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Chapter 29 – It's a Cruel, Cruel World (LAST CHAPTER)

An/ A very random chapter ahead. Beware or be square!

Sakura peered over the crowds looking for her parents. She had finally got off the plane after sitting there for nearly 10 hours! Her butt hurts like it had never hurt before.


She heard someone call her name as she dragged her luggage towards the exit. Standing on her tipy-toes she scanned the crowd and finally saw two pairs of waving hands.

"Mom, dad!" She yelled and ran over to hug them as they did the same to her.

"Why isn't it 'Dad, mom' ? I don't get it; they always put the mom first before the dad." Sakura's dad half joked half mused.

Together they walked to the parking lots chatting here and there about life. There were so many things to catch up on.

In the car, Sakura glued herself to the window trying to remember the last time she had been to America. She wondered what her collage would be like. Full of snobs? Wannabes? Goths? Sluts? Etc…..

She hoped she would make some new friends there.

After half an hour or so they arrived at a medium sized westernized house with a big front yard, Sakura looked at the place but didn't remember anything about that place.

"Did you guys move or something? I don't remember living in this place." She asked.

"Yup we moved since we thought our old home was too small." Her mom said cheerfully and quickly led her in. Her father dragged his daughter's luggage in after them.

Sakura then got a tour of the house and roamed around as her mother helped her unpack.

"We're going to go out for dinner with Gaara so prepare for that." The mother said busily as she pulled out some of her daughter's clothes and books.

"Oh ok mom. Wow, I haven't seen Gaara for such a long time now! I wonder if he turned uglier or handsomer." Sakura giggled which earned her a disapproving glance from her mother.

"Well I assure you that Gaara did not turn uglier, anyways --- whoa, Sakura who's this?" Her mother asked quizzically as she held up a picture of the time when she went to Tokyo's Amusement Park, "Judging by the distance between you two I say he's your boyfriend! You never told me you had a special someone!"

Inner Sakura: Damn….why does she have to be so smart!

"Ehehehe…." She laughed nervously.

"Well, what's his name! Every mother should have the right to know what's going on with her daughter! He seems to be a nice young boy….not to mention….almost as good looking as your father." She said teasingly.

"MMMOOOMMM!" Sakura whined at her mother for teasing her.

Inner Sakura: Ha, Sasuke looks better! No offence dad…I still love you!

"What! But you know, I swear I have seen him somewhere before….tell me who he is."

"Well, I think you know him but what would you do if I told you?" Sakura asked slyly.

"Oh nothing, maybe find the time to visit him and chat with him if I ever go back to Japan." The other said casually. She looked at Sakura with big curious eyes.

"Hmm fine, I'll tell you. He's….." Sakura trailed off on purposely.

"He's…." Her mother echoed.

"He's….." Sakura dragged on.

"Tell me already!"

"Uchiha Sasuke!" Sakura finally answered.

"Oh, well Uchiha Sasuke seems like a fine name for a guy...WHAT! Wait, wait, wait…hold on. Did you just say UCHIHA SASUKE?" Her mother asked, practically shouting.

"Yes I did say UCHIHA SASUKE! And now I'm going to take a shower. Ta ta mommy!" She chirped as if nothing had happened and pranced upstairs before she could say anything.

"What's the matter? You look shocked." Sakura's father asked his wife who was sitting on the floor in front of the luggage holding a picture of Sakura and Sasuke while staring at the wall withopened jaws.

"Oh nothing…I just found out our daughter is going out with Uchiha Sasuke." She replied and continued staring at the wall with open jaws.

"Oh...that's nice...huh? WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! Wait, wait, wait…hold on. Did you just say UCHIHA SASUKE?" Her father asked, practically shouting.

"Uchiha Sasuke…." His wife muttered.

The father then sank to the floor and stared at the wall with open jaws.

"Our daughter is going out with Uchiha Sasuke…..Uchiha Sasuke……I must be dreaming……..pinch me wife…..I really must be dreaming…."

It wasn't until when Sakura pranced down the stairs merrily and asked why her parents were sitting on the ground staring at the wall with open jaws when did they snapped back to reality.


Sakura was practically jumping up and down in their car when they set off for the restaurant. She was finally going to meet Gaara! Her long lost lovely brother! Ok, not her long lost lovely brother, but her long-time-no-see lovely fake brother!

"Drive faster dad!" Sakura whined.

"Let's see if you would say that to me whenI crash!"

