Mission Observations
By Henrika

Henrika-Hate the title for this, but I just couldn't think of anything! Anyways, a look at some of Ed's thoughts during Episode 2.

I knew what was going to happen the second they announced that we were bad news for the town. Cornello had won this round. I transmuted a statue of their stupid god into a reasonable facsimile of Al and directed him to get out of here. Sure enough, minutes later, "we" were surrounded by villagers with torches and pitchforks. Original. They called me short, the bastards.

Then came the standard religious traitor accusation, which I promptly ignored. I told them they were being manipulated by Cornello, which they didn't believe. And then Rose comes in saying her dead boyfriend had been brought back to life. I used the facts against them. "Have any of you actually seen these people up close, 'cause I heard they all left town right after they were brought back!"

Any effect that might have had was gone when Cornello used the damn stone to animate a row of sun god statues. They surrounded me and "Al". One of them swung his weapon and despite the fact that I knew it wasn't my brother, I still cried out. "Al!" And then my vision erupted into bright lights as a stone fist swung into the back of my neck.

I dropped instantly, pain radiating throughout my body as it connected with the street. I stared straight ahead, a bleary image of the statues destroying Al making me forget everything. He's a fake. I thought.

And what's the body he has now? A voice in the back of my head countered.

My eyes started to close of their own accord, even though I fought to get up, to save my brother, to find him, to fixhimtogethimbacktomakeupformystupiditytogivehimbackwhatIhadstolenfromhim. And then I slid into the blissful black of oblivion.

Henrika- Poor Ed. That hit just had to hurt.