A New Subordinate

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Chapter 2 – The Fight

Within a few seconds, Betty had escaped the concert hall and entered the interior of the spaceship, in her correct place, her eyes first seeing Sparky and X-5. The rocket blasted off into space with great force. There was an awkward minute or two of silence, but Sparky was the first to shift his head to welcome her once again. By the time his eyes met hers, Betty had taken a pink band from around her wrist and almost finished tying her hair up in the usual ponytail.

"Ooooh, was that a new hair due? Come on, don't be shy!" Sparky said, giggling.

"No time for that, Sparky," Betty responded as she placed her arms over the sides of the chair. "Where are we, X-5?"

X-5 wasted no time in telling her the coordinates. "We are about 10000 km from the Quinrigo Solar System, and from there, it'll take another 4000 km to arrive at Armvarn."

"Full speed ahead, then," Betty quickly announced. Knowing the spaceship almost from top to bottom, she was not too worried about distance. At full speed, it would probably take them fifteen to twenty minutes to complete an 8000 km drive. Betty remained optimistic. She knew that she would return to Earth in time to see Dylan perform.

"So, what's the news in Armvarn today?" an Armvarn civilian named Bob asked.

"Nothing really," said Phil, who answered delightfully.

"That's wonderful!" Bob remarked, and they both smiled and looked at the sky. Unfortunately, the peace would be interrupted by a strange glowing ring dropping to the surface.

The ring was bright red, and within one second of seeing it, the ring plummeted onto Bob and trapped him tightly around the waist, along with his arms.

"What's that, Bob?" Phil asked.

"You know what? I'm not really sure," Bob responded, not making much of an effort to free himself. Soon after, another ring fell from the sky and encircled Phil. Before he knew it, the ring had tightened around him and he was powerless to stop it.

"Oh, now there's one around me," Phil said, curiously observing the hoop. The two looked at each other, and then at the sky again. A hover noise echoed through the air which called upon a thousand glowing rings at the same time, sprouting from one destination, but it was too far into outer space for the civilians to find.

The source was Maximus.

His ship was orbiting the peaceful planet of Armvarn, while exiting the bottom were the glowing rings, a new invention of his. Knowing the personality of every Armvarn civilian, there was no doubt that his criminal plan would work.

"Ah, excellent!" Maximus exclaimed. "In just a few minutes, the entire Armvarn population will be trapped by me! And then Atomic Pesky will come riding along in her spaceship, eager to save the day, but oooh.. is she up for a surprise!"

Syn-D knew he was referring to her when he emphasized the word 'surprise', but she did not look at him. She kept her eyes on the planet as a dozen rings left the ship every second or two. Finally, she spoke. "I'm looking forward to getting rid of this girl." However, she said this too quietly for Maximus to catch. Therefore, he continued his monologue.

"This is the last time she'll attempt to foil my plans... I can feel it. No longer will people point and laugh at me, saying 'Oh look! There goes Maximus, the guy who was always stopped by a little girl from a planet he doesn't even know!'" Maximus used different voices and hand actions to make his point clear.

"You don't know her home planet?" Syn-D said as her head swiftly turned around after Maximus' act. Her eyes widened a bit, not quite sure if that was what he said. Did he mention this before? She could not remember.

"We've been trying to find Atomic Betty's planet for over two years now," Minimus walked in after leaving the control room which held the glowing rings. His departure from that room signified that task one was complete. "We were close many times, but ended up failing every single-"

"That's enough, Minimus!" Maximus exclaimed as he jabbed his foot into Minimus' right cheek.

He doesn't know where she's from... Syn-D took this time to ponder on this fact. She was definitely not from Betty's planet, but since the galactic girl's species looked strikingly identical to hers, perhaps there was some way she could trick Betty into finding out for Maximus. With that thought crossing her mind, Syn-D also started to think on how to infiltrate Atomic Betty's defense in order to bring her down swiftly.

"I think that's the last of the rings. Is there any sign of her yet?" Maximus peeked over to watch the last glowing circle drop towards Armvarn. He then eyed Minimus to find an answer out of him. Minimus took the hint and dove towards the navigation system.

"Atomic Betty's on her way right now. She just entered the Quinrigo Solar System," Minimus said in his grumbler mode. At this point, Syn-D took a small step away from the minion.

