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Orange Sequal

Chapter 1: First Dream, A Unknown Realization

Sakura rolled over, sleeping peacefully. She dreamed:

"Naruto!" She growled heading to a stage in the middle of nowhere. Her emerald eyes glowed with curiosity as she neared to see that the blonde was singing. . . about orange?

Sakura's hair flowed through through a soft wind as she heard the angelic soft song. It was full of life. 'If only he could sing about me instead of those colors!' Inner Sakura screamed before either side of the young girl could stop herself.

"No no no!" She yelled letting the words run away with the wind, "I meant Sasuke, not Naruto. Sasuke?" Turning her head Sakura saw her lifelong crush. Coldly, he stared in turn back at her. Just like he didn' t know who she was.

"I' ll kill him." Twisting his black locks. Sasuke acted extremly like Ino flirting. Even worse is, in those deep eyes held a bloodlust that was no longer hidden.

"No. Naruto!" Sakura' s tears shed down her delicate face as she ran towards the stage.

'Why am I doing this? I hate Naruto! Don' t I?' Thoughts bursting into her head of romantic nights where the pink haired cutie used to imagine Sasuke and herself. Only this time Naruto was there taking her into his arms. Kissing her solftly, yet hungerly. Paying her extra care when she got hurt- no not hurt - pregnant!

The stairs! Sakura was finally at the stairs! Whatever was causing this dream she wanted it to end. Grabbing the microphone Sakura screamed into it, "THAT' S THE-"

-End Dream-

"END!" Sakura screeched as she bolted out of bed. Huh. It was just a dream. All a bad bad nightmare. I would never like Naruto!

-At Naruto's Apartment-

"Not the fruit. . ." The blonde boy murmured. Naruto suddenly shot out of bed with his hands over his ears.

"Ow! Sakura! Not so loud!" Blue eyes scanned the room, "It was just a dream?"

Rubbing his eyes Naruto headed to his kitchen to make breakfast. A scream made its way to Naruto's ears, "END!"

The ramen lover got a weird look and mumbled, "Sakura?" Just like my dream. . . Naruto wondered briefly before being distracted with his stomache growling.

"Heh heh. FOOD TIME!" And so the dream was pushed back to the farthest part of Naruto's mind.

-Training Grounds-

"Um... I wonder where Sasuke is?" Sakura looked up at the sky, for once not going into the daze known as 'My perfect Sasuke and me! Together forever!'

Naruto stood up from where he was squatting, "Is this the right day for training?" His blue eyes sparkled with happiness for a chance to be near Sakura alone. Seeing Sakura off in her dreamworld the loudmouth troublemaker smirked and stated cleverly in a fake Sasuke voice, "I love you Sakura."

The pink haired girl scratched her head and replied absent-mindedly, "Not now Sasuke. I'm thinking about the dream I had of Naruto."

"You had a dream about me!"

Sakura turned her head to the boy, wide-eyed, "N-NO! I mean-it was just a dream! Can you sing?"

Naruto blinked. "What was I singing about?"

The girls eyes dropped to the ground, a blush spread through her cheeks as she mumbled, "Orange."

"Wow! I had a dream where I was singing about orange! Is orange your favorite color?" Naruto's face lightened up immensly.

"No! Orange is a stupid color!"

"Orange should be your favorite color!"

"Ew. I think not!"

The kitsune began reciting the song in the same voice as Sakura's dream. After about one line her emerald eyes lowered as she yelled, "Don't sing that! I heard it already in my dream!" Sakura's hand curved into a fist as she swung it down to smack Naruto.

Naruto himself heard his crush yell and saw the pretty girls' fist swing down on him. Self-expierenced with being hit with that fist Naruto flinched, closing his eyes.

When the hit didn't come the blond looked up. Sakura looked at him with mallice.

"You can' t make orange my favorite color."

"Then I'll make it your favorite!"

Sakura humphed and stuck out her hand, "Deal."

"Deal! And if I win you'll be my girlfriend!" Naruto proposed.

"If I win you'll leave me alone, forever!" Haruno bluffed her wanted win in the bet. To be honest she didn't know what she wanted right then.

Do I like Naruto?Was the female pre- teens last thought as she walked alone. On her way home.