Hey again! This chapter is just a linking chapter, you know to make the story goes smoother. About the last chapter, Sakura really did sleepwalk (yeah she sleepwalks in my story! Lol) Well there's not much about this chapter to tell so just read!

Chapter 9- A Typical Day




Damn alarm clock! Sakura shut off her annoying clock and went to the bathroom. "The weekend is finally over! That was some crazy weekend huh Yuki." The cat just blinked at her. Afew minutes later, Sakura was prepared for school. (It's Monday by the way.)

She walked to school as usual and encountered fan boys as usual. Sakura noticed that girls or rather fan girls, wait…let's rephrase that: Sasuke fan girls had been glaring at her in an arrogant-mad-bratty sort of way. As she arrived to her class her friends rushed over to her with joyful eager eyes. "Good morning…." Sakura said a bit unsurely. "So? Tell!" cried Tenten. "Tell what?" she asked stepping back innocently, she still felt the gazes of her friends and the glares of fan girls. "Sakura-chan, you're becoming dense again!" Katie groaned. "So, what did you do at Sasuke's mansion?" Naruto asked slyly, nudging her. "What! How did you know?" Sakura exclaimed in shock. "It's all over the school! You're a legend! Notice why Sasuke's fan girls are glaring at you today? They're jealous! You're the first girl ever that Sasuke had ever asked to stay over! Ino doesn't count by the way. And yeah, words spread really fast around here so no use pretending that is was no big deal!" Hinata explained. Sakura sighed in defeat and told them what had happened, but purposely left out the part where she 'supposedly sleepwalked.' (Sakura is still in denial that she actually sleepwalks.) "Ah-hah! I knew we were right all along!" Tenten declared triumphantly. "There really is something called opposite attraction. I mean look at you and Sasuke: cat & dog, girl & boy (no duh!), nice & mean (Naruto's POV), devil & angel, etc." Naruto listed. Sakura sweat dropped. "N-no, no it's not like that! We just had a temporally truce that's all, really nothing's going on."

Inner Sakura: Although it would be nice if there was something going on between Sasuke and I--maybe…No, what am I thinking! Even if Sasuke likes me back it would never work out. Sigh, his parents will hate me or at lease I know his dad will anyway. Can't let that happen.

"Sakura!" called Tenten. Sakura snapped back into reality. "Huh?" "We have a volleyball practice today and guess who else got in? Ino! I bet her mom paid the teachers just to let her join the team! Such a spoiled brat!" Tenten complained. "There's a basketball game during the middle of you're practice, so when you guys are done practicing wanna come to watch?" Naruto asked. They nodded. He then asked Katie and Hinata but they said they can't because their family is going out to dinner. "Naruto, what sport do you play?" Sakura asked curiously. "HOCKEY!" he shouted triumphantly. Ohhhh………Sasuke is good in basketball and Naruto is good in hockey, makes sense.Just then Sasuke came into the classroom followed by a trail of drooling, crazed fembots.(You'll understand it if you've seen Austin Powers ;D) "Hey Sasuke." Sakura greeted, as she took her seat beside him, fan girls moved out of the way but never stopped glaring at her, she just shrugged it off. "Hey." Sasuke greeted back relieved that it was Sakura not some fan girls.

"Ha, now that the war is back on, we're enemies again." Said Sakura. Sasuke smirked, I'm way in front of you Sakura. You just watch… Sakura got a little nervous at Sasuke's smirk, her eyes narrowed. "What are you planning on Sa-su-ke?" "Oh, nothing I guess that's for me to know and you to find out." He said casually.

"Yo, class. Sorry I'm late, you see my mother's, friend's, sister's, cousin's, wife's,---" Kakashi was cut off by the class. "Save it sensei." Naruto shouted. Kakashi just rubbed the back of his head and did the attendance. The rest of the day went smoothly-wrong.

