Chapter One

Herb walked into the locker room, with his head down. He quietly walked past the players and grabbed OC.

" Hey coach, you need something?" O.C. said.

" Can I talk to you…in private?"

" Yeah, can you tell me what's goin' on?"


The whole locker room had gone quiet, their faces twisted with worry, concern, and confusion. Jack gave one last look over to Rizzo before he walked out the door.

" I just got a phone call, um, there's no easy way to tell you this…"

" What! What is it? Tell me." O.C. said. He had started to panic.

" Your parents were in a car crash Jack, they didn't make it."

The last thing that Jack remembered was his head making contact with the floor and then his world became black.

"Jack? Jack, listen to me! Wake up, kid!" Herb said

"Leave me alone! I want to sleep," Jack thought

" OC, come on!" Rizzo said. He had come outside when he heard Herb yell.

" Someone should go get Doc…fast." Herb was concerned. Why wasn't this kid waking up? He knew it would hit him hard, but faint?

" I'm on it!" Mac replied just as he came outside

"Stop talking. I want it to be quiet."

" Jack can you hear me? I need you to open your eyes."

Jack recognized that voice…that was Doc.

"Oh well, I can't sleep forever."

Sluggishly, he opened his eyes.

" Thank goodness," Rizzo said.

" What happened?" OC said.

Suddenly the news hit him. His parents were dead. They were gone forever. He was overwhelmed and closed his eyes.

" Come on lets go back to the hotel. You need to get some rest," Herb said as Doc and Coach Patrick supported Jack back to the locker room.

As soon as the door closed Herb was overwhelmed with questions.

"'What happened?"

" What did you tell him?"

" Be quiet!" Herb yelled, " Listen, I know you are concerned for OC but stay calm, please. Now I know you want to know what happened so here it is. Last night his parents were in a car crash, they didn't make it."

" Oh my god"

" No wonder he fainted."

" I hope he's okay."

"Now I want all of you to go get changed and go back to the hotel, understand?"

" Yes coach," they all replied.

" Good, oh and one more thing. Give him some space."

Craig and Doc had helped him get into his street clothes. They were both worried about him.

" Jack you gonna be okay?" Craig asked him.

Jack refused to meet his gaze. It was obvious he was in shock.

" Jack can you look at me?" Doc said.

When he didn't, Doc bent over and kneeled down to OC's height. His eyes were glazed over and were dull.

" Come on Jack, can you stand up?" Craig said.

He then obediently stood up, but still wouldn't meet their eyes.

" Okay, well you can obviously not drive so we'll take you back to the hotel."

Jack nodded.

They finally were able to get him out to the car as he was still in shock. When they were just about there Jack started to cry. It became worse and worse and soon his whole body was racked with sobs.

" Why'd they leave me? Why? Why me?" he sobbed. Craig was doing his best to calm the player down.

" Shh, shh. They didn't mean to. Don't worry everything will be fine." Craig said as he rubbed the boy's back. He finally settled down as they came to a stop.

They were able to help him into his bed and get him settled.

" Wow, this is definitely going to hurt the team," Craig said.

" Hopefully not, but we'll see," Doc replied as they walked down the halls back to their rooms.

Jack opened his eyes. It was dark and he didn't know where he was. As he looked around he saw his hotel room. Eventually, his eyes started to close and the darkness swallowed him. Only one thought drifted in his head as he fell asleep. I'm alone.