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Sequel to Destroyed Lives

Broken Mirrors


It's been 11 years since Samira's death. Van and Fiona are separated and with new lives. Now the evil that separated them is back for revenge and with help. Old loves reawaken, friendships will be tested, and new loves will come.

Chapter 1

It Begins

Ever since the fire in Zain's base he had disappeared. Raven had said that Zain had gone inside the base but never came out. Everyone had the same thought, he had die in the fire. But even though he had died he had cause enough damage for everyone to remember him.

After Fiona and Padme had recovered, they and Dan went back to the Wind Colony. Van stayed in the Guardian Force. Samira's body was never found, but they still made a tomb with things that belonged to her.

Fiona and Van decided to end their marriage. They both thought it was the best for themselves and their two children.

It was a bright day in the Wind Colony. Everyone were working on what they had to, others shopping or visiting friends, but the peace was disturbed by a dashing hover board and its owner.

The young girl giggled as she past through the town in her hover board. Her long black hair that she had in a ponytail moved with the rhythm of the wind. She finally arrived to her house. She found her older brother outside working on something.

Quietly she made her way to him and scared him. The young girl laughed as she watched her older brother's shocked expression.

"How many times I've told you not to do that." The young man said.

"Sorry Dan, but I couldn't help it." The little girl said.

"Ha ha very funny. Why don't you go inside and help mom with some chores Padme." Said Dan as he return to do what he was doing before his sister came out and scared him.

"But I want to wait for dad." Padme protested.

"Dad wont be here yet." Dan said.

The little girl sigh and said, "Fine I'll go inside, but when dad comes call me." Padme who had given up said.

"Yeah I will. Oh and tell mom that I'm almost done." Dan said as he kept working. Padme nodded and ran inside. Dan only smiled. He thought how things had change. /Ever since Samira's death mom and dad separated. I know that the man my father had fought with years ago had to do with the situation that we are currently in. How I wish for things to be like there were before. Too bad Padme never saw mom and dad together./ He thought sadly. He saw a shadow behind him. Dan quickly turned around and found that it was Zeke. "Hey Zeke."

"Hey Zeke I told you to wait for me." An annoyed Van said as he ran to catch up with the organoid.

"Hey dad." Dan said. He walked up to his father and hugged him. Zeke on the other hand went inside the house.

"How you've been son?" Van asked. He passed a hand through his black spiky hair.

"Fine how about you?" Dan asked.

"Same as always." Van said. How he missed living here, but he couldn't change the past.

"Daddy!" An excited Padme said as she ran out of the house. In seconds she was in her father's arms.

"Hey there princess." Van said as he hugged his daughter.

"Daddy I missed you so much." Padme said. She barely got to see her father so she wanted to spend as much time with him as she could.

"I missed you too." Van said. He released her. Van heard the door opening and found that it was Fiona. There eye's were locked on each other for a few seconds until Fiona looked away.

"Well I did say that I would last time so I guess that yes." Van said smiling at his daughter. Padme started jumping of joy. She saw her mother and ran to her.

"Mommy I'm going to learn how to pilot a zoid!" Padme said with joy very clear in her voice.

"I'm glad." Fiona said smiling at her daughter. She tuned to face her son and Van and said, "The food is ready. Are you going to eat with us Van?"

"Sure." Van said. He had to admit Fiona was looking gorgeous.

"Let's go in then." Fiona said. Everyone followed her inside the house.

While they were eating Van couldn't help look at Fiona. Even though it has been eleven years he still loves her, but unfortunately they had hurt each other too much. He wanted to be with her so much, but that wouldn't happen.

After they were done Dan, Padme, and Zeke went to check on the Blade Liger so that it would ready for Van to use. That left Van and Fiona alone.

Fiona washed the dishes meanwhile Van fixed a lick in the bathroom. She was nervous having him there. Thankfully he wasn't going to stay there. Every time he would come to the Wind colony he would stay with Maria.

Van went into the kitchen and saw her washing the dishes. He knew that she didn't know that he was there. That gave him time to watch her and admire her beauty. A beauty that he no longer had. A frown appeared on his face as he thought of that. He didn't want to think about the idea of someone coming into Fiona's life and taking her away from him.

Fiona finished washing the dishes. She turned around and was surprised seeing Van there. How long had he been there? Who knows. All she knew was that he was there and his presence made her nervous.

"How long have you been there?" The blonde finally asked.

"I've been here for a couple of minutes." Van answered. He noticed her confusion.

"Why?" She asked softly. Fiona kind of afraid of the answer he would give her.

"You really don't know?" Van asked. He knew that Fiona knew the answer.

"Van we already talked about this," Fiona said. Tiredness was very clear in her voice.

"No we didn't. At least I didn't. Fiona I'm sorry for the way I acted. Please gi-" But Fiona cut him off.

"Van stop it! I don't want to through this again. Don't ruin what little peace we have. We are finally able to coexist together without screaming or hurting each other." Fiona said hoping Van would understand.

"I see." Was the only thing Van said. "I guess I'll come back tomorrow." Van waited a few seconds to see if Fiona would say something, but she didn't. With that he grabbed his coat and left.

Once he was gone Fiona fell to her knees. A tear fell from her eye. Things were just so difficult for and tomorrow were going to be worst. Tomorrow would be the 11th year anniversary of Samira's death. That was the reason why Van had come.

"I'm sorry Van, but you just have to move on like I have." Fiona said even though Van had already left.

It was a beautiful morning, but to the "Flyheight family" it wasn't. All four of them walked to the hill that held Samira's tomb. Padme was the first one to put some flowers on her tomb.

"Even though I didn't get to know you very well I still miss you. Dan always talks to me about you and that way that you were. I love you a lot big sister." Padme said. She slowly backed away from the tomb.

Dan was next. He held a white rose. He knew those had always been Samira's favorite. "Hey there kiddo." He said as he kneeled in front of the tomb. "I miss you so much. I just hope that where ever you are that you are happy and safe. I miss you annoying me, but don't worry Padme annoys me enough for the both of you."

"Hey!" Dan heard his younger sister say. He placed the white rose in front of the tomb.

"I will always miss you." Dan said as he got up so that his parents could be next to the tomb. Just like Dan had done, Fiona kneeled down in front of it. Van stayed standing, but at Fiona's side.

"Hey there sweetie. I just hope that you are fine. I know that you must be a beautiful angel up there. I miss you so much. If only I-" Fiona couldn't finish because she began to cry. Van helped her up and then hugged her. Fiona just cried on his chest.

"Don't worry Fiona. I'm sure that where ever our daughter is she will be fine. I know that she wouldn't of like seeing you like this." Van said s he held Fiona. Fiona only nodded, but didn't let go of him.

"Padme and I will be going back home." Dan said. He knew that his parents needed this time to be alone.

"Alright, we will catch up to you two later." Van said. Dan and Padme left.

"Van why did this have to happen to her?" Fiona asked as she cried on Van's chest.

"I don't know, but please don't cry. I know this is bad, but we have to move on." Van said even though it hurt him. Van kept holding Fiona. To him it felt great having her in his arms. With Fiona still in his arms they began to walk back to the house.

As soon as they left a stranger stood in the place that they were. The stranger picked up the rose that was there and smirked. "Pathetic, soon I will give you something to really cry about."

Ok people. Here's the sequel. So how was is it? Good? Bad?