I normally dislike high school fics with a passion and yet here I am writing one. CURSE MY DREAM MUSE! I'm going to try a few different things here and there and be warned…the characters are most probably going to be OOC. This will of course contain Albel and Nel, Cliff and Mirage, and either Fayt and Sophia or Fayt and Maria, I can't decide which. The setting is Elicoor II in our time period, but there is still a king and queen. Everyone, except Roger and Peppita, is around 17 or 18 years old. Peppita and Roger, who are both 14, are in Jr. High which is right next door to the high school.

Nel: Daughter of one of the richest and highly respected families in Aquaria and Airyglyph. She hopes to be as good a knight as her father.

Albel: Also from a well known family and is famous for his skill with swords. He is feared by both students and teachers.

Cliff: Just your average class clown and troublemaker. He spends more time plotting with his partner in crime, Mirage, than studying.

Mirage: A sophisticated looking girl from a rich family. She prefers to live a troublemaking lifestyle rather than being a proper lady.

Maria: A gifted singer with good leadership abilities. She lives with Cliff's family in Peterny.

Sophia: An average girl who lives in Peterny with her parents. She lives next to her childhood friend, Fayt.

Fayt: A boy whose parents spend more time with their scientific research than at home. He is skilled in video games, technology, and loves to play basketball.

Roger: A slightly annoying (and kinda cute) twerp from Surferio who flirts with Nel, questions Cliff's intelligence, and tries to pick a fight with Albel (but only if he has access to a good shield, like a patrolling runologist or Nel).

Peppita: An aspiring actress who lives with her extended family in Peterny. She comes to the high school for Theater Arts and loves to hang around Fayt and Sophia before and after school hours.

It goes without saying, but I don't own SO3 or any of its characters. And now for your reading pleasure, I present…

Aquios High

"FAYT!" Sophia shouted as she poked at the sleeping form on the bed, "We're going to miss the bus if you don't get up now!"

"Mmm…five more minutes…" came the slurred response from under the pillow. Sophia sighed in frustration before she noticed that one of his video game systems were still on. With a sly smirk, she walked over to the small device and ran her index finger across the surface of the power button.

"Hmm…What would happen if I pressed this little button labeled 'power'?" she asked in the most innocent voice she could make. No sooner than after the words left her mouth, Fayt immediately shot out of bed, revealing the dark circles under his eyes.

"DON'T YOU DARE! It took me forever to get to that level and I still haven't found a save point yet." Fayt picked up a pair of pants and a t-shirt off the floor and walked over to his bathroom when Sophia backed away from the gaming system.

"Have you been staying up all night playing video games again?" she scolded when he came back out and threw his PJs on the floor.

"No! I wasn't just up all night…I was up the rest of this morning too…"

"How many hours of sleep did you get?"

"Let's see…" he counted off with his fingers, "…one…two…three…and a half."

"Three and half? Three and a half hours of sleep?" she inquired worriedly. Fayt crossed his arms and glanced at his alarm clock.

"Well it would have been three and a half if you'd let me sleep for five more minutes like I had asked."

"I hope you're not expecting me to wake you when you fall asleep in class," she muttered as he glanced outside his window.

"Weren't you worried about missing the bus? It's here."

"What? Come on Fayt!" Sophia said as she dragged him out by the arm.

Outside the Leingod home, the bus driver glared at his watch and then faced the closed front door. He was about to leave until he heard Sophia scream "Wait for us!" at the top of her lungs.

"Hurry up ya brats!" he snarled as the two teens raced each other to the bus. Fayt was in the lead, but as he reached the door, the bus driver quickly slammed it shut, leaving Fayt to ram right into it. The bus driver howled with laughter as Sophia arrived and helped Fayt off the ground.

"You meanie!" she yelled as he opened the door again.

"Yeah, yeah, get in before I leave ya," he said in between his laughter. Fayt and Sophia cautiously stepped inside, worried that he would close the door again. It didn't matter if you were a boy or girl, the bus driver disliked anyone under the age of twenty and had a perverse sense of humor. Unfortunately for the students of Aquios High and Aquios Jr. High, the school administration never turned away workers who didn't mind receiving small paychecks so they forced themselves to get used to being nearly run over or cling to their seats when the bus was approaching a corner.

