Nothing To Lose

By: Me! Special little seven year old me:D

Um...hi everyone! This is my second story!...hehe...I'm soooo happy...but unfortunately for those who wanted a sequel to my last one...this is not it:P I worked on it but then got distracted by this one so it's on hold for the moment, but enjoy this on while u wait...haha. Enough talkie talkie onto the story!

Disclaimer: me Tala...not Enrique...not Maxie...not Johnny... not Kai...but he's mine! got it!...haha..not beyblade...not the summary...made by my friend, but i came up with the plot this time!...ahem...not the song, Nothing to Lose by Billy Talent...not anything -cries-look what u ppl did! i'm crying now! i wanna own something! i feel so unloved! someome love me! (jeez so desperate sounding-.-:P)

Chapter 1- Damn

Need more friends with wings
All the angels I know
Put concrete in my veins

Another day, another disappointment. I'm cold, wet and not to mention my supposed "friends" just ditched me. I've known them since when? I was six and they ditch me for some guys they've known for six seconds? No, wait they started to make out with them within six seconds, within six minutes they told me to take a hike cause they're going to some party. Why am I so surprise? It ain't the first time. What I don't get is why the hell did they ask me to come to the mall with them if they didn't really want me around? Oh, wait how stupid of me, cause they wanted me to hold their crap. Sigh, why do I always go then? Oh! Oh! I know the answer to that too! Cause I'm an idiot… Okay, why do I keep asking questions then answering them! God, I'm starting to annoy myself.

Now I'm walking 'cause no one would come get me, actually I never asked but I don't except them to. Just my luck too, halfway through walking home it starts to rain. I need to get myself some new friends! Yeah, not going to happen. I've been telling myself to get new friends since…well a very long time. About . . . eight years still hasn't happened. The fact of it all is that I'm not able to makes new friends … or new good friends. Heh, I'm not good enough to get actually friends, just the kinds that use me then throw me away, like a piece of garbage.

Have you ever seen the show 7th heaven? They always have these corny, happy little endings. Everything always works out with this little lessons learned. All wrapped up nicely. I want that, those stereotype-totally-obvious-overdone-endings. I mean they're really overrated, but doesn't it just make you happy to see them? I want those friends and family that are just always there for you. Ones that never leave your side. I've had all sorts of friends, some nothing like me, one completely like me. But in reality it doesn't matter what they were like 'cause in the end they all left. The more you like someone, the more time you spend together, the more it hurts when they leave you hanging. To put your trust into someone, is to set yourself up for disappointment . . . simple as that. That's why I don't trust the "friends" I have one bit, cause the moment I start to, they'll drop me like we're playing Hot Potato and I'm the potato or they'll stab me in the back, over and over 'till I can't get back up.

Okay, I really don't want to think about anything anymore. I have bad friends, end of story. I just want to get home. I can do it! Just another . . . uh ten blocks? Hurray!

I banged on the door to my house, dripping wet from head to toe. I could hear people on the inside but no one answered. Damn, I picked a bad day to forget my keys. Open! Open! Open! DAMN IT! I ran out onto the driveway, looking for an opening, an open door, a window, a tiny hole I could crawl through, anything! Nothing …what a surprise. I ran around back, thank god! Thank god! Kitchen window…OPEN! Who leaves a window open when it's raining? Wait...who cares! I just want in! Damn those idiots inside!

I tried to pull myself up and in the window. This is one of those times I wished I was tall instead of 5ft...who am I kidding? Not even 5ft. Plus the water didn't help much either.

"Ahhhh!" I yelled as I fell down…again. Great, now not only am I cold and wet but also muddy. It just had to be muddy right below the window. "Okay, okay I can do this! One more time! Up…and…in-ahh!" I forgot one little step, fall flat on my face, on the other side. "O-ow"

"Smooth move," a voice came.

"Ow, can't you see I'm in pain! Hello? Help your little sister up!"

"Nah, I'm busy," he said then went back to fixing himself a sandwich.

How typical. "Why didn't any of you idiots open the door?"