"That means she'll be here in a matter of minutes! It's time to bring 'Phase Two' of my plan into action! Full speed towards the planet, Minimus!" Maximus shouted as he pointed one finger at Armvarn. "Try to find an area where she can't find us."

"Yes, your sliminess!" Minimus swerved the spacecraft around and made a nose dive towards the easily conquered planet.

Once they reached the surface of Armvarn, it could be easily seen that the planet was under Maximus' control. Every civilian was trapped by a glowing ring that he had sent. Whether they were outside or in their homes, the rings were designed to take all inhabitants without weighting any restrictions. At this point, Maximus wondered why he overlooked such a planet in the first place. It would make excellent target practice, and it seemed like he would hardly get in trouble for it. 'Hardly' was put into the case because of the bothersome Atomic Betty.

Maximus' ship flew towards a canyon that made a perfect hiding place to wait for Atomic Betty to arrive. The outskirts of the canyon were extremely rocky, which is why no civilian dared to live near the canyon.

"There! I see her coming!" Minimus shouted, noticing the red spaceship from the sky.

"Excellent," Maximus said, turning over to Syn-D. "You know what to do."

Syn-D nodded answered and left the room.

"Any sign of Maximus' ship?" Betty asked Sparky and X-5.

"Nothing appears on the scanners," X-5 said first. "He could be hiding. I advise entering Armvarn's atmosphere with extreme caution."

The ship slowly descended towards the surface of the planet. They landed in a populated area, where all they could see were people walking around with red rings around their waists. Some of them fell onto the ground, but did not seem to care.

"What is going on here?" Betty said in a confused tone.

"Maximus has a new toy.. a really weird one to be exact," Sparky noted.

"The 'weirdness' of the object seems to be enhanced by the behavior of the people," X-5 began to explain. "But that appears to be normal here. Armvarn has a very peaceful and adaptable population. I don't think they understand that they are being conquered by Maximus."

"Hmm.. better check it out then," Betty said. The three got out of the ship and looked at the condition of the people. None of them looked injured or uncomfortable at all. It was as if they got used to the rings that entrapped their bodies.

Atomic Betty was able to stop one woman whose arms were trapped with the ring around her waist. "Excuse me, are you alright?" She asked.

"Oh, I'm doing great as usual," the woman answered. "I wasn't going to use my hands today anyway. I'm going to a woman's soccer tournament. Bye!" Before Betty could respond, she walked on without another word out of her mouth.

"What is with these people?" Betty had to say. She had never seen a planet act like this. She almost convinced herself that the rings were mingling with their minds.

"Like I said, captain," X-5 said, "it's part of their nature."

"But where's Maximus?" Sparky said. "If he put those ring traps around all these people, wouldn't he start.. taking them away.. or something?"

"Maybe he's taking his time, since the civilians to not look reluctant to do anything about it," X-5 responded.

"We have to find him," Betty announced. She walked around the area to find another person. With luck, she found two boys sitting on the curve of a road. They appeared to be fascinated by a broken can on the street.

"Um, excuse me," she said. It took the boys a few seconds for them to break their concentration on the can and look at Betty. She clearly saw that they had red rings around them as well. "Did you two see anything strange in the sky lately? Like, a spaceship?"

The two boys looked at each other and smiled. "Yes, I saw one," one of the boys said.

"I saw one too," the second boy said. The first boy continued. "It was red and white, and three people came out of it.. one looked like a robot.. one looked like it had green skin and blue hair or something.. and one had the biggest red hair I've ever seen."

Betty lowered her eyes, but decided not to get angry. "Okay, that was my ship."

"What are you talking about, Ben? That's not the ship I saw," the second boy interrupted. "The one I saw looked like a dark ship that came down right after all those rings came from the sky and went around us."

"Oh yeaaaah," Ben responded.

"Yeh, and after all the rings came out, it went into the Rhynin Canyon way down over there." Since the boy couldn't use his hands, he pointed with his nose. Betty looked behind her and noticed the rocky surface from a distance. It was quite far from the populated area.

"That must be where Maximus' ship is," she said out loud.

"Yeh," said Ben. "And the red ship is just a few metres from here.. juuust over there." The boy also used his nose to point.

