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Chapter 6
Family & Love

Van and Fiona both laid in their bed. Fiona had her head on Van's chest. Silently she listened to Van's heartbeat. It's sound reassure her that her new found reality wasn't a lie.The blond smiled. her heart jumped out of pure joy every time she thought about it.

/We're finally together again./ Fiona thought.

Van's hand gently massaged her shoulder, alerting her that he was awake. Even though she was enjoying the sensations that he was creating, they needed to talk about what they were going to do from now on.

"Van," Fiona began to say. "what's going to happen from now on?"

Van sighed. He had been thinking a lot about that. He wanted things to be the way there were in the beginning, he knew that it was going to be hard, but no impossible.

"If it's okay with you, I want to move back here." Van said.

Fiona sat up so that she was able to see Van. "Really?" Fiona asked.

Van nodded. "I want to be closer to you and the kids. How about I take a long vacation from work? I mean I haven't taken one in years and I deserve a break." Van said.

Fiona smiled and hugged him. "I'd love to have you back, but what are we going to tell the kids?" Fiona asked.

"The Truth, that we are together and that we will never be apart again." Van said, but Fiona knew that it was a promise.

"Then we should get ready. The kids will be back soon." Fiona said with a smile.

"Now? I thought we could enjoy ourselves some more." Van said giving her a mischievous look.

"We will have plenty of time later. Right now, we need to get dress." Fiona said as she abandon the warmth of Van's body. Van Had no choice but to mimic her actions.

Moonbay knew something was going on. Fiona hadn't come visit her today, but that wasn't what alerted her that something was going on, it was her encounter with Thomas. Boy was he mad when she saw him. He didn't even bother to speak with her. He simply passed by her without giving her a second look.

Then Dan and Padme showed up at her house. Padme seemed worried about her mother since she mentioned that she hadn't waken up. Immediately Moonbay had decided to go check on Fiona, but Dan stopped her mentioning something about that she was busy solving some issues.

/What issues?/ Moonbay wondered. /Well it has to be about Thomas, why else would he be like she dumped him./ Moonbay's eyes widened at her sudden realization

"She dumped him!" Moonbay suddenly exclaimed, which earned her a 'what the heck is wrong with you' look from her son.

"Moonbay couldn't believe it. She knew about Fiona's and Thomas' relationship, which in her opinion was completely absurd. But she knew that Fiona would never hurt Thomas on purposes, so that brought her to another question, why did Fiona decided to break up with Thomas?

Van hasn't shown up. Her conscience whispered.

Moonbay's eyes began to reflect stars. A huge smile graced her lips as a plan formed in her mind.

Anakin just shook his head. His mother was up to something and he felt pity for those who got in her way.

Dan laid in the grass. His eyes stared at the sky trying to search for stars, but he knew that he wouldn't see any because of the sun's light on the planet. A few feet away from him Padme and Reena played. He could hear their laughter and that brought a smile to him.

Reena went near him and laid herself next to him."What's on your mind?" Reena asked.

"Just some stuff about my family." Dan said not taking his eyes off the sky.

Reena brought herself up on one elbow to look at him better. "Is something wrong?"

Dan shook his head. "Not really, I hope so." All though he said the last part softly.

"If you need to talk, you know you can always call me." Reena said

"Thanks." Dan said getting up only to fall down courtesy of his sister.

"Hey!" Padme exclaimed pushing Dan towards Reena.

"Padme get off me!" Dan said trying to get up, but his sister was sitting on hi back. He turned to see Reena who was laying beneath him. Her face was completely red.

"You okay Reena?" Dan asked.

Reena only nodded not even looking at him. She felt that her face was completely red and she didn't want to look at him.

Dan thought that he was hurting her so he tried to move but failed again because of Padme's interference.

"Padme we're hurting Reena. Get off me now." Dan said.

At hearing this Padme immediately got up and allowed her brother and Reena to stand up.

"I'm sorry Reena." Padme said with a worried look.

"Don't worry, I'm okay." Reena quickly said. She felt the need to leave since she felt uncomfortable. "I need to go." With that she ran off to her house.

"Do you think she's mad at me?" Padme asked.

"I don't know." Dan said confused. "I'll go visit her later."

"Okay." Padme said.

"I think it's time to go home." Dan said.

"Okay." Padme said.

Reena had arrived to her house and gone straight to her room without even speaking to her mother or brother. She slammed the door of her bedroom and went to lay on her bed.

