(Yugi and Kitty are sitting together on a picnic blanket in the middle of a sand dune, observing the moon and stars.)

Yugi: (singing quietly) Oh, I come from a land,
From a far away place
Where the caravan camels roam…
Where they cut off your ear
If they don't like your face;
It's barbaric, but hey, it's home!

Kitty: (singing quietly) When the wind's from the east,
And the sun's from the west,
And the sand in the glass is right…
Come on down, stop on by,
Hop a carpet and fly
To another Egyptian Night…

Both: Egyptian Nights,
Like Egyptian days…
More often than not
Are hotter than hot
In a lot of good ways…

Yami: (chasing Bakura, past Kitty and Yugi) I'm going to kill you, Tomb Robber!

Bakura: You're never gonna catch me, Pharaoh!

Ryou: (running behind them) Knock it off, you're acting like idiots!

Kitty: (vein popping in her temple) SHUT UP!

(Everything stops)

Kitty: We're trying to introduce my next fic here.

Yugi: So you guys can chill out or get off the set, you're getting sand all over Kitty's floor.

Bakura: You built a set full of sand in the middle of your room? What the hell are you doing this time, Kitty?

Ryou: (flicks the lights on) Let me guess…another shonen-ai fic?

Kitty: CORRECT-A-MUNDO, RYOU-KUN! My final shonen-ai fic.

Ryou: (frowns) Hmm…a parody of "Arabian Nights"…a desert as the scenery…I wonder what this could be a parody of.

Yami: Uh…the Prince of Egypt? (grins hopefully)

Bakura: (sweatdrop) Self-centered git…

Kitty: I would, but I thought you had enough fun in Tenshi of Games, Yami-kun. No…it's Aladdin.

Ryou: As I suspected. And what's the pairing? Let's see…Yami/Yugi…Seto/Joey…what are we missing here on the supposed "Yami-Hikari" list?

Bakura: (anxiously) Uh…Marik/Malik?

Kitty: (slaps the Tomb Robber) I'M NEVER , EVER WRITING THAT! Kara–kun would kill me, and besides, I HATE MALIK!

Yugi: No…it's you and your Hikari, Bakura.

Bakura: WHAT?

Ryou: "As I suspected," the sequel. And as my Yami's a thief, I can guess what role he'll be playing in this…

Yami: That cute little furry monkey?

Bakura: THAT'S IT! (jumps on Yami and starts beating him up)


Bakura: (stops and glares at Kitty) I hate you. (jumps off the bleeding and bruised Yami)

Ryou: So Bakura's Aladdin…and I'm…oh no, please don't tell me I'm the girl.

Kitty: You're not; you're Prince Ryou of Agrabah!…who happens to like guys…oh c'mon Ryou, you know you fit the part well!

Ryou: Translation; I act like a girl.

Kitty: Well, that too…but that's not why I chose you for the role, honest!

Ryou: (snorts)

Yugi: Don't worry about it, Ryou…at least you aren't actually a girl…you're just in the role that was filledby a girl. I was in the role of Christine, remember? That wasn't so bad.

Ryou: But anyone could take being in Phantom of the Opera!

Kitty: Yeah, that's true…but Aladdin is the coolest ever! The Genie is awesomeness.

Bakura: Riiiiight…and who, pre tell, is playing the Genie?

Kitty: (sweatdrop) That's a surprise!

Bakura: Translation; it's one of your bishies or your friends.


Bakura: Yugi?

Yugi: I'm just here for the story and the popcorn. (a bucket of popcorn appears in his lap)

Bakura: So it's Yami, Noa or Amelda…and as Noa was the Wizard of Oz and Kaiba has forbade you from making Amelda a main char-

Kitty: (growls) Kaiba is pure evil for not letting me do anything with Amelda-chan! But I'll let you ponder with the parts later… Right now, we have to finish this prologue and get to the story.

Yami: STORY TIME! (sits next to Kitty attentively) What's the story, Tory?

Kitty (a.k.a. Tory): (sweatdrop) I never should've let you hang out with Kacey.

Yami: (pouts like a little kid) C'mon…tell the story.

Kitty: Alright…the story centers around this. (pulls out a lamp)

Ryou: An old oil lamp?

Kitty: (in a fake Arabian accent) Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance. Like so many things, it is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts.

Yugi: Okay…so the oil inside is the focus of a story about a stupid president who went to a useless war.

Kitty: (shakes her head) This is no ordinary lamp! It once changed the course of a young man's life…a young man who, like this lamp, is more than what he seems…a diamond in the rough, you could say.

Bakura: (smirks) I like this story already; hurry up before I lose my interest.

Kitty: Stop the commentary, I'm getting to it. (pause) It begins on a dark night…where a dark man waits…with a dark purpose…

Yugi: Ooh, creepy…

Yami: Shh!