"Come on! This speed is like the pace when I started driving!" She complained.

"And how fast where you driving?"

"Uhh ehehe….I think 0.9 Kilometers per hour ehehehe…."

"And you call driving 150 kilometers per hour is close to 0.9 kilometers per hour which doesn't even reach to 1 kilometers per hour!"

"Ok, ok….drive faster daddy!"

Sakura's father just sighed at her daughter who had just ignored everything he had just said. Not long after, they arrived and he slowed down his car to a stop.

"Yes! Finally! Wahaha….Gaara, we're going to finally have our showdown!" Sakura shouted with joy. It had already been like what? A year already since the last showdown. Sadly she lost.

Inner Sakura: Psh…I was stupid at that time, hmph this time I'm going to win!

She laughed triumphantly to herself. People, who passed her, thought she was hysterical. But she didn't care. She was happy. She was bubbly. She was jumpy. She was going to WIN!

She scanned around looking for any sign of redhead in the parking lot. By redhead she actually meant RED HEAD. Not orangy red (if that's even a word) but RED red.

"Darn no Gaara!" Sakura silently curse.

"Hm, maybe he's inside waiting for us." Her mother suggested.

"But I don't see his car." She reasoned, "But maybe you're right. We'll go inside and check."

They did but it turned out that her mother was wrong. So she went out to look for him while her parents ordered food first and waited.

"He's late!" Sakura growled and began to tap her foot.


"Finally!" She looked for the source of that voice and sure enough her eyes landed on a REDhead.



They hugged each other and exchanged greetings.

"You're late!" Sakura said angrily.

"You're too early!" the redhead also known as Gaara shot back.

"You look the same."

"So are you."

"As ugly as ever." Sakura said with a snicker.

"Likewise." Gaara said with a smirk.

Suddenly everything turned quiet and the atmosphere suddenly turned serious.

"I still haven't forgotten last time." Sakura said bitterly.

"Heh, that was sweet." He replied.

"You promised me a rematch."

"So I did."

They glared at each other with fire burning in their eyes. Suddenly the 'Good, the Bad, and the Ugly theme' filled the air. (It's a music theme, you know the ones in cowboy showdowns in Wild Wild West.)

Standing in front of each other they took two tiny steps backwards. This was a very serious matter indeed. Sakura had trained hard in Japan and now this was the final test.

"I won't lose."

"I will win."

"Ready?" Sakura asked as she clenched her fist.

"Anytime now." Gaara replied and also clenched his fist.


"Sigh…they're at it again…." Sakura's father noted.

"Yeah, the traditional 'showdown' they have every year." His wife added.

They looked out the window and observed the two. Just then waiters brought forth the sweet smelling food they had ordered.

"Shall we chow down first?" The father asked.

"Why not? Let's eat all the good stuff first hehe." The mother said evilly.

And they did.

Rewind. Stop. Play. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly theme can be heard everywhere.

"Ready?" Sakura asked as she clenched her fist.

"Anytime now." Gaara replied and also clenched his fist.





Sakura cried and placed out her 'paper'. She looked at her opponent and found that he had a 'scissor'.

"Nooo! I LOST!" Sakura exclaimed and grabbed a hold of her hair.

"HA! Better luck next year! Zero points for you and let's see….fifteen points for me." Gaara smirked.

"I don't get it! I always win when I play it with my friends! How come I always lose to you!" She whined. It was a cruel, cruel world indeed.

They went inside the restaurant and joined her parents.

"Hey Gaara, nice to see you again. Sakura, why so sulky?" Her mother asked.

"I lost again." She replied.

"Again! Well it can't be helped. Rock, paper, scissors just does not run in the family." Mr. Haruno said flatly.

"Well let's eat already!" Her mother bustled.

"Ohh lasagna!" Sakura said happily and immediately grabbed some to her plate and ate.

"Short attention span….I see some things doesn't change." Gaara teased.

"What! It's lasagna, one of the greatest wonders in the world!"

Inner Sakura: Lasagna rules!

(AN/ If you don't know what's lasagna, its an Italian dish…I think. Its Garfield's favourite food and its pronounced like LA-SA-NIA. Shame on you if you don't know!XD jk jk...

Lasagna lovers like me: Long Live lasagna!)

3 Months later – Collage --

Sakura liked her collage life very much despite the fact that Sasuke and the others were missing. She and everyone else in Japan had kept in touch by phone. The girls would fill her in on all the juicy gossips while the guys helped her keep watch on Sasuke.

