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It'd been three days since the truth had come out. Since they realized that their best friend was now this little girl that Hiei had freed. It was concluded that the expiriement hadn't been finished and that was why she could not remember who she truly was. The expirment itself seemed to have no purpouse, but to get the one expirimented on to kill his or herself. During the sick, and strange expirments everything was reversed.



Hair color.

Eye color.

Eveything, but the blood, and the DNA. For whatever reason, that couldn't be changed. Yusuke was extremly grateful, them testing her blood would have been the only way to find out she was Kuwabara. Koenma exclamined he could make a cure, and they could have Kuwabara back. Everyone was thrilled, and even Hiei was a little happy, but there was a shadow over him. When Koenma told them this, Hiei had picked Ichiko up, pressed her to him, and walked away.

They were afraid they were going to have to convinve him that was this for the best, that this state was unnatural and it was best for her to be returned to her true form, but Hiei didn't put up a fight. He agreed with them, all he asked was that while they made a cure he got to keep the little girl until it was time. They consented, and Hiei left telling Kurama that he would wait for him to come and get him.

Hiei took the girl everywhere, showed Ichiko things she wanted to see, and things that were once the things Kuwabara loved to see. Hiei even took Ichiko to see Shizuru, and Eckiji.

It was the night before the big day of bringing Kuwabara back, when he held her in his arms, and ran his fingers through her curls. "Ichiko?" The small girl, barely away stirred, and whispered, "Yes Papa?" Hiei stopped stroking her hair and asked, "Is that what I am?" She giggled, and with tired eyes looked at him, "Yes Papa." There was silenece when he whispered, "Thank you." Another silence went on and she finally asked, "What was it you wanted Papa?" Hiei looked down at her, "Take a good look at my face." Ichiko did as she was told, and Hiei continued, "Promise to remember this face. Promise me you'll remember my face."

Ichiko smiled, "But I knew your face before I even saw you Papa!"

Hiei stared at her, eyes open in shock, "What?" Ichiko laughed, and asked, "Papa don't you remember? I've seen your face before...why else would I know who you are that day you got me out of the box. I knew who you were as soon as my...eyes..." Ichiko fell into slumber after that and Hiei went back to stroking her hair, gems fallign on his lap.

The next day, Ichiko was stripped of her clothes, and wrapped in a large sheet. Boeton held a needle up, and told Ichiko, "This will sting, but only for a moment. Do you understand?" Ichiko looked at Hiei who stood near her, Kurama's and Yusuke's hands on his shoulders, "Papa," she asked, "is this okay?" Hiei stiffly nodded, and she smiled. Boeton gave the girl a shot of green syrum, and Ichiko cried out with pain.

When it was all in her, Boeton stepped back. Ichiko was turning sickly pale, and sweat was on her brow. " hurts a lot..." The girl whimpered. Hiei broke away from his friends, and grabbed onto the little girl, holding her to him. "It's okay Ichiko." Hiei pressed his nose to her hair, and closed his eyes.

Kurama screamed for Hiei, when the girl began to scream and glow. Hiei cried out as a wind blasted him away and off her, he smashed into Kurama, who let out a grunt of pain as his ribs cracked. "KUWABARA?" Yusuke cried shielding his eyes from the light. A crack filled hte air, and a thinck smoke appeared in the room. Silence weighed all of them down, but it was the sound of footsteps that made them all look up.

Kuwabara was standing there, hold the sheet to his body, eyes dim, and frail. He looked so tired. Yusuke rose, and with shakey hands reached for him, cupping the yound man's face. "Kuwa..." Yusuke didn't say another word, for a familiar goofy smile crossed Kuwabara's face. He blinked, and his eyes were the same as they used to be. "Yusuke..." Kuwabara kissed Yusuke gently, who responded eagerly wrapping his arms around him. Kurama and Boeton eagerly ran to meet him crying out his name, but Hiei stayed where he was.

His eyes drifted past Kuwabara, and rest on something else.

When he slowly walked towards whatever he was staing at, the room fell silent, and a chill seemed to have settled in the room. Hiei dropped to his knees, and stared at a scorch mark where Ichiko had been.

"She's dead."

Boeton looked nervously at Hiei and gently said, "She was techniqlly never alive-" Hiei glared at her, eyes glassey and filled with despair. "Shut up. She was alive...She just some respect!" He turned away from them, and ignored everythign but that scorch mark until he felt something rest against his shoulder. He glanced over at Kuwabara, who was curled up next to him, still wrapped in that sheet.

"Get off me human!" Hiei snarled trying to push him away, but Kuwabara held onto him, and when Hiei settled rested his head on his shoulder again. Kuwabara didn't look at Hiei, but getnly whispered in his ear, "I remember you...Papa."

Hiei looked at Kuwabara, and hung his head, tear gems hitting the ground, and with his shaky hand grasped the one that gripped tightly at his shirt.


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