"Could have but watching you try and climb through that window was just so much more amusing. "

There I go again, asking questions I already knew the answer to. I saw that response coming... "Well what a great brother you are." I said then stomped out of the kitchen.

"I opened the window for you, isn't that good enough?" he asked and took a bite out of his sandwich...then spat it right back out again. Did I mention I replaced the ham with two week old ones? Can't you just feel the love in this house?

Anyways so out of the Kitchen, through the dinning room…

"Yo, you're going to bring the house down!" My brother commented, as the walls shook as I walked.

"Can't you see we're busy? Did you not read the 'Do Not Disturb Sign' on the door?" My...ahem...other brother said.

"Screw your sign!" I yelled...then saw their dates... "Oh, and you two look very pretty...Very blonde... like the girls..."my voice suddenly turn sweet.

One of my brothers, shook his head, and signaled with his hands to not finished the sentence. The other glared at me, he knew I was going to finish the sentence and he was basically saying 'I'm going to beat the crap out of you later.' Well ya know what? It's worth it! I can NOT spend another dinner with two extremely mentally challenge bimbos, that say the words 'totally' and 'whatever' every five damn seconds, and only talk about hair and makeup, Like I give a damn.

"The girls? What girls?" See now if I was just talking about my life, these two girls would probably have told me to beat it by now, but it seems I have caught their attentions with this topic.

"The girl these two invited over last night. They stayed pretty late...Studying, or so my brothers said."

"What girls? We've been dating them for weeks now." one of them said confused... yes the types of girls that date my brothers get confused very easily. Hello? Do I need to spell it out for ya?

"Oh, well I wouldn't know anything about that..." I shrugged as I left those two and their dates. I soon heard lots of screaming...more like screeching...and what seemed to be a cups of water splashing all over my dear, dear brothers...I see they weren't that dumb, they managed to connect the dots I had so conveniently placed. Pay back is so sweet. I'm wet, their wet, all is right with the world...for now.

Out of the dinning room, through the living room…

"You're tracking mud everywhere! Mom's going to kill you!" Wow, I'm amazed he noticed...usually nothing can distract him from his precious video games.

"No, mom's going to kill you," I purposely rubbed my shoes on the carpet a couple more times, then left, leaving him to clean up the mess.

Out of the living room, past the front door, up the stairs and finally into my room..

First thing I did was blast Evanescence's "Lies" song.

"Hey! I'm on the phone in here!"

"Then take it outside!"

"I was here first! Get out!"

"This is my room too. You want to get away from the music then be my guest and leave." Trust me I only act, talk, and yell back like this at home and only to my brothers...and only sometimes. School is a whole other issue...

He rolled his eyes, "Jeez, someone's PMSing-… huh? No, no! Not you! Nothing, nothing, I wasn't talking to no one," he said leaving the room and continued talking to whoever the hell he was talking to.

...Yes, that's right. I'm nothing, I'm no one. Just your damn sister! Whatever, in this house I'm invisible, unless I get into someone's way or they want something from me, same at school too.

I am the youngest of six kids. SIX! All guys except me of course, though sometimes I'm not too sure, considering I spent a better part of my life actually thinking I was a guy. I used to be this cheerful, easy going, free-minded, naive, happy-go-lucky child, so basically I was extremely stupid and extremely optimistic. I'm still extremely stupid but now I'm extremely pessimistic but what can you expect when I live with five hormone-driven-egotistical-smart-ass-teenaged-pains-in-the-butt who just love to be superior, who just love to hover over you and really rub into your face just how much better they are compared to you.

The eldest is Tala, the one from the kitchen, fixing himself a sandwich, and watching me fall threw a window. How nice of him. Redhead. Hockey. Obsession: girls.

The second, Enrique, only ten months younger then Tala. The one gesturing me to not finish that sentence. Pfft, as if. Blonde. Immature. Obsession: Girls. Both entering their final year of high school. (They both in the same grade, cause they were born in the same year. Tala sometime in Feb and, Tally in Nov-ish)

Johnny, entering second last year of high school. The one that's going to beat me up later... Redhead... more like hothead. Football. Obsession: Girls.

Max, entering second year of high school. Blonde. Video Games. Cute, innocent looking but no better then the rest of them. Obsession: Girls.