She had made many new friends in America and two close friends. Of course as always, Sakura had found herself an 'enemy'.

Daisy Snitzal. Number one fan of Uchiha Sasuke along with 99.9 percent of the American population. BecauseSakura came from Japan as well as attending the same school with Uchiha Sasuke, she earned herself a few numbers of envious haters.

Luckily, Lynn and Fay and a few others were not one of those haters as well as being apart of the 0.1 percent of the whole American population that was not in love with either Uchiha brothers.

Sakura was careful enough to not anyone know that Sasuke was her boyfriend. News travel fast around campus.

So far, Daisy and other Uchiha obsessed girls and gays hadn't done anything to her except giving her a dirty look. She just ignored them and went on with her life. She did not want anything to do with them in her life and she didn't want to cause trouble.


2 Months later – Her fifth month in America

Being careful as she was to her little secret about Sasuke, and being a human being…she made a grave mistake. A BIG grave mistake.

Oh how stupid she was. She had accidentally dropped her wallet one day after class and the person who picked it up just HAD to be DAISY SNITZAL.

Containing inside the wallet was…you guessed it….not one but TWO pictures of HER and SASUKE. One was a picture of Sasuke sleeping adorably which she had secretly taken. The other had the image of Sasuke kissing her on the roller coaster ride when she went to the Tokyo Amusement park.

Why? Why? Why!

"What the hell is this?" Daisy demanded.

"A picture of me and Sasuke." Sakura said boldly.

"Oh my god! I can't believe you're a stalker! I bet you stole this picture of Sasuke-kun sleeping! And I bet you made up this image yourself! This picture looks so fake! Anyone can tell you just stuck a picture of Sasuke beside you!" The girl accused.

"I did not! Believe what you want Daisy! But deep in your heart, you know the picture isn't fake! And if you must know, your Sasuke is my boyfriend!" Sakura spat and snatched back her wallet.

There was no way out for her now. She might as well tell the truth and put up a good fight.

"You lie! I knew it from the moment I met you! Everything about you is so fake! Wannabe!" Daisy declared.

"Hmph. You're such an idiot, speak for yourself! Ha, I bet you don'tknow anything aboutSasuke." Sakura taunted. She couldn't help being evil sometimes; this girl was just getting on her nerves.

"Shut your trap! You're such a liar!" Daisy screamed for the whole campus to hear.

"Make me blondie!" She shouted back.

Daisy attempted to slap her, but Sakura was too quick. Not wanting to resist by holding onto Daisy's arm, she ducked making Daisy a fool of herself.

Unable to do anything Daisy stomped her feet and called her a loser.

"Fool." Sakura muttered and walk away.

The greatest thing of all is to walk away from a fight. From that day on, Daisy had truly become her worst enemy as well as nightmare.


The next day

"Sakura! You never told me that Sasuke was your boyfriend!" Fay practically screeched at her ears as she saw Sakura's wallet pictures.

"You guys never asked!" She said slyly, covering her ears with her hands.

"But still! You never told us that your boyfriend is THE Uchiha Sasuke!" Her friend continued her screeching.

"Well I didn't want trouble! Look at all the trouble I'm getting right now. You and Lynn screeching in my ears, Daisy and her little fan club glaring at me everyday, every hour, every minute, every second, and so on!" she argued.

"Ok, but this is such a shocker! We knew that you went to the same school as him but we never knew that you were his lover!" Lynn breathed. Fay nodded vigorously.

"Do you know that you are the practically like the second powerful woman in the world aside from Uchiha Mikoto?" Lynn continued.

"Uhh….no…" she answered sheepishly.

Lynn and Fay stood afar and observed Sakura.

"What are you two doing?" Sakura asked.

"Trying to figure out how you became his girlfriend." They answered.

"It's not that big of a deal you know."

"Hmm…it must be her hair." Faystated completely ignoring her. Lynn nodded.

"Yes, yes it must be the hair."

"You guys! You're not helping me at ALL!" Sakura complained.

"Haha, I feel special knowing that the future Mrs. Uchiha is standing right in front of me, talking to me this minute." Lynn joked.



6 Months Later –11 months in total

People are still in denial. Some like Daisy thinks that Sakura made the pictures. Some thinks everyone is lying and the gossips are all untrue.

Only some believed Sakura. It's a cruel, cruel world.