"Uh.. yeh.. I know.. that's my ship," Betty said.

"Ooooh, cool!" the boys said together.

She rolled her eyes and walked off. The people of Armvarn did not seem very appealing. She almost could not wait to get off the planet.

"I know where Maximus' ship is!" Betty shouted as she went towards Sparky and X-5. She pointed to the uninhabited area a few kilometers down. "It's called the Rhynin Canyon. Maximus could be setting up something there. We better hurry."

With that said, the three dove back into the ship and made there way to the canyon.

There were many large ridges surrounding the canyon which would make it impossible for a normal person to climb over. That is why the area was strictly forbidden.. not that there were any rules on Armvarn. It just seemed logical. But since when did Maximus follow logicality? The ship stayed hidden while Syn-D used a special teleportation gizmo she had earned from her special Dark Martial Arts school. She was trained only to use it for extreme measures during battle; transporting around the enemy made one look very stupid.

Reappearing near the edge of the dangerous area, where the surface became flat and easier to walk on, Syn-D leaned behind a tall rock that stuck up from the ground and waited. After countless minutes, she closed her eyes and sighed. Spurdly Tim Kanishi taught her how to remain patient when waiting for an opponent, but she began to overlook those lessons. "What if she doesn't come?" she said aloud, knowing that it was a possibility.

Suddenly, a hovering noise caught her attention. Syn-D moved to the side of the rock and lifted her head as she saw a red and white spaceship coming her way. "That must be the ship," Syn-D gasped. She put her entire body behind the rock once again to avoid being seen. At this time, she did not mind the wait as the ship descended about half a kilometer from where she was. "Hmm.. I wonder what kind of welcome I should give Atomic Betty.."

"The canyon's right there," Betty said as she pointed to the vast hole a few kilometers ahead.

"Gee, it looks really rocky down there," Sparky added as he observed the dangerous landscape. "Should we really risk it?"

Atomic Betty pondered for a moment and thought about the safety of the team. "Well.. maybe if we land a little bit before the rocks, we can start investigating.. to see if there are any traps. It's also easier for Maximus to find us and attack if we're in the air while he's in the canyon where we can't see him."

"That's right," X-5 joined in the conversation. "We can give him the element of surprise by flying over the rocks and attacking at different positions."

With the decision made, they landed the ship on a soft, sandy plane and carefully left the craft. As Betty stepped out, she looked at every possible direction. No sign of anything peculiar. "Let's start heading forwards, then," she said.

With every bit of caution, the crew walked towards the dangerous surface. From their point of view, it looked like the rocks were needles sticking out of the ground. It was definitely not safe to walk over, and they would eventually have to use their rocket jets to fly over the place.

They're coming closer Syn-D... the girl said to herself. She did not look to the side of the rock, as she could already hear the sound of their footsteps. Instead, she stared forwards at the pile of rocks in front of her. Just breathe... and get ready...

"Something doesn't seem right here," Betty noticed as the crew continued to walk. "If Maximus set a trap on the Armvarn civilians, then why is he hiding in a c-"

Suddenly, a flash of dust flew into Atomic Betty's eyes. The mist followed with the ground trembling under her feet. It was cracking beneath her! She rubbed her eyes as she looked for X-5 and Sparky. They were near; she could hear Sparky crying for something to get the sand out of his eyes.

"Keep your eyes open, guys!" Betty shouted. "Somebody's near us!"

The dust was thick, but as Atomic Betty looked up, she could see a silhouette standing on top of a tall, rigid piece of rock. Could it be Maximus? As the mist slowly became thin, she realized it was definitely not him.

"Hi!" Syn-D said with a grin, the wind causing her ebony hair to brush against her entire face. Betty could not get a good glimpse of the person until the breeze completely settled down. Maximus' new subordinate stood in such an angle that made Atomic Betty look inferior and small. But before she could even think about defending herself, Syn-D swooped from the jagged boulder and dove towards the girl. Through what seemed to be a timeless moment, Betty felt a sharp pain in her left shoulder as she tried to dodge the attack. The attempt was a failure as she hit the ground with a large thud.