Fayt and Sophia had to grab on to each of the seats for balance as they made their way to the back while the bus driver sped off manically. Ever since Cliff's combination whoopee cushion/stink bomb prank, no one dared to sit in the back of the bus so Fayt and his friends owned the back seat. Everyone was already there. Cliff was sitting by the window at one end, next to Maria. There were two empty spaces between Maria and Peppita in front of a securely duck taped emergency exit and at the other window seat was Roger. Roger and Cliff were both snickering at Fayt's misfortune as Peppita glared at them and tried to defend Fayt, "The same thing could've happened to you, you know…"

Maria was dead to the world with her head resting against the seat in front of her as Fayt plopped down next to her. He poked her several times to see if she was still breathing.

"Fayt, leave her alone. She's tired," Sophia whispered as she sat down next to him.

"So? You wouldn't let me sleep in, so why should she get the luxury?" he poked her a few more times, but received no response. Cliff grinned at his attempts before rummaging through his back pack.

"I know what will get her to wake up," he said proudly as he held up a pair of dirty brown socks. He held the socks under her nose and she immediately sat up and scooted away from Cliff until she was almost in Fayt's lap.

"What IS that?" she screeched as everyone else caught a whiff.

"It's Coach Adray's legendary lucky socks. You know, the ones he wears to every game and never washes them. I took them yesterday when he wasn't looking. You see, me an' Mirage are gonna… What? What's wrong with you guys?" he asked when he noticed everyone has scooted far away enough to where Roger was getting crushed.

"You lummox!" he shouted from under Peppita's arm, "Are you trying to kill us or are you so stupid that your brain hasn't registered what it smells like yet?"

At this point, all the other students noticed the odor and a panic erupted as he safely tucked away the offending garment into his back pack.

"What is that smell!"

"I'm gonna puke!"

"Dude! Did somebody die?" The driver looked into the rear view mirror at the students after the last comment.

"Sorry 'bout that. It must be the remains of that boy I ran over a month ago."

Peppita paled and faced Sophia, "He's joking right?"

"Of course he is. I mean, he may not like us, but he would never…" Sophia paused before changing the subject, "Do you have any of that body spray left? It might cover up the stench."

Peppita blinked a few times before grabbing her purse, "Yeah, I do have some. Ursus just bought me a new bottle yesterday."

After a few squirts of Peppita's body spray, the air was once again breathable. True, the scent wasn't that great to the boys, but it was better than the rotting mold and mildew of the sweat socks. Everyone sat in companionable silence as the bus trudged through Irisa Fields. Sometimes either Fayt or Maria would nod off and then jolt awake while Cliff would chuckle as he drew up plans for the captive socks. Eventually, Roger yawned and looked out the back window and noticed a black limo following them.

"It that Nel?" he asked excitedly before climbing across everyone's lap to look out Cliff's window where the limo was pulling up beside. Anyone on the same side of the bus could see that the limo had posters taped to the windows. In the first window, behind the driver was a poster that said 'WARNING: Your bus driver is an escapee from the Kirlsa asylum for people who can't decide if they are holes surrounded by asses or asses surrounded by holes.' The second window contained 'How do you get Principal Lasselle out of a tree? Wave at him!' and the last window, which could only be seen by the people in the back, had a pretty blonde girl waving at them.

"Aw…It's only Mirage," Roger complained before he opened the window and made faces at her. Mirage responded by holding up another sign that said 'Roger, I'd insult you, but you're not bright enough to notice.'

"Hey!" he shouted as everyone cracked up. Cliff removed Roger from his lap by picking him up by his tail and then waved to Mirage with his free hand.

"He, he, that's my girl! Trained her well," he said against Roger's demands and kicks. No one had realized that they were already in Aquios, but Fayt noticed that Mirage's limo was once again behind the bus and was growing smaller. That meant…

"OH GOD HE'S GOING TO TURN!" Cliff quickly dropped Roger to the ground and used one hand to grab on to the open window and used his left arm to hug the seat in front of him. Maria wrapped her arms tightly around Cliff's chest while Fayt did the same around her waist. Sophia and Peppita followed suit, but poor Roger didn't make it. With hysterical laughter, the bus driver made a sharp turn into the school grounds, leaving the students who were unprepared to fly into the side of the bus.

