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Tippy-chan: Hello everybody! This is my first story so please don't flame me! Okay this story is about a girl named Asuka (Or Anlita- On-lee-ta) Nakamura (OC) who is sent to live with Yoh and Anna. Mostly this story will be in first person, (Asuka), but sometimes I will switch to different characters such as Hao. If I make mistakes don't hesitate to correct me about anything such as spelling and cultural mistakes. I have decided to have a character page and a prologue chapter so I don't know how long it will take to update. With that said and done, on with the character page!

Disclaimer: I don't own Shaman King or any of its characters. I just own Anlita Nakamura.

Character Page

Main Characters

Anlita/Asuka Nakamura is a slightly feisty, fun, nature loving, and kind girl with a tragedy in her past. She was sent away by her parents to live with Yoh and Anna, whom she has been friends with a long, long time. She was living in America with her mother who is American and her father, who is Japanese. She speaks fluent Japanese and knows a ton about the culture. She is pretty shy at first but almost immediately develops a crush on Hao. She is also an Itako and a Shaman. She went through training with Anna. Her spirit is that of a Lion King from thousands of years ago. His name is Liger.

Hao Asakura is pretty quiet kid except for his occasional mischief. He has a twin brother, Yoh Asakura, and his spirit is the Spirit of Fire. He came to live with Yoh and Anna a few months after the Shaman Tournament, which he lost, ended. He is pretty much a mystery. He does have feelings for Asuka but he's not sure what they are since he never had them before.

Anna Kyouyama is bossy and cold. She does love Yoh and trained him to be Shaman King. She is Yoh's fiancée. She is an Itako like Asuka and went through training with her. She doesn't like or trust Hao so, mostly, she never bosses him around.

Yoh Asakura is lazy and easy-going. He is Shaman King and his fiancée, Anna, is the future Shaman Queen. He loves Anna but isn't sure of her feelings for him. He has forgiven his twin brother, Hao, who tried to kill him and eat his soul. He believes anyone who can see spirits is good. He believes in people and will do anything for his friends. His spirit is Amidamaru.

Not so main characters

Pirika Usui is friendly and outgoing. She and Asuka become fast friends. She is the sister of Horo Horo Usui. She likes Ren Tao a lot and she is Ainu.

Ren Tao is Chinese with a British accent. He is slightly rude and a tad bit scary. He likes Pirika but doesn't want to show it in case he is made fun of. He respects Yoh allot especially since Yoh saved him from himself. He is a Shaman and his spirit his Bason, a huge Chinese warrior.

Tamao Tamamura is shy, sweet, and kind. She becomes Asuka's best friend in just days. She likes Yoh and Horo Horo. She tells the future and her two ghosts are Ponchi and Conchi.

Horo Horo Usui is the brother of Pirika and a pig. He is also very loud. He likes to eat allot and can be rude at times. He has a crush on Tamao and Asuka. His spirit is Kororo a Koro Pokkuru.

Manta Oyamada is a midget. He is nice and smart and Yoh's best friend. He is pretty quiet and is scared to death of Hao. He likes Asuka allot but he just wants to be her friend.


Liger is Asuka's spirit. He is a huge Lion King from thousands of years ago. He cares about Asuka like a brother would. His aura is red.

Amidamaru is Yoh's spirit. He was a samurai from six hundred years ago. He is great friends with Bason.

Spirit of Fire is humongous. He is all red and only listens to Hao. He thinks that Asuka is good enough for Hao although he's not sure.

Kororo is shy and sweet but she doesn't like Asuka because she thinks anyone who likes Hao must be bad. She is a Koro Pokkuru.

Bason is a giant Chinese warrior. He is tough but listens, only, to Ren. He is fairly smart but doesn't understand human emotions to well.

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