understanding of the world. Of the galaxy.. well.. having Betty to cover that was more than enough. Never would she dare to overlap her school life with her more constructive job as Galactic Guardian and Defender of the Cosmos. Ever since obtaining this status, she had sometimes looked upon the other students with a different perspective. There they were, along with billions of other people in the world, oblivious to the action and chaos that weaved through the universe. However, she did her best to ignore this and act.. no.. be a normal girl.

The morning school bell rang deafeningly, as if it were ready to cause an earthquake to the entire school grounds. Betty raced into the building, but who did she find first? Why, none other than her admirer, Dylan. He stood there the instant she opened the doors, as if he had done so intentionally, with Betty being too predictable for him.

"Hey Betty!" Dylan said coolly.

"Oh, hi Dylan!" Betty responded, her voice sounding a bit awkward in front of him. However, she managed to maintain her composure as she continued to speak. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't we get to class?"

"Well," Dylan began once more, "I didn't see you at the lockers so I thought you might be coming now. Wanna walk to class together?"

This was just what Betty had hoped to hear. Her heart melted as she nodded and began walking with him through the emptying hallway and towards the classroom. This was a mild desire, but just being near him was good enough for Betty as she helplessly closed her eyes and pictured Dylan and her in a beautiful scenery filled with scattered colours and limitless love between the two of them.

"Uh, Betty?" Dylan's voice echoed through Betty's ear as she opened her eyes from the daydream. They were in front of the class, where the students began finding their seats and preparing for the lecture. Betty shook her head to waking, realizing how ridiculous her childish fantasies were.

"S-sorry about that. I'll see you later," Betty said, walking in front of Dylan and into the room. Another day of monotonous education stood before them.

"Your supreme evilness, everything on your schedule is flowing smoothly," Minimus announced as he looked upwards towards his master, Maximus. "So what are you sitting in your chair for? You give me a long to-do list and I've done everything! What more do you want?"

"Shut up, Minimus. I'm waiting for a phone call," Maximus ordered, placing two fingers to his right temple and roughly massaging it, hoping this was ease the headache that only continued to grow.

"But sir, your new apprentice is not to arrive until tomorrow," Minimus continued, trying desperately to keep a conversation going with Maximus, completely oblivious to the signs that he wished to be left alone. "Who cares anyway? He will probably be late and we'll have to deal with never-ending stupidity from an outsider!"

Just then, the technologically advanced phone rang. It was connected to a screen which would be useful in conversing visually. But instead, while the phone was still ringing, a message flashed across the screen, "Visual communication not available from this current location." This message would always pop up when someone was calling from a very secluded area. However, communication by normal telephone was possible.

Maximus did not seem the slightest bit surprised at message on the screen. Letting out a relieved sigh, he picked it up the receiver and eagerly put his mouth to the edge. "Hello?" he spoke into it. "Ah, yes, I was expecting your call. Mmhmm. Oh no, we're both eagerly waiting for you to arrive." At this point, Minimus, in his grumbler mode, let out a loud grunt, which Maximus obviously disregarded.

"Yes. Oh, that's good. Alright then, everything else will be settled tomorrow. Mmhmm. Goodbye." Once he put the phone down, he cupped his hands together in pure delight.

"This is going to be perfect," he said with his teeth closed, unable to contain his excitement. His headache was by far gone as he focused on what would occur the next day. Unfortunately, his concentration was interrupted once more by Minimus' nagging.

"Argh, why must you hire another lousy assistant? Am I not good enough for you! Just asking out of curiousity, your lordship."

"If Atomic Betty keeps foiling my plans, then yes, you are definitely not good enough," he informed Minimus while doing his best to ignore his lackey's loud mumbles. "I require someone who has in depth experience in the action, in addition to the intelligence that is lacking from my previous assistant."

"What! Oooh, so that's how it is. You'll be regretting those words very soon, boss," Minimus said under his breath.

"What did you say!" Maximus roared, clearly overhearing his words.

"Oh, nothing, your sliminess," Minimus whimpered as his sycophant face returned. "But how are you so sure that another assistant will prove helpful?"

"This is no ordinary individual," Maximus continued. "My new assistant has been training for many years with.. Spurdly Tim Kanishi."

"Spurdly Tim Kanishi... erm... do you mean... Spindly Tam Kanushu? Why would he teach someone who wants to fight for the forces of evil?"

"No! I meant precisely what I said, you idiot! Spurdly Tim Kanishi! He is Spindly Tam Kanushu's evil half cousin.. twice removed I believed. He teaches a dark form of martial arts to only a small, select group of students. My new apprentice has just graduated from his class and wished to obtain a job as soon as possible, so I wasted no time to make a call.

"Sir.. if he is truly better than me.. will you.." Minimus swallowed uncomfortably between his words, "uh.. fire me?"

"Well, I would certainly hope that the opportunity arrives," Maximus said bluntly.

"Grrr.. I'll make sure it doesn't. So when is he going to arrive?"

At this point, Maximus left his chair and paced around while looking into the depths of outer space. "Tomorrow, at approximately 5 pm sharp, she will arrive and be deemed my new, additional subordinate.

Minimus gasped loudly as his sycophant face swerved back to grumbler.


The end of the school day had finally come, which was dignified by a loud, yet prosperous bell ring. The sound startled Betty, interrupting her negligence. If the student sitting beside her in the class had looked in her direction, it would seem like she was doing nothing but staring at the Canadian flag outside of the building. Betty could not stop herself from preparing to fall asleep in class; she had been very busy lately with her galactic missions. She stopped her distraction and headed out of the class.