"Well, my job is done…NOW GET OUT!" Slowly, the students began detaching themselves from whatever they were clinging to and headed for the exit.

"Oh my! Are you alright Roger?" Peppita inquired when she saw that he was stuck upside down like a sun catcher on the window. Sophia gently pried him off and sat him down on the seat.

He sat there in shock until he let out a shaky, "Y-yeah, I'm f-fine."

Sophia and Peppita checked him for any injuries as the students filed out until they were the only ones left. Fayt, Cliff, and Maria were reluctant to leave because one of them may be the bus driver's next target.

"Eh, you go first Cliff," Fayt suggested.

"Nah, ladies first," he said while pushing Maria forward.

"I think you should go first Cliff. Or else I'll tell Mirage an interesting little secret about you," she threatened. Maria lost her parents when she was really little and was adopted into Cliff's family, though she kept her last name. Even though she wasn't his real sister, she pulled off the role pretty well by making sure she had plenty of blackmail against him.

"On second thought…I have an even better idea," he smirked evilly as he pretended to be focused on something outside, "Hey, is that Nel out there in that bikini?"

"WHAT?" Roger shrieked as he slapped the girls' hands away and started running towards the front, "I gotta see this…I'M COMING NEL!"

Sure enough, their fears were confirmed when the bus driver closed the door on him just as he was about to leave. All except Sophia, who looked a little worried, slowly shook their heads.

"I swear he's just like Lieber except he's after Nel instead of Maria!" Cliff sniggered, earning a glare from her.

"Don't remind me…" she growled as Fayt sighed.

"I hope the whole 'slamming the door in our faces' is out of his system now," he muttered as he made his way to the front. Thankfully, the bus driver was too busy laughing to notice them leaving so they were able to escape unscathed.

"Hey, if you are so afraid to get on and off the bus every morning, then why don't you drive here? You are old enough aren't you?" Peppita inquired once the bus sped off out of their sight.

"Can't, don't have enough money for a car," Maria said while Cliff scratched the back of his head.

"Not only do I not have enough money, but my parents don't trust me in a car, especially after that incident where I ran down eight neighborhood fences and invoked the wrath of Prissy the attack poodle."

"I have a car and a license," Sophia began, "But I don't like to drive, especially when there's people like our bus driver out in the streets."

"I suppose I could drive your car, but I'm not covered on your insurance and my family would never buy me a car," Fayt explained while watching Roger attempt to climb on a nearby car.

"There's Nel!" He pointed to the front door of the high school where the mentioned red head was talking to Mirage. He jumped down and was about to run to her, but Peppita grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and dragged him towards their school, "Hey! Let me go!"

"Sorry, Roger, but you're only one tardy away from getting a detention," she chirped before waving at the others, "Bye! See you later in Theater Arts Sophia!"

"Who are you? My personal hall monitor? Let go!"

"Bye Peppita! Bye Roger!" Sophia called as they left. Maria glanced around the school yard for any stalkers.

"Speaking of obsessive issues, let's go inside before Lieber shows up," Maria suggested before walking ahead to Nel and Mirage. When she arrived, Mirage was chuckling nervously about something while Nel looked a little peeved.

"So…your name just kind of …slipped out," Mirage finished, earning a groan from her.

"And so you got rid of your new boyfriend your parents picked for you by telling him about me. Is that it?"


"Mirage! I don't need another boy lusting after me right now, trying to get rid of Roger is already a handful as it is."

"Poor Nel, doomed to have-not one-but two love struck (or just plain perverted) boys following your every move…" Maria teased before Mirage cleared her throat.

"Um, Maria, would it be a bad time to mention that there was another boy and I-"

"No Mirage! No…I'd rather be blissfully unaware."

"Oh, okay, but if someone named Jean Claude ever calls, don't answer," she warned before she saw Cliff and the others approaching, "Hi Cliff! Did you get that thing I sent you?"