"Oh, and the name's Syn-D. I work for Maximus," she said as she got up from her crouched position after attacking. There was a long pause as Atomic Betty could do nothing but stare in awe at the girl. Once again, she was at a lower level to this new opponent, her being on the ground and the girl standing over her. Syn-D was looking for some kind of response, but after no hint, she gave out a quiet 'heh' as the front bang that covered her right eye flew slightly upwards and back down. She made her way towards the fallen hero with a ready fist.

Realizing her situation, Atomic Betty managed to bring both her arms in a crossed position in front of her in order to dodge the punch. The two girls were face to face; Syn-D tried her best to penetrate Betty's defenses but she was holding on for as long as she possibly could. For some reason, Betty did not want to fight her. She wanted answers first. Was she from Earth? If so, what was she doing away from it? Why was she working for Maximus?

When Syn-D backed away, she took the opportunity. "A-are you from E-," when Betty realized what she was saying, she put both hands to her mouth. She was this close to saying her home planet when Maximus was surely around the area! What was she thinking?

"Uh.. yes.. I am from that.. planet.. that you were about to say. Uh, you were saying?" Syn-D said, trying eagerly to get the truth out of Betty, but quickly lost confidence. She was not a good actress, and there was hardly a way to trick the girl into her favour.

From what Syn-D said, Betty finally understood that she was not from Earth. Now, her impression of the new girl was that she was another helper of Maximus, sent in order to find out her home planet. "No, I won't allow it," she spoke. "I won't allow you to find my planet. Tell Maximus that he'll have to give up."

"I'd love to give him your message, but I'm a bit preoccupied right now," Syn-D hissed as she jumped from one rock to another. "I'm not just some lackey whose purpose is to serenely try and mislead the hero into telling her secret hideout. I'm here to kill you on the first try!"

Syn-D made no second thoughts as took another attempt to bring Atomic Betty down.

"Hmm, I think taking your friends away from your side would make things more interesting, Atomic Betty!" Maximus shouted from inside his base as he watched the fight. The rocket slowly left the canyon and zoomed towards the line that separated the rocks from the flat planes, where Atomic Betty, Sparky and X-5 were. At this point, Betty could clearly see the dark craft in the sky. Although Maximus did not make any notion of exiting, she could tell that a problem was about to arise; the rocket was hovering right above Sparky and X-5!

"Sparky! X-5! Look out!" she shouted at the top of her lungs. They were a far distance apart, but she was confident that they would hear her.

"Huh?" Sparky said, looking from side to side. "Look out for what?"

"I think Betty is referring to Maximus' base floating right over us!" X-5 exclaimed as he pointed upwards. When Sparky realized this, he jumped in surprise. The rocket was coming closer and closer, almost covering the entire sky from Sparky and X-5's point of view.

"Well, if Maximus thinks he's got us in the bag, he'll have to think twice.. that is.. if he has enough time for that!" That being said, Sparky turned on his rocket boosters and dove towards the base.

He did not even hear X-5's shouts of concern as he reached behind his back to take out his latest weapon, a laser gun with more accuracy and fire power than his original items. He knew that this was the perfect time to use it.

It did not seem odd to Sparky that Maximus' ship was not attacking, or perhaps he did not bother to notice it. He stopped flying upward when he was just a few metres from the bottom of the ship. "This outta leave a pretty mark," Sparky said as he targeted the ship with his gun.

Meanwhile, all Betty could do was watch since Syn-D was blocking her path to get to the others. Syn-D momentarily dropped her attention on the girl and turned her head half-way to see the action behind her. She kept one hand on her hip, as if not looking the slightest bit amused.

"What does he think he's doing?" Syn-D said monotonously. She decided not to bother anymore and looked back at Betty. "No matter.. it's not in his favour anyway."

Betty gasped; she was right. A small tile from the side of the ship opened, allowing a robotic arm to fall from within. Attached to the arm was a hand with long, spider-like fingers.

"Sparky! X-5!" Betty shouted once again.

"Huh?" Sparky said, hearing his captain's call. When he turned back around, he could see the arm darting straight towards him. In a swift move, he managed to overcome the first attack. But there was no time to relax as the arm did not give up. It kept chasing him, and all Sparky could do was fly away.

"Hold still, Sparky! I'm going to try and annihilate it!" X-5 said as he tried to target the flying arm. However, this proved difficult since it kept moving around, trying to capture Sparky.

