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Title: Enemies to Couples (aka ETC)

By: Dark Angelic Kitty

Genre: Humor/Romance/Drama

Summary: SasuSaku. Au. High School Fic. "Sasuke and Sakura sitting in a tree. First come's hate... Second comes love...?" It all started out with being enemies. But then, God was kind and love began to bloom.

Chapter One - Friends and Enemies




Aargh, someday I am going to throw that alarm clock out the window!


Shut the hell up!


That's it!...thought a 17 years old teenage girl who forced herself up and banged the poor alarm clock against her cider drawer until it was dead silent. She then made sure her alarm clock won't make any more ruckus and went back to sleep. Finally…peace and quiet! I don't know why I even bothered buying an alarm clock in the first place.

Little did she know, she will soon jerk up in thirty minutes, realize she had indeed bought the alarm clock for a good purpose, slap herself for being so stupid, and get ready for the most important day of her life. Well…somewhat most important day of her life.

30 minutes later…

Wait a sec… Isn't today the first day of school! Ackkk!!! I'M GOING TO BE LATE!

Haruno Sakura quickly flung aside her blanket, jerked up, and looked at the time. "Ahhh, it's eight-o-clock!! I'm going to be late!! Stupid, stupid, stupid!!" she shouted and took a quick shower. It was truly a miracle as to how she had ever managed to find some time to take a shower. She then quickly got dressed, grabbed her backpack that was already prepared the day before, and ran out of the house.

Before Sakura left, she quickly said bye to her black cat with bright orange streaks, called Yuki, and raced out of her house. She had found her in the dumpster when she was just a tiny kitten. She never knew why nobody wanted a cat like her. It's not everyday that you see a black cat with orange streaks.

Sakura had just recently moved to Tokyo and lived mostly with her cat since her parents were always on a business trip in the states. Sure, she gets lonely sometimes but she had a strong mind. She knew how to live by herself at the age of ten and learned that her family isn't always going to be with her by the age of eleven.

Her parents were workaholics and Sakura respects them for that since they were trying their best to earn money just so she could live comfortably. If one was to rate the Haruno family's wealth, they would classify them into the middle class family. They weren't wealthy nor were they poor.

Since Sakura's parents were always on a business, it was understandable that they left as soon as they moved to Tokyo. In a good way, Sakura had all the freedom and money she wants. No, she was not spoiled; in fact she's generally helpful around the house and she's really responsible… except when it comes to waking up on time in the morning of course.

Nonetheless, if Sakura doesn't hurry up now, she was officially going to be late!

"Almost there, just one more block! I have five more minutes! School doesn't start till 8:30." Sakura muttered optimistically.

However, just when timing went so well when she arrived at the entrance of Fiery Leaf High with only one minute left to spare, she bumped into someone while turning around a sharp corner. And she bumped into that somebody hard.

"Oww…I'm sorry!!" she said hastily and saw a really handsome boy with black raven hair and matching onyx eyes as soon as she looked up at the victim she bumped into. The sight of the total hottie left her in trance for a minute of two but then she remembered about the unlimited time she had and hurried over to her locker.

Sakura had been on a tour with her parents around the school before the semester started so she already knew where everything is. She found her class without fail as well and arrived just in time when the bell rang. Her teacher, Kakashi-sensei, a silver-haired guy with a mask covering half of his face introduced her to the class.

"Class, we have a new student today meet Haruno Sakura." Kakashi introduced with utter boredom and flipped out a small trusty novel from his pocket.

"Nice to meet you all!" Sakura greeted and put on her sweetest smile. It was important to leave a good impression on the first day of school.

"Whoa… she's a hottie…" A boy whispered to his classmate. Then there was a whistle in the back. "Pink hair and green eyes…I like that."

Sakura blushed a little bit, but then Kakashi said with his usual bored tone, "Settle down! Now let's see…" He thought for a minute,"you could sit with… Uchiha Sasuke the boy with black hair beside the window."


A bunch of high pitched screech erupted suddenly in the room. However, the loudest one was a blond girl with bright blue eyes. Her hair was tied up in a high elegant ponytail and her body hinted that she was going to be one major beauty someday.

"Aa, that's because the seat right beside Sasuke was the only seat available. Since someone here made him drop out." Kakashi answered in a calm voice while eyeing Sasuke. Sasuke just shrugged and looked at Sakura.

Sakura looked back at the boy and recognized him as the person that she had bumped into earlier. Wow…he's…still hot…I'm so lucky to sit beside him!!!

Seeing that the first day of school was off to a good start, she walked bubbly over to her chair and sat down, noticing that the blond girl was glaring at her on the way. After the class calmed down, Kakashi slipped the book back into his pockets and started teaching math which Sakura paid close attention to. She also paid attention to all the glares she was getting.