"You mean the package for operation: Lasselle's an ass? It's right here next to our stinky treasure from yesterday," he reassured as he patted his back pack.

"Good. Now all we need is a patsy and our plan will be a success," she said before she and Cliff unconsciously drifted their vision to Fayt who looked like he was sleeping while standing up. Cliff and Mirage value their friendship with Fayt and the others and if they ever needed them to be a trigger for a prank, then they would give them harmless roles that wouldn't get them into trouble. Unfortunately, their pranks are so elaborate and dangerous looking, that there were seldom any willing volunteers, leaving them to trick their friends into helping.

"So…what are today's plans for after school?" Nel eventually inquired, breaking the silence.

"I thought we'd just hang out at our usual place," Maria replied, earning many agreeing nods.

"That's good, I have a lot of free time today. My father is going out to see an old friend, leaving me with nobody to spar with," Nel explained. Suddenly, Sophia let out a gasp as Fayt began to collapse to the ground. Thankfully, Cliff was near by to catch him.

"Yo! Wake up!" he shouted as he shook Fayt, "…Damn! He's out cold. Mirage! Get Coach Adray's socks out, they're in the front pocket."

"Roger." Before she could touch the zipper on Cliff's back pack, Fayt shot up.

"No, no! I'm awake! I'm awake…" he yawned, earning a tsk from Cliff.

"Three hours of sleep each night ain't cutting it for you."

"Oh, but Cliff!" Sophia taunted in a mocking tone, "He got three and a half hours of sleep last night!"

Fayt glared at her in annoyance as Cliff smirked and winked in Mirage's direction. She chuckled and nodded back in response. Cliff then slapped his hand on Fayt's back and started guiding him away.

"What you need is one of my special energy drinks! Let's go over to the home economics room and I'll whip up a glass that should keep you up for most of the day. Keep in mind that you'll owe me for this…"

Soon Fayt and Cliff were out of the girls' sight, allowing them to gossip in peace. Mirage stood off to the side of the circle, torn from either staying or following Cliff. Sophia decided to help out a little and walked over to Nel.

"Nel, we need to get rid of Mirage. I have a Cliff related question I want to ask Maria."

"Maria, have you heard about the family that just moved in Aquios? I think they have a son who's going to attend school here. I heard he's cute," Nel said after clearing her throat to get Maria's attention.

"Um, I'm going to go help Cliff with that energy drink," Mirage said before Maria could respond.

Once Mirage was out of sight, Sophia jumped in front of Maria, "So what secret were you talking about when you were threatening Cliff on the bus?"

"Oh, nothing much, just this huge crush he has on Mirage," she explained. Nel almost dropped the book she was holding while Sophia squealed.

"Huge crush! When did this happen?" Sophia asked frantically before she clamped her hands on her mouth so other people wouldn't listen in.

"Five months ago. Actually this is turning out to be more than just a crush for him. He can't start a conversation at the dinner table without mentioning her name in every sentence."

"That's strange, I haven't noticed any changes in his behavior," Nel pointed out as Maria shrugged.

"He does stare at her in class, but other than that, there only subtle changes like taking her place in detention or giving her things without expecting her to do something in return."

"How cute! When are we going to help them along?" Sophia wondered.

"Huh? I hope you're not thinking about interfering. If Cliff found out that I told you guys, he'll post pictures of me in my PJs all over the school," she warned.

"Ooh…and you are not a morning person," Nel cringed as a mental image flashed through her mind. Sophia let out a disappointed sigh and let the subject drop. Silence once again reigned until Maria faced Nel.

"So how did you know that a new student was joining?"

"Actually, I just made that up to get rid of Mirage like Sophia had asked. You know how she bored she gets when we talk about boys," Nel explained as she ran her hand through her hair.

"But there really is a guy coming to our school and rumor is he's a real hottie," Sophia added, earning a disbelieving stare from Nel.

"Really? I must be psychic then."

"Eliza saw him yesterday, but I guess she was too shy to go talk to him. She told me his name, but I forgot what it was. I think his last name was Nox or something," Maria guessed.