It was lunch time and Sakura sat on the grass under the shade of a big oak tree with her friends and began eating her popsicle. It was a hot day, and she didn't feel like eating anythingexcept for a popsicle. Ahh…the wonders of a popsicle! So heavenly….

There was a crowd of people at the front gate but she ignored it.

"Hey do you guys want to check out the ruckus going on in the front gate?" Fay asked as she came to them and sat down.

"I saw a lot of people gathering there a while ago, I wonder what's going on." Lynn mused.

"I don't know, and probably don't want to know. Daisy is there so I bet it's something I hate." Sakura answered haughtily and lied down on the grass sucking on her popsicle.

"But, it might be something interesting!" One of her friends protested.

"Hn, you guys go ahead. I just want to lie here and eat my popsicle. Besides if I go, Daisy might say something stupid to me, don't want to go through that trouble." She said and closed her eyes.

"Well ok, we're going to go check it out and we'll come back to tell you guys about it." Her friends said and left, leaving Sakura, Lynn, and Fay alone.

"Wow, the people there are very fierce." Fay observed the crowd from above.

Sure enough, they could see people…mostly girls jumping up and down screaming and shouting.

Sakura closed her eyes again and bit a piece of her popsicle off. Getting rid of annoying thoughts on the crowd, she thought about Fiery Leaf High and the good times.

It didn't become apparent to her that everything was suddenly quiet around her excluding the crowd of course.

Taking another bite of her delicious popsicle she suddenly furrowed her eyebrows. All she tasted was wood. Wheredid her delicious treat go?

Opening her eyes, she looked at her popsicle…well…what used to be her popsicle. Now, it was just a wooden stick.

"Where the heck is the ice!" She cried out angrily and looked around. Had it melted?

There were no puddles on the ground nor were there wet spots.

"Do you guys know what happened to my popsicle?" She asked the two in front of her. Sitting up, she noticed that the two had a dazed look on them with jaws slightly open.

"What's up with you two? Hello? Can you hear me? Lynn! Fay! Fine ignore me…I'm going to look for that popsicle….grr…" She growled and stood up checking the ground.

"Where could it….ahhh POPSICLE!" Sakura screamed as she turned around. Angrily she tackled the popsicle stealer to the ground.

"UCHIHA SASUKE! HOW DARE YOU EAT MY POPSICLE! SPIT IT OUT RIGHT NOW!" She demanded and punched the guy below her.

"I feel so loved." The man under her said sarcastically.


"Oh so now you hug me right after you tackle me to the ground and forcefully opened my mouth which you failed to do." Sasuke said in an even more sarcastic voice.

"You STOLE the LAST bit of my POPSICLE! You know how much I just LOVE ice cream and popsicle, you jerk!" Sakura exclaimed.

"Jeez, such a selfish little dummy."

"I'm not a dummy, jerk!"

"You so are a DUMMY!"

Lynn and Fay sweatdropped as they observed the 'couple' arguing.

"Wow, I can't believe Uchiha Sasuke is in front of me. I never saw him in real life only on TV. So he really is her boyfriend. Sakura's such a lucky girl." Fay said in awe.

"I can't believe they are even a couple. They met only for like what? 5 minutes and they're arguing already." Lynn said after. They observed quietly whennnnnnnn…..

"Sakura Haruno! What do you think you're doing!" Daisy screeched at the top of her lungs.

"Uh oh….." was all she managed to say as she saw everyone around her. Sasuke's fan girls and boys were staring very angrily at them. Her friends were looking at her in shock and awe. Everyone was surprised even though they knew they were a couple.

She had forgotten that she was still on top of him.

"Stop MOLESTING Sasuke!" She screeched.

"Yeah, yeah! You slut!"

"You bitch!"

"She is not a bitch you bunch of hobos!"

"Shut up!"

"No you shut up!"

Soon everyone was fighting. Sakura's friends and those who hates Sakura.

"Big forehead! I'm going to kill you! Get off of him!" Daisy screamed the loudest of all and charged at her.

Instantly Sasuke quickly summoned some of his energy, lifted Sakura off and dodged the berserker.

"Whoa….this girl can play football." Sasuke commented and gently placed Sakura on the ground. Daisy charged but unlike Sasuke, she didn't have the energy to hull herself to stop and so she crashed on the ground.

Sakura quickly went over to help her but she slapped her hand away and pushed her to the ground. Everyone suddenly turned quiet and stopped fighting as the watched the scene.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Daisy." Sasuke said coldly and helped Sakura up. He had heard a lot about her from Sakura.