"What the heck is wrong with me?" Reena asked herself. She didn't understand the feelings that she felt when she was with Dan. She knew Dan since she was born and she had always seen hims as an older brother.

"Or so I thought." Reena said to herself.

She didn't know when her feelings began to change. Heck! She didn't even know what exactly she felt for him.

"My heart beats faster every time I see him, and when I see him smile I feel like nothing in the world could make me happier. When his around me I feel the need to hold him. Oh god, when he was laying on top of me I felt so..." She couldn't even describe it!

"That sounds like love to me." A voice coming from her door said.

Reena turned to see the owner of that voice. Moonbay was leaning against the door frame. She was worried about her daughter. Lately she seemed distracted and moody, but she had an idea of what was causing it.

"It's okay to be in love," Moonbay began to say, seeing that her daughter wouldn't speak. "especially of a nice guy like Dan."

Reena flinched at hearing his name.

"Dan is a really good guy. I bet even your dad would approve of him." Moonbay said.

"H-how do you know it's love?" Reena asked.

"Because of the way you describe what you feel when you're with him, it screams love." Moonbay explained.

/I love Dan?/ Reena asked herself. For some reason the idea didn't seem absurd. Actually, something inside of her welcomed it.

"I guess you're right. I do love Dan." Reena said feeling more at peace with herself.

"Good." Moonbay said, her expression changing. "Now explain to me why was Dan laying on top of you?"

Reena gulped. She knew that look on her mother's face.

Dan and Padme entered their house. Their parents were waiting for them in the living room.

"Hi mommy and daddy." Padme said sitting next to her father.

"Hey." Dan said.

"Hi, we were waiting for you to arrive. We have something to discuss with you." Fiona said.

"What's going on?" Dan asked all though he had an idea.

"Well," Van started. "we wish to tell you about some changes that are going to happen to our family."

Dan and Padme just starred at him not knowing were this was going.

"Your mother and I," he said taking Fiona's hand with his," have decided to reestablish our relationship."

Silence met his statement.

"Reestablish?" Padme asked not understanding.

"Yes sweetie. You're father and I are back together." Fiona said with a smile.

Padme, not remembering seeing her parents together couldn't understand what they were saying. Dan on the other hand did, but he wasn't sure if he should be happy or worried about this.

"So you're moving back?" Dan asked,

"Yes," Van said.

"Yay!" Padme exclaimed. "You're going to live here!" Padme hugged her father out of pure joy.

Van smiled seeing his daughter acceptance.

"Padme could you leave me alone with mom and dad please." Dan asked.

Padme didn't wish to leave her parents, but one look from her brother made her change her mind. "Okay," she said while standing up.

Once Padme was gone, Dan redirected his attention to his parents.

"Are you sure about you decision?" Dan asked.

Both Van and Fiona were taken back by his question.

"I love you mother Dan, I'd never stopped loving her." Van confessed.

"I know Dad, but I also know the problems that you two have. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of having you two together again, but what I don't want is having you two fighting like before, especially now that Padme is older." Dan explained.

Both parents understood their son's worries. Their marriage hadn't been the best after the death of Samira. They constantly fought and unfortunately their son had to witness it.

"I understand what you mean Dan." Fiona began to say. "But believe me that before we decided to speak with you and your sister, your father and I talked about this. I know we had many problems before, but most of them were caused by one thing," Fiona made a pause since several memories floated into her mind. "but your father and I reasoned it out. There's nothing stopping us from truly being happy now."

"What about Thomas?" Dan asked.

Both parents stayed silent for a moment until Fiona decided to speak again.

"I ended my relationship with Thomas." Fiona said.

"Because of Dad." It was more of a statement than a question.


"Dan, I hope you understand our position." Van said hoping that his son was on their side. "So are you okay with this Dan?"

Dan smiled as an idea popped on his head. "Well ... I'll be okay with this," His parents smiled, "as long as Dad has to take care of doing the lawn, taking out the garbage, etc."

Van's jaw hit the floor.

"He'll do it." Fiona answered for him.

"What?" Van asked outraged.

"Am I not worth it?" Fiona asked giving him a hurt look.

"Of course you are." Van immediately said. "You're worth even more," Van said as he leaned in for a kiss. Fiona eagerly responded him.

"Oh come on!" Dan said looking away. "You guys got your own room for that."

Bot Van and Fiona laughed.

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