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Chapter 9: A Onesided Crush Advises

Sasuke paced back and forth in his room. The Uchiha knew he could do more to help his two teammates along and get them together, but it would take a drastic measure or two... Sasuke sighed before putting on a coat. The pretty boy realized it was the middle of the night. He had no choice. Sasuke ran to Sakura's house.

The window opened easily for a ninja of his skill. Sasuke slipped in. He didn't notice the nail that was halfway out of the bottom of the window, so when Sasuke went to stand the nail ripped his pants.

"Wha! Fu-" The Uchiha bit down on his lip to keep from cursing in frusteration. Bad luck like this never happened to him before.

Sasuke surveyed the damage as best as he could without taking off his pants. Growling he noticed that he shouldn't turn his back on Sakura. She got excited enough in his presence...

After taking a few minutes to calm down Sasuke called to the pink haired girl who was snuggled up with one of her pillows in a comfortable looking bed. "Sakura. Sakura!"

His teammate mumbled something about getting fat for him and turned over. Sasuke sighed and practically screamed her name, "SAKURA!"

The said girl jumped up startled from her bed, "I' M AWAKE!"

"Shhh! Sakura, I need to talk to you!"

"Sasuke-kun..." Sasuke could see the thoughts running through her head just through her eyes. "What are you doing here? Wait a minute... You're violating the bet!" Sakura looked exceedingly happy. No doubt thinking that he was here to romance her. Too bad Sasuke was here to let her down.

"This isn't about the bet. Besides you only have twelve more days of that stupid bet..." Sasuke calmed himself before he complained about their sensei, Kakashi, being an idiot and continued his explanation of why he was in her room in the middle of the night. "I' m here to give you some advice."

"Advice? For what?" Sakura questioned.

"Give up on me, Sakura. I don't want to be with you."

The pink haired girl gaped at him, "But Sasuke- I LOVE YOU!"

"I don't love you, Sakura." Sasuke's eyes went straight to hers. He couldn't afford for her to think he was lying, "It's useless to love me because I am not going to be able to return your feelings. I might never be able to."

"Sasuke! All I've ever done... including becoming a ninja was for you! Everything was for you to show you I'm..."

The Uchiha cut her off, "Show that you're my equal? You're not." He watched the tears come out of her sad eyes and continued being cold to her, "I don't cry."

After a few minutes of Sakura trying to make Sasuke realize she was meant for him with the Uchiha putting her down they both went silent. After awhile Sasuke turned to Sakura again.

"I appreciate how you look out for me and try to take care of me, but it's not going to work. Sakura, I need one favor from you."

Sakura looked eager to please, "Anything Sasuke! Anything. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you."

"My favor is to give me up Sakura. I can never love you like Naruto does. His love is pure." Sasuke told her.

The pink haired girl looked bitter. Thinking about yesterday. Naruto had taken her all over the village to make her laugh. He acted like Ino-pig. He ran from Gai-sensei. The blonde boy even managed to dress up Kakashi in a bunny suit. It had been the funniest day of her life, but that was all.

Sakura replied just as bitter as her thoughts, "Naruto doesn't know how to take anything seriously. How can I be with a guy who would probably laugh if I was seriously hurt, or something? I can't be with a guy who doesn't take anything seriously."

"Naruto does take his feelings for you seriously." Sasuke sighed in annoyance to her, "That stupid idiot wouldn't of almost gotten himself killed if he didn't really love you."

"I don't know if I can get over you, Sasuke. I've loved you for so long it doesn't seem even possible to do that." Sakura tried to hide her tears.

Sasuke picked himself off from where he was sitting at the end of her bed. He walked away from Sakura. Headed towards the window to leave. "You're going to have to. Or else I'll have to do something drastic."

The pink haired girl cried into the night. Trying to figure out why Naruto makes her so happy and alive, while Sasuke makes her so sad and dead. She thought it should be the other way around. That she could ignore it, but Sasuke was telling her she couldn't anymore.

Frankly, Sakura didn't want to take it anymore either. Only... She didn't know what to do.

Sasuke headed for Ino's house. Ready to tell her what happened and what he was prepared to do if Sakura refused to believe him and keep her favor.


Chapter 10: Turn-A-Rounds

Sakura wanders around for the day. And runs into Ino, who makes things worse...

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