"Oh my god, he looks so much like Sasuke..."

He heard someone whisper as he got out of the car. He rolled his eyes and started to look around the campus for Sakura.

"Oh my god, he IS Sasuke!" someone screamed.

As soon as he know it, there was a crowd of girls and boys around him begging for his autographs or taking a picture with them. Everyone wanted to touch him, which made him feel uncomfortable. He quickly looked around the crowd and saw the loudest noise maker.

Is she daisy? He guessed. Her appearance matched the description that Sakura had given him. Anywho, he went up towards her which delighted the blond.

"Hey, are you Daisy?" he asked.

"Oh yes." she said quickly, and went bright red.

"Then can you tell me where I can find Haruno Sakura?" he asked. Daisy's expression quickly fell and turned evil.

"What? That forehead girl? What do you want with her? Sasuke...I don't think you should hang out with that kind of a girl. She's a fake and she makes up stories all the time." she blabbed.

"Really? Cuz I think maybe those stories are real." hecountered and slipped out of the fierce crowd leaving Daisy stunned.

End of Flashback

Daisy was literally scared to death. "B-But…why Sasuke?"

"Simple, she's my girlfriend. So I suggest you to go find some other guy." He replied coolly.

Everyone was shocked and didn't know what to do or how to react.

"Come on, let's go." Sasuke said finally.

"But what about class?" Sakura argued.

"You can explain to them later. Now go, we have to go soon. And the reporters will come anytime now."

Unable to resist, she followed him and they went into a black car that was waiting for them.

It wasn't until they got inside the car when they could actually have a proper conversation.

"When did you come to America?" Sakura asked.

"Today and I found out where you lived and met your parents." He answered and placed his head on his palm.

"Oh? What did they say?" she inquired curiously.

"That is none of your business." He said quickly with a tint of red on his cheeks.

"Tell m—"

"And then so I asked about your whereabouts and they told me you were there." He interrupted before Sakura could ask anymore, "Oh, and I met Gaara. It was rather…interesting."

"Haha, what did he say?" Sakura asked cheerfully knowing that Gaara was extremely protective of her. She had completely forgot about her parents and Sasuke.

"He asked me if I was on drugs, why I was here, and pop quizzed me on how well I knew you. It was weird, he asked me what's your favorite colour, movie, season, when your birthday is and other stuff."

Sakura giggled and sighed…typical Gaara. "Why did you come here anyway?"

"I needed to pick up something." He said mysteriously.

"Pick up what?"

"It's a secret."

"Sasuke! That's not fair! Tell me!"


"Stupid jerk…fine…have it your way then. Hmph, so when are you going back?"


"TOMORROW! What! So soon? Whhyyy?" Sakura exclaimed and protested like a five year old and pouted.

Sakura had grabbed his collar angrily making them awfully close together. Sasuke suddenly smirked.

"What are you smirking at?" she demanded.

"You." He replied simply.

"Stupid no good idiotic JERK! Now tell me why you came here, what are you picking up, and why are you leaving tomorrow! I won't take ' it's a secret' for an answer!" She said angrily at his face.

It was a good thing that there was a dark sound proof window between the driver and them so he wasn't able to hear their conversation/argument.

"You'll see…I told it's a secret. If I told you then it wouldn't be a secret now would it? Be patient." He said cheekily.

"Sasuke!" She cried, "I haven't seen you for eleven months and you sayall this to me?"

Sasuke continued smirking and looked at the woman in front of him. He had missed her temper tantrums and mood swings. He liked making her mad, secretly. He finds it both amusing and fun.

"Stop smirking." She ordered uselessly. As if he'll listen to her. "I swear Uchiha, if you don't stop that smirk this minute then I'll…"

"You'll do what?" he questions with a raised eyebrow.

"I'll make your life miserable for the next fifty years." She threatened.

"Pfft, as if you would actually do that." He countered hotly.

Sakura growled and pulled him closer to her by the collar.

"I said stop smirking at…"

Sasuke suddenly leaned forward slightly just so that their lips were touching. He kissed her and wrapped an arm around her, drawing her close.

"You're so annoying." He said midway breaking a part a little. But Sakura's hands slowly linked around his neck and pulled him in for another kiss. She was addicted again and she knew it.

Rather than restraining her desire she silently begged for more kisses. Sasuke gladly gave it to her and sought for an entrance with his tongue.