All she needed to do was grab the necessities from her locker and head for freedom. When she closed the door to her locker, she was yet again startled to see who was beside her.

"Hey Betty," Dylan said, with a casual smile.

"Oh, hi Dylan," Betty answered with an even larger smile. Much of her daydreaming had consisted of the last time she was with him, which was only a few hours ago. She tried her best to avoid having Dylan notice the blush across her cheeks, but the attempt was failing.

"Listen, are you busy tomorrow night?" Dylan said, getting straight to the point. Betty's eyes widened, eager to know what his point was.

"Well," Betty commenced. She truly wanted to say 'no', but this was a question that needed pondering rather than only a single thought. Did she have any plans tomorrow? Well, not that she could think of. However, Admiral DeGill could call her at any time of the day. Missions came promptly, and it was Betty.. Atomic Betty's job to meet with these strict rules in order to keep the galaxy safe. She could try, but would she dare take the chance after the experience she had with constantly ditching Noah when she had to leave? The last person she wanted to disappoint was Dylan, but would she let this one opportunity leave her grasp?

"Nope, not at all," Betty responded blatantly. She took the risk. She was used to taking these gambles anyway.

"Oh, that's great!" he exclaimed. Surely, just that one response made Betty's heart soar. "I'm asking because tomorrow night at the Mindallen Hall, my band's going to be playing."

"Oooh, you have a band? What instrument do you play?" Betty accidentally interrupted, oblivious to Dylan's musical talent, yet impressed by it in a second.

"I do guitar and vocal," Dylan answered. He could not help but continue talking about his interests. "I've been playing guitar ever since I was six, but since our vocalist switched schools, I've just taken over.. so I'm new with singing, but my band members say I'm pretty good, so I'm confident that I'll do well."

"That's wonderful," Betty sighed. How could she not know about his musical background?

"So, would you be able to come? I can give you a free ticket tomorrow after school," he said, snapping Betty out of another daydream.

"Oh, thank you so much! I'll be there for sure!" There was no doubt about it. Betty would not miss this for the galaxy.. well.. maybe.

"Ah, that's great! I'll see you tomorrow then," he ended the chat with raising his hand and bringing it down again as a form of departure. Betty did the same thing as she watched the boy trail off in a distance.

She sighed in disbelief at the opportunity that was given to her. Tomorrow night, she would be seeing Dylan perform.. and who knows? Maybe she'll meet him afterwards and they would go somewhere! Okay, slow down there Betty.. she said to herself. Losing her emotional composure in the school would not be a good thing. She closed her locker and made her way to the end of the hallway.

"Don't be so thrilled just because Dylan asked you to watch him perform," a voice echoed from the other hallway. Betty did not need to guess who would emerge from the edge. Penelope made her appearance in front of Betty before she could even give a cross look. "As much as you'd like it to be, it's not a date."

"Since when do you care, Penelope? I thought you were over Dylan," Betty said, her eyelids lowering at the girl. A conversation with her was the last thing she wanted before leaving the school.

"I don't care. He's a loser anyway. Just.. don't make a big deal of it," Penelope argued, obviously losing words to say. She was the person who would take any chances at bringing her rivals down, even if her arguments made no sense. Betty could only pity her pointless attempt to demean her.

"My affairs are my own," Betty stated, "so I think it's best if you mind your own business."

"Ugh, whatever," Penelope said, obviously defeated but not showing it. "I have better things to do than talk to you." The conversation finally ended, and Betty claimed a victory once more.

As Penelope turned her back, Betty could do nothing but roll her eyes and smirk at the outcome of the argument. She believed in change, but Penelope was not learning at all. Betty had no interest in telling Penelope how to act in the first place, and she marched off in the opposite direction. The back door symbolized a breakthrough from the madness of education and snobby girls. She inhaled deeply, grasping as much of the clean air as her lungs could take, and began walking home.

After taking the first step outside, she already felt as if she had forgotten something. Betty looked to her side and remembered that Noah would usually walk with her once the school day ended. However, the phone call she had with him last night popped back into her head:

"Sorry Betty, I won't be coming in tomorrow."

"What's the matter? Are you sick?"

"No, but in this case, I wish I was. Dental appointment."

"Oooh. Sorry about that. I'll see you the day after then."

"The galaxy is safe today? That's a first," Betty thought out loud as she looked at her galactic wrist gear while strolling along the sidewalk of her neighborhood. It was a bit of a relief to have a break from saving planets, but this pause would increase the chance of trouble the next day. She could already hear X-5 emitting accurate statistics about this. Hopefully, it would not happen. She did not want to miss Dylan sing. Oh, no she did not.

Once she arrived home, she realized the large amount of spare time she had that night. A perfect opportunity to complete her homework and enjoy the rest of the night with her family.

After finishing her math homework, she spent a nice time with her parents watching a strange game show on television. Although she laughed with her family through the supposedly funny parts of the show, Betty was entirely thinking about tomorrow night. Okay, so it was not a date.. but just being invited by him felt so wonderful. He could have invited any other girl at school, but Dylan chose her. That is what made Betty's smile more vibrant than usual.

It was night time all too soon as Betty changed into her pajamas and climbed into her bed. Before closing her eyes, she looked at the stars in the sky, hoping that every single human, alien, or unidentified creature was safe.

"Good night," she said to the universe as she let her eyelids drop and dived deep into slumber.

She could not wait for tomorrow.

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