So much for a good start… What did I do to them?

As Kakashi taught on, Sakura found herself starting to lose interest when they switched to history. She hated history even though she always got A's on it for she was a straight A student. Finding nothing else to do, she peered at Sasuke beside her and noticed that he was bored too. In addition, she noted that he dressed a little bit differently than other boys.

He didn't button his top two buttons on his white shirt and he wasn't wearing the school's navy blue jacket like the rest of the boys. The only thing that was the same was the dark blue tie he wore. All in all, he seemed very rebellious. Personally Sakura thought Sasuke looked awfully cute in the way he dressed but wondered why the teachers didn't get mad. Fiery Leaf High was a strict school after all.

"Sakura can you read the next paragraph?"

"Wha?" She looked up in surprise. Kakashi repeated what he said again and eyed her thoughtfully.

"Ehehehe…err…" Sakura slapped herself mentally for not paying attention and quickly browsed through the textbook trying not to panic. Sasuke, who sensed her slight panic, smirked and quietly whispered the line they were at. She immediately found her place and smiled gratefully in response. Then she stood up and read the paragraph.

Sasuke observed the girl as she read out loud. So far she didn't pull any flirtatious tricks up his sleeve nor did he catch her staring at him. In a way he was thankful for that but it also sparked his curiosity. Did she have a boyfriend already? On top of it all, she had pink hair!

When break time came, three girls came over to Sakura while the rest of the girls went to Sasuke who looked annoyed and pretended to be asleep.

"H-Hi! My name's Tenten! Nice to meet you! This is Hinata and Katie!" A very Asian looking girl with two brown buns on her head introduced cheerfully. Beside her stood an American mixed girl that she assumed was Katie and a timid looking girl with beautiful white eyes.

"Nice to meet you all!" smiled Sakura and did a little happy dance. She was already making friends! She took the time digesting her new friend's appearances and admired them.

"We know that you already got a tour of the school but we'll fill you in on the people in our class. C'mon let's go!" Katie said opening and pulled on her arm. Then they led her to the campus and started introducing the place.

Wow…they're so open and friendly… Sakura thought. In some of her past schools, it was hard making friends and none of them were as open as them. God must be kind this time.

"See there?" Tenten pointed at a brunette boy with a spiky ponytail. "That's Nara Shikamaru."

"A-A really tough guy." Hinata commented.

"Speaking of tough," Katie suddenly smiled deviously and pointed at a dude with the same pearl white eyes as Hinata, "Over there, that guy sitting by the fountain, that's Hyuuga Neji. Sasuke's rival, Hinata's cousin, and finally, Tenten's longtime crush!"

"SHUT UP KATIE! Who gave you permission to say that?!" Tenten cried angrily and her face glowed red. Sakura and Hinata just giggled silently.

"Oh oh!! And see that blond boy? That's Uzumaki Naruto, Hinata's crush!" Katie said excitedly. Hinata blushed and glared at her timidly but didn't say anything. "He's the only boy that Sasuke is nice to. They are best friends even though they don't act like one."

"Psh…next time, when you have a crush, we'll announce it all to the world. Let's see how you like it. Right Hinata?" Tenten huffed and stuck out her tongue at the girl. "But anyway, back to Sasuke, heh…I was surprised he was even nice to Naruto at all."

"Is Sasuke really that bad? I mean is he really that mean? Because he seems really nice to me." said Sakura quietly.

"Don't get fooled by his looks Sakura, he became the most popular guy in the school after his brother Uchiha Itachi had graduated. His family owns the school and he is really rich too but…as expected from a rich family, he's the school's spoiled bully."

"Really?! Are you sure? He seems really nice. I bumped into him today and he didn't get mad and when I wasn't paying attention in history, he told me the where we were when Kakashi-sensei told me to read out loud." Sakura reasoned.

"T-That's…odd." Hinata thought aloud.

"Yeah, normally he likes watching other people suffer from total humiliation." Tenten joined in.

"Maybe because you're the new girl." Katie shrugged. .

"Hey l-look everyone, I-Ino came out of the building!" Hinata informed and squinted at the blond under the sun.

"We forgot to warn you Sakura, prepare meet your worst nightmare! Behold, Yamanaka Ino!" Katie cried dramatically and looked at Ino with pure hatred.

"She's the leader of Sasuke's fanclub and also Sasuke's fiancé." Tenten explained.

"That's weird…she's his fiancée but she gathered a whole group of people to worship him?" Sakura wrinkled an eyebrow.

"Well in truth, that sneaky devil wanted to keep an eye on all the girls that have set their eyes on Sasuke. So if any girl decides to make a move on him, she'll be the first one to know." Katie explained.