Popsicle flavor was the first thing he tasted…..sweet.

Feeling the sudden stop of the car, they finally broke apart after 20 MINUTES of making out. Breathing slightly hard, Sakura straightened her back and entwined her hands with his.

"I missed you." She whispered in his ears, kissed him on the cheek and smiled.

"Hn, I know." He said with a grin and they got out. They had arrived to Sakura's house, only her mom was home wince her dad went to work early.

Her mom greeted them warmly and they went inside to have some tea.

"So Sakura dear, if you had the choice to go back to Japan, would you go?" Mrs. Haruno asked out of the blue.

"Of course!" she said with a definite period.

"Well Sasuke-kun, there's our answer. Everything is settled then. I trust you'll take care of my little flower." She said with a smile.

"Yes m'am." Sasuke said politely.

"What's going on? What are you guys talking about?" Sakura asked confusedly.

"Well this young gentleman here asked me about two months ago if you can come back to Japan. And after making preparations, your dad and I agreed to let you go if you wanted to. I figured you will say yes so I helped you pack and you will be leaving tomorrow." She explained.

"What! TOMORROW! And you tell me now!" she cried.

"Well it was a last minute decision. I thought you would be happy." Her mother said.

"I am! But I'm leaving tomorrow! Oh shiiii…….." Sakura dragged on as she saw her mother giving her a death glare daring her to finish her word. "Shish kabob!" She finished nervously.

"Ehehe, well if I'm leaving tomorrow I have to go say goodbye to all my friends and Gaara. Come on Sasuke." She said quickly and dragged him out of the house.

"Teenagers these days." Her mother said with a sigh but secretly beamed at the two exiting figures.


Sakura settled herself down a big couch on the private airplane. She was a little sad that she had to leave her friends and family. But she knew that she would always keep in touch with them and get on with life.

"Sup?" Sasuke asked as he sat down beside her with a can of root beer in his hands.

"Getting on with life." She said truthfully and smiled at him.


"Yup, and right now I want to see outside." She said and turned around to look through the window that was just right on top of the couch.

She admired the endless clouds. It was daylight outside.

"I don't see what's so great about clouds." Sasuke said truthfully.

"You just don't know its beauty Sasuke." She replied and continued watching.

"Heh whatever, I'm going to sleep. I hate jet legs…" he muttered and threw his empty can of root beer in the trash can skillfully.

It wasn't long until he fell soundly asleep. Sakura finally stopped watching the clouds for it was turning dark. She needed to get some sleep too. There was nothing to do on the plane since Sasuke had fallen into a deep sleep already. There were still 8 hours to go before they reach Japan.

Sitting in a comfortable position, she finally fell asleep. During her sleep she felt Sasuke accidentally falling into her lap from rest. He didn't get up or anything and continued sleeping on her lap. She guessed he was just tired. Resting her hands on Sasuke's head she too fell into a deep sleep.


They yawned and quickly got on the limo. Reporters were everywhere. Sakura had already become famous and being dubbed as the future Mrs. Uchiha already.

"I want to sleep." She said lazily and dozed off.

Sasuke just answered with a yawn. Eight hours of sleep was just not enough.


"Ahhh!" They both screamed out in surprise as Sakura's cell phone rang.

Sasuke grunted and leaned on her shoulders as she groggily checked her cell. Someone had sent her a mail. It was a message from her parents.

Dear Sakura!

You must have arrived to Japan already. We hope you are alright……

And the rest, Sakura just read it sleepily.

"What! And they tell me the address where I'm going to stay now! Of all the ways they could've have told me they decided to use TEXT MESSAGE! Such responsible parents." She muttered angrily.

"Go to sleep." The guy beside her ordered and snuggled deeper against the nook of her neck.

Not bothering to even read the address carefully, she obeyed and drifted off to sleep again. She assumed that Sasuke and the driver knew where she was staying.

They finally woke up and were fully energized by the time they almost arrived to their destination.

"Hey…wait a second…isn't this…..YOU'RE mansion?" Sakura asked and furrowed her eyebrows.

"Yeah, what about it?" Sasuke spoke.

"Well…I thought you were going to bring me to the place I'm staying." She said innocently and checked her cell phone to look at the address again.

Sasuke smirked and laid back, waiting to see her expression.

"WHAT!" Sasuke exclaimed.

He looked at her with an amused face.

"WHAT!" she repeated again.

"Hn?" He answered, pretending not to know anything.