"You really think I'm gonna slow down? This thing's gonna kill me!" Sparky shouted in terror.

She's... strong... Betty thought to herself. She never faced anyone like her. She wished that Sparky and X-5 were with her.. helping her. But if anything, they needed her help.

"Okay, enough watching your friends die.." Syn-D said as she darted towards Betty once more. Betty realized that she was near a large pile of sharp rocks, so she quickly made her way behind them.

Syn-D's punch missed and hit the rock that Betty was hiding behind. Piles of rock debris flew into the air and no sight of a damaged Atomic Betty was found. Syn-D moved her head upwards, looking past all the flying rock to find the girl, but her eyes were not fast enough. Betty had already positioned herself in the air to attack, and with one extended foot, she kicked Syn-D in the face as hard as she could. Syn-D was not quick enough to dodge and received the full impact, letting out a loud cry shortly afterwards.

"It appears that the new girl can't beat Atomic Betty," Minimus said, letting out a quiet but wicked snicker. Maximus completely ignored him, but knew very well of Syn-D's position as he looked at the large video set up in front of him, provided by the video cameras he released when Atomic Betty first landed on Armvarn. He knew that Syn-D was definitely not like any other opponent against Betty, but he had much higher expectations; he hoped that she would take the galactic girl out with just a few blows. This was not happening.

"I can't believe this. Spurdly Tim Kanishi assured me that Syn-D would get the job done. Look, she had her down long enough to finish her off!" he said, getting slightly irritated.

"I told you she was a waste of time and money," Minimus added.

"Shut up, Minimus!" Maximus yelled. "Are Atomic Betty's companions causing any trouble?"

Minimus mumbled as he pressed a button to make a small video pop up, giving a visual on what was happening under the ship. "No, your clamminess. They're occupied by the robotic arm from the ship. But what's the purpose of it anyway? They're just going to run away from it."

"It's a last resort.. in case things don't work out as planned," Maximus muttered. "You'll see..."

The subordinate fell to the ground, her fists hitting first so her head would be spared. Betty turned around to see how effective her attack was. She assumed that Syn-D would be worried about her face, but instead she brought one hand from the ground and clenched it over the neon purple necklace that she wore. Her fingers shivered as they touched the bound around her neck, and from what Betty could see, it looked like there was fear in her eyes. Her fingers then made a grip on the brace around her neck.. holding on as if her life depended on it.

But the fear disappeared in one blink. Syn-D managed to get up with her back towards Atomic Betty. She let out a cough which could have been taken as a laugh. "You.. you stupid girl," she hissed. She turned her head around to look at Betty. Her eyes glowed with anger. "You think I'll let you win? Just like that?" Syn-D almost lost her balance as she spoke. She knew herself that she was not in a good position to continue fighting. As she breathed in and out quickly, she thought about Maximus' disappointment in her. She really wanted to win, but it could not be done.. not this time, at least. Perhaps Maximus would understand and give her another chance. Perhaps...

Syn-D slowly backed away and brought her head down. Betty watched her, and took this as a sign of defeat. And then...

"No," Syn-D whispered. She ran towards Atomic Betty, almost taking her by surprise. Both of their hands clasped each others as they tried to push one another over. The struggle was overbearing on each side, but Betty would not give up. Suddenly, she heard Sparky shout from behind her. "Sparky?" she said, turning her head slightly.

"It's too bad I can't do this to you now, Atomic Betty.." Syn-D struggled to say as she finally managed to use all the power in her arms to throw the distracted Betty to the ground. This caused herself to slightly lose her balance, but she remained in control. "But, as my teacher once said, 'If the body of the enemy cannot be defeated, its emotions are the next target'..". Syn-D managed to smile as she looked up at what was happening to Sparky.

Without warning, the hand from the robotic arm clenched together and formed a large ball of attracting energy. It opened again, targeting the energy on Sparky. He realized that flying away was becoming a difficulty as the energy was shooting from the hand and grabbing his arms and legs. X-5 tried to shoot the arm, but the strange energy was protecting it. Before they knew it, the energy brought Sparky into the hand, impossible for him to escape.