"I guess she hates me then. No wonder she's been glaring at me since the start of the class." Sakura realized.

"Well of course she doesn't like you! You sit right beside her lover boy, but sadly for her, Sasuke does not like Ino. He insults her and rejects her all the time but I don't think Ino cares much. She always brags about being Sasuke's fiancée. The only good thing you'll get out of Sasuke is his attitudes towards Ino!" Tenten said in a matter-of-fact tone. "All in all, they're the worst people in the world."

Sakura just nodded but didn't say anything. Well if Ino does really hate me I better stay out of her way. I still think Sasuke's a nice guy though…

Just then, the bell suddenly rang and the four went back to the classroom. Sakura got to her seat and saw that Sasuke was already in his. "Hey!" She greeted cheerfully. She had an urge to find out just how mean he was.

"Hn…" He replied looked at her lazily while resting his cheek on the palm of his hands.

Sakura stared back blankly but then shrugged when she saw Ino glaring at her again. Sighh… Ino is giving me that evil eye again. I better not get too close to Sasuke. If Ino and her other glaring fangirls aren't here, today would actually be perfect.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow as the pink-haired chick turned away. Did she have no interest in him at all? She didn't even look at him for more than a minute in the face! The more he thought, the more curious he got. Who was this girl?

The morning went by slowly and soon, lunch time came. Sakura and her new friends brought their lunch outside and sat under the shade of a big oak tree. It was hot that day and the air was moist. As Sakura finished her homemade lunch, she got up to disposed it in the garbage can. However, as she went to the bin which was located near the back of the school, she heard weird noises. It sounded like someone was whimpering!

She quickly raced back to the tree and looked at her friends in alarm. "Hinata, Tenten, Katie! I heard strange noises at the back of the school. Let's go check it out; it sounded like someone's hurt!"

They looked at each other in the eyes warningly and bit their lips. They knew what was going on what was going on back there and it was not good. They tried to stop Sakura too but to their surprise, she was really stubborn. It wasn't like they couldn't leave their new buddy out to venture behind the school on her own, so they surrendered and followed.

As they arrived at the back of the school, Sakura saw Sasuke and a gang of boys with a guy that had really thick eyebrows. The poor guy had scratches all over him and was struggling to get up from the ground. As he did, Sasuke picked him up by the collar and slammed him against the wall.

She couldn't believe this! The Sasuke back in the classroom and the Sasuke she was witnessing now was totally the opposite. She watched as he threatened his victim playfully and his gang laughing supportively. So this is the real Sasuke...the others were right…he is a bully…

Anger boiled inside her the more she watched and finally she couldn't take it anymore and stepped out from her hiding place. "Let him go bastard!"

- Silence -

Everyone suddenly stopped in their tracks and looked at Sakura with a shocked expression. Nobody had dared to defy Sasuke up until now. Sakura's friends' heart stopped momentarily and looked at her in shock. Sasuke, himself, was quiet for a moment and slowly to everyone's surprise, smirked at Sakura.

"Why should I?"

Sakura raised an eyebrow and smirked back. She wasn't scared of his game. "Idiot, because your picking on someone that's not your size jerk!"

Sasuke let go of his victim then turned face to face towards Sakura with an amused look. "And you're saying you're my size now?"

"What made you think you're so great?"

"You'll see…" Sasuke assured quietly but loud enough for everybody to hear. "Heh, you're next Haruno Sakura."

"Bring it." Sakura challenged and watched as Sasuke retreated with his gang.

"AAHHH, oh my god! Sakura-chan you're so brave!" Katie cried out and hugged her after they were gone

"You're our idol! We will bow down to you." Tenten joked and bowed down.

"I-I think you're in trouble Sakura-chan." Hinata said worriedly on the other hand.

"Me, in trouble? No way!" Sakura scowled optimistically and walked over to the poor guy to help him up. His eyes were swollen and he had minor cuts all over. Sasuke really was an unforgivable bastard.

"I-I'm alright, thanks… I'm Rock Lee by the way." Lee winced and pulled away shyly from her helping hand.

"No problem Lee! I can't believe Sasuke would do a thing like this! Anyway, you should go to the infirmary. I'll see you around." Sakura then left with her friends, leaving the guy who had just fallen in love with her.


Sakura came casually into the classroom and sat daintily down while ignoring Sasuke. As their teacher came in Sasuke coolly leaned towards Sakura's ear causing her to panic slightly. Was he going to hurt her?

But then, on the contrary all he did was whisper hotly inside her ears.

"War is on."

She turned around with pink cheeks and glared at Sasuke as hard as she could, "Show me what you've got."


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