"What the heck! I'm staying at YOUR MANSION!" She shrieked.


"SO!" She echoed loudly, "I'm staying at your mansion! Do you know what this means? Seeing you everyday for twenty-four seven!"

"Is that a bad thing or a good thing?" he asked, eyeing her.

"That's bad!" She cried making Sasuke almost choked on his saliva.


W-Well..." she stammered, "I don't r-really know how to explain this but t-that means that….."

"That…" he said, waiting intently for her to continue.

"That I would have to put up with your smirks everyday!" she lied quickly.

"Psh…." Sasuke muttered and looked away. He was kind of hurt by her comment.

"Sigh…ok fine I lied…." Sakura admitted. Sasuke looked at her with puzzlement.

"W-Well its just that if I spend almost every minute of my life with you, I know that I'll become somewhat obsessed with you…." She said truthfully.

"Oh…." He answered but was grinning widely on the inside. He cocked his head at her and cushioned his head with his hands.


The car came to a stop and they were inside the gates of the Uchiha mansion. Sakura and opened the door and prepared to get out when she suddenly felt something brush past her cheek.

She blushed and quickly got out, greeted by Milly, Jin, Shadow, and Yuki.

"Yuki!" she cried as she saw her cat in Milly's arm. Since she couldn't bring Yuki with her to American she asked Sasuke if her cat could stay with him for awhile. Of course he said yes.

"Thanks for taking care of her. And where's my car?" Sakura questioned cheerfully and hugged both Jin and Milly.

Sasuke got out of the car and stood behind her and waited as she finished her greetings.

Her car had turned into her baby. And she had grown some affection to it.

"It's in the garage alone with my car."Sasuke answered behind her. Sakura immediatly rushed to the garageto check if there was anything wrong with it. Car is a wonder too. :) When she finished they went in to the mansion and called their friends to inform them that she was back.

After that, they met up with their friends and decided to do no other than….SHOPPING!

The boys nearly went insane from all the walking and carrying. How could the girls walk for such a long time and still have energy!

It's such a cruel, cruel world…for the boys anyway.

Sakura tossed around in her bed as she begged for sleep to come. But it failed and she was as wide awake as ever. She had slept too much on the car and on the plane.

Finding nothing to do around her new extravagant new room which was directly beside Sasuke's, she decided to go and visit him. Maybe he couldn't sleep either.

Tip-toeing out of her room she knocked on his door softly. She didn't want to wake him up if he was indeed asleep.

"Sasuke." She hissed and knocked a bit more. No one answered though. She sighed as she finally gave up and walked back to her room when somebody placed a hand on her shoulder and covered her mouth.

She let out a scream but it was muffled by the hand.

"Shh…it's me." Sasuke whispered behind her. She calmed down as he let go.

"Did you know that you almost scared me to death!" she hissed with a glare.

"Of course I know." He said playfully, getting her riled up again, "Come on let's go outside so we can talk normally." He whispered.

"Fine…" she saidspitefully and followed him out.

It was a clear night and the moon shone brightly.

"So you couldn't sleep huh?" he started as they took a stroll around the garden.

"Yeah, I think we slept too much" she stated.



It was silent again, but they didn't mind. It was a comfortable silence, not an awkward one. Walking slowly, they enjoyed the flowers and the peacefulness. But after awhile, after they finished walking around the big garden, they sat down by a cherry blossom tree.

"The stars are so bright." She noted and Sasuke nodded. She sat between his legs and leaned against him, looking up at the sky. Sasuke leaned at the tree and looked up also, lost in thought.

"You know Sasuke….remember the time when you asked me why I liked you? But I didn't answer?" she suddenly asked. She didn't receive an answer so she assumed he forgot.

"Oh you know, the first time I went to your house. Before we had the dinner which turned into a food fight….you asked me why I liked you." She said and thought about that day. (Go to chapter 8 if you forgot.)

"Oh, yeah I remember." He said finally, "And I remember that you denied you liked me."

"I did not deny that. It was the truth, you were a jerk at that time…which you still are now." She reasoned and slightly pouted.

"Suurree…." He said and rolled his eyes. Sakura turned around and looked at him.

"I know you just rolled your eyes. I felt it." She said randomly.

Sasuke looked at her with a weird expression and shrugged. "You felt it?"

"Yeah, I know when you smirk or roll your eyes." She insisted.

"Aww…your so in love with me that you what my expression is every time." He teased.

"Shut up! I am not soo in love with you!" she retorted.

