"Not a chance on the hellmouth, buddy," Dawn stated, pulling one of the plastic crowns from the rack and placing it on her head. Her son stood in front of her, clutching a plastic costume bag to his chest. Kris stood off to the side, his head tilted as he stared at the array of costume choices.

"But, Mommy, please," The boy begged, his big eyes looking up at her with adoration and pleading.

"No," Her voice was stern as she replaced the pink crown, turning to Kyle. "We're going as a family of super-heroes,"

"Dawn, he is a super-hero," Kris pointed out.

"Is not. He's a bug, who just happens to be a wanna-be super-hero,"

"Oh for hell's sake, just let the boy be Spiderman,"

"It's not fair. Spiderman is in no way better than m…demon fighting people,"

"Love, really, you have to get over this whole jealous of a fictional character syndrome. The kid is five, and if he wants to be Spiderman let him be Spiderman,"

"Fine, but that leaves you under my power,"

"Who are you planning on being?"

"Wonderwoman," Kris sucked in an uneeded breath.

"You cant be that,"

"And why not," Dawn asked, slightly offended. Kris looked down at the floor sheepishly.

"Because I can barely stand being around you normally but you in a sexy outfit like that…I don't think I can keep myself from jumping on you,"

"Oh," Dawn whispered, blushing lightly. "Well, moving on from that awkward moment. I'm still going to be Wonderwoman and you my vampire counterpart are going to be Superman,"


"Hope you're comfortable in tights, I hear they tend to ride up. But that shouldn't be a problem, not much crowding there, huh?" She giggled, walking away.

"Pure evil,"

"Like father, like childe. When it comes down to it, I'm always badder," She muttered, a smile on her face as her son launched himself on Kris' back. It was good to be normal; even if only for a day.

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