Title: Smited by Fate

Summary: Can one person and fate make the difference in Severus' life?

Disclaimer: I own nothng but the plot, sue me and become poor.

A/N: This fic is AU, not canon. Any reviews will be welcomed, flames or references to that is not possible in the book will be thrown into the fire to keep me warm.

Chapter 1

Harry was left sitting in his room, cold and alone. He had heard the door slam shut last night around seven, but no one had come back since then. Harry had thought Uncle Vernon was joking, when he said he,Aunt Petunia, and Dudley were leaving for two weeks, obviously he wasn't. The cupboard was starting to feel like it was closing in on him, and Harry was scared.

Many times in the past he had been locked in here, but they had always let him out within a day or two. Now he saw no hope in this happening, and it frightened him. He closed his eyes, and wished as hard as he could to be free from this place, and before he knew it he heard the loud bang of the cupboard door flying open.

Chancing his luck, he peered out the door, and was met by only silence. Stumbling off in a weak run, Harry went up the stairs, and relieved himself in the bathroom. The next thing on his mind was finding food, for his stomach was waging war on him. Walking slowly back down the stairs, Harry was hit with a wave of dizziness, and had to grab onto the banister to keep from tumbling down. His stomach rumbled again, the sound of it seeming to echo off the walls.

As Harry pushed open the door to the kitchen, he checked for a the light switch. Flipping it back and forth, he realized there was no electricity. Even at eight years old he knew this meant tonight he would be once again left in the dark. Shivering a little, he shrugged off the thought and opened the refrigerator door.

Peering inside it, a strong smell hit him. It was the smell of mildew, and the pungent odor of something long forgotten inside. He saw nothing inside the refrigerator, but two slices of cheese, and half a jar of mayonnaise. Looking on the kitchen counter, Harry saw a loaf of forgotten bread. He thought he had discovered a feast, and quickly went to work making a sandwich for himself.

When he opened the jar of mayonnaise, a sour smell hit his nostrils making them flare in disgust, but beggars could not be choosers, and this was all he had. Grabbing the bread, he tore of the moldy green edges, and slathered it with the mayonnaise, and then placed a slice of cheese on top. Making himself a glass of water, he sat down at the table to eat.

Ten minutes later, he wiped up any crumbs he had left, and placed his glass next to the sink. Harry did not know what he was supposed to do, so he wandered around he house. His first stop was the livingroom. There he stepped over to the mantle, and peered at all the pictures of Dudley. There was even a family portrait of all the Dursley's hanging over the fireplace. Next to the fireplace Harry noticed the bookshelf, filled with the books Dudley would not touch. Many times Harry had wanted to just look at them, but he was banished from even being in the room most of the time. Taking a deep breath, he walked over and reached for one of the books.

Taking the book over to the couch, he sat down and opened it up to the title page. "The Wizard of Oz." The title and the pictures inside intrigued Harry, and soon he was swept up into the world of Dorothy and her adventures in Oz. Harry smiled at the antics of the scarecrow, and sympathized with the lion. Many times he could not find the courage within himself, to stop his fears, and even the tears he let escape at night.

Two hours later, as the sun was setting Harry laid down the finished book. He wondered to himself if there were such things as wizards who could take you away, and return you to somewhere safe, and if there was, where was his. Laying down on the couch, Harry fell into a dream of wizards, giants, and green light.

Harry awoke from his dreams with a start, and realized it had grown late. Glancing down at his watch he saw it was ten, and that he still had the night to go through alone. Shivering he pulled his knees up closer to him, and prayed for daylight to come.

Dumbledore, was a quiet and reserved man, hard to get riled up, but even he did not like to be disturbed in the middle of the night, by a head popping out of his fireplace while he tried to sleep. Rolling over he saw it was Arabella Figg, and she seemed beside herself with worry.

"Arabella, to what do I owe the pleasure of this late night visit?"

"Albus, I am sorry, but the Dursley's left yesterday, and did not take Harry with them. Now there is someone moving inside the house, and I do not know if it is Harry or not. Do you think he is safe there all alone? He is but a child Albus?"

Dumbledore, was not worried about Harry wandering the house alone. He was worried that the blood protection Petunia Dursley provided, would not be working if she were not there. Easing out of his bed, Albus headed for the dungeons, and Severus.

A/N: Yes the first chapter is short, but the others are not.