"Oh yeah?"

"Oh yeah."

"Whatever, what were you going to say before?" he asked remember she was going to say earlier.

"Well since I couldn't answer your question last time because I hated you then, I can answer it now." She explained.

Sasuke rolled his eyes again earning him a smack on the head.

"Ah hem, well this is kind of corny but anyways, I like you because you have a really warm heart when you look cold on the outside, you're kind of affectionate and you're really fun to be around with." She said sincerely.

Sasuke was lost for words and couldn't speak at the moment. He hadn't expected that from her and he was touched. It was really sweet. Sakura hesitated and looked at him again.

"And I kind of had a confession to make….I hate to admit this but I also liked you partly because you looked better than most….I was scared to tell you all of this because I thought you would leave me but it would be wrong if I didn't tell you…do you hate me now?" she asked sadly and looked away. She had always wanted to tell him the truth but was afraid to.

"….so I look better than most?" he repeated her words.

Sakura nodded, ashamed of herself. Sasuke suddenly broke into a laugh.

"What are you laughing at?" she demanded.

"Jeez…you're so stupid, dummy." He laughed. "You thought I was going to leave you for that?"

She just nodded sheepishly. He leaned forward and looked at her sexily in the eyes.

"You wanna know why I like you?" He asked huskily.

"Yes…uh I mean no…I mean maybe." She stammered nervously. Her heartbeat hastened and she felt color going up her face.

"Because of you're stubbornness, difference, annoying attitude, mood swings, and you look better than most." He said with a smirk.

"Better than most?" she echoed, highly offended. "Not pretty? Not beautiful? Not sexy?"

"I would just ask the same thing." He retorted.

"Fine…you're a very pretty boy." She growled.

"And you're a very handsome girl." He replied.

"Girls aren't supposed to be handsome!"

"Boys aren't supposed to be pretty!" he shot back, "Come on, I know you want to say it…"

"Grr…ok you are the hottest guy I have ever met. There, happy?"


"Well?" Sakura said impatiently, waiting for his answer.

"Well what?"

"UCHIHA! Don't you have something to say to me?"


"Grr…Uchiha Sasuke, you inconsiderable jerk! I'm not handsome!" she said loudly.

"Shh…not so loud, you'll wake everyone up!" he said, covering her mouth. He could literally see her eyes go on fire just then. "But you know?" he continued, "I have something for you."


"Close your eyes." He said and she obeyed.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

He didn't answer, but she felt him touch her hand and a piece of cold metal.

She quickly opened her eyes and looked at her hand and saw a silver ring on her ring finger.


"You're now my fiancé Sakura, because I think you're the most prettiest girl I have ever met." He answered sweetly showing her another silver ring that hung on a chain.

"You're fiancé?" she repeated.

"Yup, whether you like it or not. This will keep our relationship solid from now on." He said remembering Bara.

"Sasuke…." She said but couldn't seem to find the right words to say. Instead she hugged him. She was the happiest girl in the world.

Inner Sakura: Hell yeah! I'm the future Mrs. Uchiha!

"I want to show you a place." He said with a grin and pulled her up.


"You'll see."

He led her through the garden, into the east of the mansion. They arrived upon a shed that was behind trees and bushes.

"Go in." he said mysteriously.


Inner Sakura: Oh my god…what am I going to find in their? Something romantic I bet! Yes…maybe there's a table inside with candles! Or maybe a bed…whoa…whoa….getting perverted there…..

Sakura slowly opened the door excitedly wondering about what she would find in there.

Inner Sakura: Maybe there's another present in there, maybe there's a—


She shrieked as she felt something wet on top of her.

Sasuke was laughing so hard that he fell on the ground.

"The…look on…..your face." He laughed. "P-Priceless!"

"UCHIHA SASUKE! I'm going to KILL YOU!" She shouted out loud. She didn't care if she woke people up.

"Aargh! I can'' believe you did that!" she ranted.

Inner Sakura: Some nerve! JERK! I can't believe he dumped a water balloon on me!

Sasuke ignored her and kept on laughing. Man, did he miss those pranks. Hadn't done one in such a long time. It sure felt good watching other people's expressions.

Sakura charged at him to give him a punch. But he quickly got up and ran away.

"THIS. MEANS. WAR. UCHIHA!" She shouted running after him.

"Bring it on!" he challenged and kept on running.

It's a cruel, cruel world…..

……Yeah right my ass.

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