"Noo! Sparky!" Betty shouted at the top of her lungs as she attempted to lift herself from the ground. But before she had a chance to try, a sharp pain ignited on her lower right leg. She screamed as the sting worsened.. the weight on the leg getting heavier and heavier. She looked down at her leg and saw that a boulder slightly larger than the size of her head had been thrown onto it. Despite the pain, she took her eyes off it and looked at Syn-D, who had her arms thrown in front of her. She brought them back to her sides and focused on the thrown boulder.

"That'll do for now," Syn-D exclaimed, spitting to the side of her. As she wiped her mouth, she looked at Betty in disgust. "If you want to see your friend again, look for me." With that said she took a small remote from her pocket, pressed a button, and instantly vanished.

"NO!" Betty screamed once again as she tried to reach for the girl, but she was gone. It was painful, but for the next minute, she tried to take the boulder off her leg. Every move she made was agonizing, but she knew she had no time. They had gotten Sparky and she had to get him back.

Her concentration was disrupted as the ground began to vibrate beneath her, but not enough to take the boulder out of its place; it was too heavy. She then realized that the rumbling was due to Maximus' spaceship powering up. The arm, with Sparky, retracted into the spaceship and the craft ignited its engines to blast off at a tremendous force. The power was so immense that she could see the ground heating up from beneath the craft. Now this made her wonder of X-5's safety.

To Betty's relief, she saw the robot gliding over to her in a distance, with the ground still shaking. By the time he had gotten to her, the situation was very critical. "I'm sorry Betty. Sparky was completely out of my reach. My best was not enough," he said. Betty could only hear every other word as the surface was becoming more and more unstable.

Everything happened in one second. Maximus' ship blasting off in the air... Betty's continuous shouting... all in one second. A horrible silence followed everything. Atomic Betty had both arms on the ground; she stared at them without even noticing that X-5 had moved the rock that was on her leg. She could not think of the pain anymore. Sparky was gone.

"Maximus left Armvarn half-way through conquering it. He had about 95 of the population captured," X-5 noted.

"No," Betty said. "Maximus was never after the planet, or the people. It has something to do with that girl... she said her name was Cindy." She drew her attention away from the sky and looked at X-5. "Do you know anything about her, X-5?"

"I'm afraid not," X-5 responded bluntly. For once, there was nothing more that he could say. He knew as much as Betty did, which was extremely limited.

Atomic Betty looked away from X-5 and to her damaged leg. Although she was barely able to stand, she put most of her weight on the other leg to avoid more pain than she was already feeling. Sparky... she said to herself. How could she be so careless? How could she let Maximus get away like that? And for that matter, since when was Maximus able to win for once? No.. he hasn't won yet.. she thought. He definitely had the upper hand, but she would get Sparky back, despite the fact that Maximus had a new subordinate helping him out.. and a good one for that matter.

"What do we do now, captain?" X-5 said, breaking Betty's thinking process.

"First.." she commenced. It was hard to say this because the first thing she wanted to do was get into the ship and save Sparky, but it had to be done. "We have to free the civilians of Armvarn. I can imagine how uncomfortable those red rings around them must be, despite their happiness. After that, we'll find Sparky and-"

"If I can make a suggestion.." X-5 interrupted. "You're not in adequate condition to help the civilians. And even if you try, you will only make your leg in a more critical state. I recommend staying in the ship and resting for a bit while I deal with the people of Armvarn."

"But X-5.. all those people.. it'll take a long time to-"

"No need for underestimation, captain. I'll work as quickly as possible. You know very well of your condition, so it would be best if you let your wound heal."

Betty decided not to argue with X-5 since time kept on going and Maximus' spaceship continued to fly through space.

X-5 flew towards the populated area at top speed while Betty made sure her balance was alright. Damaged and heavy with heartache for not being able to protect a comrade, Betty made her way to the ship. For the first time, she felt like a failure. She could have prevented all this.. could she not? She was unprepared and that led to what happened.

As she grabbed the door of the spaceship with both hands, she looked over to the area where the Armvarn civilians left. The sun of their solar system was just about to set, presenting a strange beauty across the horizon. It reminded Betty that even though a situation may be tough, it was in her blood to never give up.

"I'm sorry Sparky. But don't worry, I'll find you."

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