Rei, my twin, though we do look alike except height-wise, the similarities end there I assure you. Entering high school. Born fourteen hours before me so thinks he's the boss of me. Black haired. Guitar, drums, drawing you know artistic stuff. Obsession: Girls…or one girl in particular. Mariah, Mariah, Mariah! Drives me crazy! He even says her name in his sleep!

As you can see they're all obsessed with girls…guys and their damn testosterone. They're also all smart, straight 'A' students without even trying. Pisses me off, damn show-offs. 'They have the potential to do great things' or so the school council said. (AO: hehehe she's said damn like eight times so far:P) Tala, basically anything the hell he wants. Enrique, politics, Lawyer…anything to do with debating, he's immature so doesn't ever give up till he wins. Johnny, businessman, I can see it now, he's gonna own a hell-of-a-lot of this town, if not all of it. Max, engineer, designing and building the latest cars, planes, space crafts or whatever. Rei artist, painting, drawing, architect...musician, when he can ever convince mom to let me, which will be never.

And then there's me, barely passing, struggling just to be considered average. No talents, no future. Well I like Martial Arts, Karate, Fencing…basically anything with fighting, but what career am I going to make of that? It's not like I can open a Dojo or anything, no management skills. It's not like fighting is some sort of all mighty talent, anyone could do it and anyone could be good at it with enough practice...well anyone but me.

It's like by the time I was born there was no more talent to give out, it's all been used up on my oh-so-wonderful-brothers. Usually when your not smart your suppose to have looks or be sportive, but I got nothing. English, math, science, art, sports, I suck at it all and to top it off I'm uuuuuugly, have no interesting personality or quality at all. I will never get a guy to so much as look my way, not that I really care anymore, I've accepted it or as much as a person can accept the fact that they'll live and die alone. I can picture it now, bitter old lady in a run down old house littered with cats, yelling obscenities, and scaring away the neighbor children. What a bright future I have ahead of me. (Hey, that doesn't seem so bad! Watchin the kids scream and run away would b fun! And who doesn't love cats:D)

We're all born so close, there's no more then one year before my mom spat out another kid. It's like all of a sudden my parents wanted kids so over four years had six of them! Not that they were really planning on me, they wanted one more kid and I kind of just tagged along with Rei.

Okay, no more talkie, talkie. I need a shower before all the guys rush into the bathroom-

"No! I need the bathroom! I have a date tonight!" Max's voice yelled from the other side of the door.

"Yeah, and I have four! Move it!" Then sounds of Max and Johnny shoving each other was heard.

"Gotta pick Mariah up in thirty! Need the bathroom!" Rei joined in.

"No way! I was here first."

"No you weren't!" The fight basically continued like that...

"Hey, cool it. The three of you! I know how to solve this..." Enrique cut in.

"You...Have a solution?" the three of them asked at once.

"I'm smart!"

"No one's denying that. You just have a tendency of not using that brain of yours." Rei commented.

"Hey! That's not true..okay maybe last week when I fell on that thing...and on Tuesday with that long...pole-thing ...and this morning with the table-"

"Let's not get into that, what's your supposed solution?"

"Easy, I was put onto this earth before all of you, so I should get the bathroom before all of you."

"Like hell that's going to happen."

The fight continued 'till a loud 'SLAM' was heard followed by everyone yelling, "TALA!" Happens everyday. Sometimes I wonder if their IQs are really as high as they say. Everyday they get so caught up in fighting with each other, they forget that Tala's just going to come along and take the bathroom.

Well, I'm not going to get in there anytime soon. I'll just sit here..wet and covered in mud. You'd think with some many people living under one roof, we'd have at least two bathrooms. Damn, it's getting colder. (That makes nine) Oh, and did I mention that tomorrow is the first day of school? First day of Highschool for me actually.

That was rather pointless but it's an intro to her life:P hope y'all enjoyed! Puhplease? Kai doesn't appear till a couple chapters from now... but I'll have him and Tala do my author's notes next chapter! Kay:D Just cause I love em so very much! Don't I Tallya-niisan?

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