"Nox! As in Albel Nox?" Nel shouted suddenly, startling them.

"Yeah, that's it! Do you know him?"

Nel had their undivided attention as she calmed down. She fingered a strand of red hair nervously under their attentive gaze, "Well…I would like to say we were childhood friends, but it was more like childhood acquaintances. Our families are very close, but we weren't. He would avoid me during visits and glare at me when I try to carry a conversation with him. He became nicer over time and we were almost to the point of becoming friends, but then my family moved out of Airyglyph and into Aquios."

"Really? What is he like? Is he a quiet type or could he be shy?" Maria wondered while Sophia tried looking around the school yard for someone fitting his description.

"He's more of the scary type. I was the only child brave enough to stand beside him. Albel is the reason why we have so many new teachers from Airyglyph working here. If looks could kill, then his glares could turn you into a smoldering pile of ash."

"If that's true, then how come you were not affected? Sounds like he was giving you special treatment," Sophia said in a sly tone. Nel stared at her like she was growing another head.

"It's definitely not what you're thinking! I knew, despite how much he glared at me, that he wouldn't harm me because his father told him not to, and he always obeys his father." Sophia and Maria smiled and cast unconvinced glances at each other before they accepted her story for now.

"I dunno, it kinda sounds like you like him," Maria teased, but before Nel could retort, an all too familiar voice called out from the school yard.

"Maria! Maria! Over here! Maria!" Lieber.

"Oh crap! Lieber's here," Maria panicked.

"Quick, run to the girls' restroom. I'll slow him down," Nel ordered. Maria nodded and ran inside with Sophia on her heels. Nel ran inside too, but closed the door and pulled out a ring of keys. Cliff borrowed one of the janitor's set of keys and had Mirage make copies for everyone so they could sneak in and out of school without alerting the teachers. She locked the large glass doors just as Lieber reached the stairway and ran quickly to the restrooms as he frantically knocked on the doors.

"Father, why did we have to move to this backwater city? Why couldn't we just stay in Airyglyph?"

A black limo cruised down the streets of Aquios. Its destination was to Aquaria's best high school, Aquios High. Glou Nox sighed and rubbed his forehead. He was getting a headache from trying to convince his son that they needed to move away from gloomy streets of Airyglyph. He didn't bother to mention that they would be closer to their friends, the Zelphers.

"Besides, your mother threatened to cook dinner every night if we didn't move here," he finished.

"But now I will be surrounded by strangers at school, can't I at least get a private tutor," Albel argued. It wasn't as if he had friends back at Airyglyph High, but at least the students there knew better than to look at him. He will have to suffer at least two months before the students here figure out that he doesn't want to associate with them. The girls there will be especially annoying.

"As if any tutor would be brave enough to teach you! You won't completely be surrounded by strangers, Lady Nel attends Aquios High School," Glou added, but didn't receive much of a response. Albel just closed his eyes and crossed his arms. At least he wasn't arguing anymore.

"Zelpher, huh? So that's why we moved here, so you and mother can go off and converse with them again," he accused, earning a sigh from his dad. Glou rubbed his beard, it was pointless trying to hide things from Albel, he would find out sooner or later.

"Okay you got me, but it still wouldn't hurt you to have at least one friend at school and I know you and Nel get along just fine."

"We are not friends!" Albel snapped as his father chuckled.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I meant 'lovers'." Albel's eyes widened and his cheeks reddened from either anger or embarrassment.

"That's it! Turn this car around, I'm NOT going to school!"

"You will or I will send you to Kirlsa to live with Uncle Woltar," Glou threatened.

Albel's eye twitched, "You wouldn't dare…"

The limo stopped in front of the school and the driver came around and opened the door for him.

"I would dare and I would tell him to treat you like a baby. Now go and would it kill you to smile?"

Albel gritted his teeth and slightly curved his lips upward. He looked like he was being tortured.

"Maybe," he muttered before sliding out and then stormed to the front entrance with a murderous glare on his face.

So what do you think? I really didn't think I had another story idea in me until I had a dream about Albel and Nel taking notes in a biology class. I don't have a plot for this yet and updates may be very slow, but I'll wing it for now. C ya!