"SASUKE!" Sakura screamed at the top of her lungs. Her locker was covered in some sort of mud, including her gym strips. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY LOCKER!" Sakura shouted. Sasuke grinned, "I dunno." Sakura was really mad by this time. "Why you! Get back here! I swear I am going to strangle you to death!" She started chasing Sasuke all over the school. Tenten sweat dropped. There at it again… "Ha, you can't catch me." Sasuke taunted. They were outside now. "Oh yeah?" Sakura said in a dangerous low voice as she spotted the garden hose that's connected to the school's yard. Sasuke stopped in his tracks as he turned around to see what Sakura was planning. "You're not thinking of…"

"Oh yes I am! Die!" Sakura grabbed the hose and aimed it at Sasuke. The water hit Sasuke and now he was drenched. "Ha, even though I can't catch you, this hose sure can!" "I can't believe you did that!" Sasuke cried. "Oh look, I think I just did! That's for payback for my locker and my gym strips!Hmph, next time I'm changing my lock, and stop hacking into it!" Sakurashouted and went inside to change into her muddy gym strips. Sasuke reluctantly followed, silently cursing her and himself.

"Oh look who dropped in." said Ino evilly. "Are you too poor to even wash your clothes?" "No, it's just so happens that me and Sasuke here were just having a little fun, Ino-pig." Sakura said back knowing that the statement had hurt Ino a bit. Sasuke and Naruto along with other people were sitting on the bench watching. Ino growled. "Okay, team! First of all let's do some drills! Pair up everyone, and grab a ball. We're going to practice volleys and bumps, and then we'll play a game." Tsunade instructed. They nodded and Sakura started volleying to Tenten while Ino to her loyal slaves. "Come on, Hitomi-chan (OC) let's show this brat what we're made of." Ino snickered to her friend.

Sakura was trying to catch a high ball when something hit her hard against the shoulders. She stumbled a bit and rubbed her arm. "Oww, who did that!" Sasuke and Naruto leaned foreword worriedly. "Oh my god! So sorry Sakura-chan! Are you okay?" Hitomi mocked sarcastically. "Drop the act Hitomi! You did it on purpose!" Tenten accused. "Me? No way! You don't have proof, slut." Hitomi replied venomously. "Shut up Hitomi, get a life!" Sakura defended. "SAKURA, BEHIND YOU!" Sasuke and Naruto suddenly shouted. "Okay that's it!" Sakura growled and having a very good instinct she turned around and kicked the flying object back to the sender, but she dodged. "What are you trying to do? Kill me?" Ino screamed. "I think it should be the other way around Ino-pig." Sakura retorted. "Whoa, sweet." Naruto commented. "Yeah, better not get in Sakura's way when she's mad." Sasuke figured. "Better go now, basketball game bout to start."

"Okay, break it up you guys!" Tsunade ordered as she saw the girls fighting. The girls stopped but glared at each other. The rest of the practice went well under the supervision of Tsunade-sama. When they were done some team members went home while Ino, Hitomi, Sakura, and Tenten went to the basketball game. Ino and Hitomi were cheering wildly for Sasuke while putting up an arrogant act around everybody just cuz they're in the volleyball team. Sakura, Tenten, and Naruto cheered too but not as crazy as them.

Again, Sasuke's team won as he, himself scored over half of the points. "Nice game, bastard." Naruto called. "Thanks, dobe." Said Sasuke and waited for Sakura and Tenten to come out of the change room. Since his uniform was soaked he couldn't change. "Hiya Sasuke, I see that you're still in you're gym strips." Sakura mocked. Sasuke just rolled his eyes. "I have pranks, if that's what you're asking for." "Bite me!" she said daringly. "You asked for it. Don't come over to me to yell in my ears if something bad happens to you." He said. "Don't worry, I won't yell in you're ears, I'll just hit you in the head." Sakura said assuring him, "Hey, where's Naruto and Tenten?" They had already left them silently a long time ago. Sasuke shrugged. "I dunno, want a ride?" Before Sakura could answer Ino and Hitomi popped up of nowhere and 'accidentally' pushed Sakura onto the ground from behind. "What did you do that for?" she shouted getting up with the help of Sasuke. "Bug off Ino." She ignored his words and looked at Sakura sympathetically. "We're sorry that we bumped into you Sakura. Someone as lowly as you is not worth looking upon to." She said wickedly. "Oh yeah, if I'm so not worthy than how come I have fan boys while you don't." Sakura shot back equally wicked. "I'm going, c'mon Sasuke." They left, with Sasuke grinning proudly at Sakura. Hitomi was trying to calm down Ino franticly.

"Thanks for the ride Sasuke." Said Sakura and went inside her house. She closed the door and leaned against it and sighed. "Yep, today was just a normal typical day."

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